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.. the enemy is now in Iraq, and they can be defeated in large numbers if we just have the guts to let the troops do their job. WND

.. laughing at Margaret Sanger becomes impossible when one gets into Sanger’s ideas about uprooting “human weeds” and establishing work camps for the “unfit.”  FrontPageMag.   via WND

"There are no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biological etiology for homosexuality" WND

"Nothing is more important than our spiritual leaders having the right to name candidates who stand for protecting morality,"

According to Morrisey, after Bush began working as a fighter pilot, he became regarded as one of the best pilots there..  DailyTimes via Drudge

"Conference Board Tells Big Fat Global Warming Lies"   CanadFreePress  via NewsMax

Iraqi interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi address to Congress   (Thank you America.)   FoxNews via WND

Google isn't the only company to alter its search results to please Beijing.  WND

.. to conform with the UN charter, ... means waiting till everyone's been killed and then issuing a strong statement expressing grave concern.  Telegraph via WND

Are pedophiles the next campus “victim” group?  NewsMax

Navy dismissal of Kerry probe appealed  WND

Dr. Tony Campolo believes homosexuals cannot change? Animals can be saved?

'poor' Democrats will outspend the 'rich' Republicans by a factor of 2 to 1 or more. NewsMax

Three hours after the blast, the FBI issues an all-points bulletin for a brown Chevy pickup WND

Senator Joseph R. McCarthy. A short bio.  NewAmerican

Defenses of Senator McCarthy  

46,000 registered New York City voters are also registered to vote in Florida. via NewsMax   (Bush won by only 537 votes)

Dan Rather's Veitnam Gate: The factual part of it didn't seem to matter... NationalReviewOnline

The secretary - Marion Carr Knox stands by the accusations contained in the documents that Bush skirted a medical and flight exam without suffering institutional repercussions.  Drudge

Top 20% Pay 80% of Taxes  

Two Opposite Responses to Terrorism  FrontPageMag

Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” Converts fear for their lives in USA  Your children next?     FrontpageMag

CIA Funds Anti-Bush Propaganda  FrontPageMag

14th Amendment .... or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof..  NewsMax

Bush at the time was completely authorized to wear those ribbons    UPI via Drudge

Witness Who Contradicted Forged Docs Was Too 'Pro-Bush    NewsMax

Dates do not jibe in supposed N. Guard Bush memo  WND

Divorce: Little difference between born-again believers and the unsaved.  Agape Press via WND

Who is Ben Barnes?  FrontPage Magazine  via NewsMax

.. the Mega Fix,  ....  (Book Advertisement.)

Media Assault ... in Credibility Meltdown  NewsMax  (Did Bush bash buddies? Thats the question that is not asked. Did Kerry open his files? That is the other question?)

They really believe their pimps care for them.  WND    (Many Christians also think their religious leaders care for them .... V.M.)

Barne's Daughter: Dad lied about Bush..  NewsMax

Ad warns young soldiers about Kerry   WND

... shooting her repeatedly, then disemboweling her and skinning her.  WND

.. Intelligent Design" was met with "hysteria, name-calling and personal attack..  WND

... euthanize children under 12 when their suffering is intolerable, or if they have an incurable illness.  NewsMax

... conformities not only may be imposed by an omnipotent tyrant but also may be created spontaneously by citizens themselves and be more absurd, intolerant and vindictive with respect to nonconformists than conformities imposed by omnipotent tyrants. NewsMax

..  Adm. Boorda committed suicide after he was accused of wearing medals he hadn't earned.  NewsMax

No politician in modern times mixed politics and religion with complete impunity to the extent Bill Clinton did ..  NewsMax

If you are going to ask me a question, step back and let me answer!  Z. Miller  NewsMax

Text of Zell Miller's Speech at RNC     GuardianUnlimited

and the CBS News copy of Millers speech

Text of President Bush's acceptance speech  WND

Transcript of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Speech   August 31, 2004    RNC

Home Can Be Built To Survive Disaster   NBC_4

The McCain Myth    NationalReviewOnline

... one group of today’s uncivilized protestors is undermining our democratic republic     FrontPageMag

The Vets Strike Again   FrontPageMagazine

Adeimantus provides a good view of the Vietnam era "Let It Alone."

9/11 Families Blame Clinton  NewsMax

FBI docs say China funded Kerry  WND

Mass traitors betray their nation and themselves. They are not put on trial. They are judged by history, and the sentence is mass annihilation or slavery.  NewsMax

Swift Boats Veterans Stories.  


The sampan incident   WND  

Election Monitoring Group Headed By Impeached U.S. Judge   Canada Free Press

Republican response to the Democrat letter that media favorite Max Cleland toted to Texas     NewsMax

Kerry told us to believe those 150 men, many of whom, it turned out, were not Vietnam veterans ...   WND

To Vets "Kerry Lied" Web site

Dole Defends Swiftees in Call From Kerry     NewsMax

Kerry should sue, not censure free speech.  WND

Kerry's Ties to Anti-Bush Groups     NewsMax

About 46,000 people, most of them Democrats, are illegally registered to vote in New York City and in Florida     NewsMax

..  weeks after entering office Kerry set off for Managua with Tom Harkin of Iowa for a chummy face to face session with the Communist pedophile.

(Who done it?) ... plans for America's most sophisticated weaponry in its nuclear arsenal somehow fell into the hands of the Communist Chinese.    NewsMax

Kerry's reversal on Iraq is just one small waffle among a huge stack.  NewsMax

...  Democratic Party officials have been caught coordinating their message with (M. Moore),  the conspiracy-minded filmmaker    (But this is OK?)  NewsMax

The end is coming has already come   via

'Rape 2 and call me in the morning'  WND

... what he (Kerry), did in his shortened four months of combat becomes a valid campaign issue.  via Drudge

Terrorists' 'Probing Attacks' Said to Be Happening Nationwide   NewsMax

... if the past is any guide, the dry spell (in the west), could go on for decades.. Times via Drudge

A Midwest Jewish Activist Helps Fight Zionist Mind Control in America  WREMA

Did Bush go AWOL?  NationalReview

He is a madman. He has weapons of mass destruction, biological weapons. And he will use them against your troops  NewsMax

Saddam Hussein had an active nuclear weapons development program at the time of the U.S. invasion...          NewsMax

They make it sound as if young children are plucked from their classrooms and are transported to Iraq for the specific purpose of dying for the Iraqi people. NewsMax

Ex-POWs: North Vietnamese Jailers Used Kerry's 'War Crimes' Speech  NewsMax

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth    NewsMax

"Kerry would revisit ambush locations for re-enacting combat scenes where he would portray the hero."  WND

"Let's get real." The Democrats should have just nominated Al Sharpton.

Toxic Waste Site Secrets  FoxNews

Taking America down from within             Canada Free

This is a man who came back from Vietnam to stab not only his country but his comrades-in-arms in the back...  FrontPageMag. via NewsMax

(A Law was passed)  - To recapture the lawmaking power from a black-robed judicial elite and restore it to elected legislators WND

(Movie) .. close-and-personal look at the genocide of dictator Saddam Hussein. NewsMax

... churches screen flocks.  (safety first for children.)    DetroitNews via NewsMax

Fringe Orthodox Jews who blame blames the Holocaust on "Zionists.   WND

Iraq: Which side will Americans choose to be on?   BENADOR Associates

... local Democratic Party is supporting an Internal Revenue Service investigation of an Arkansas pastor ..  WND

.. a UN Conference in which introducing modern toilets to African communities was protested as harmful to the environment.  CanadaFreePress via NewsMax

The report suggests a significant amount of contact and communication between the regime of Saddam Hussein and the terrorist organization headed by Osama bin Laden.   National Review On Line

Groups threaten churches with loss of tax-exempt status over activism  WND

... a sex-education teacher in Santa Fe who encouraged ninth-graders to taste flavored condoms.  WND

America's Protestant majority is about to disappear, ...  ChicagoSunTimes  via WND 

Richard Owen went to his grave believing Darwin was wrong to argue that life evolved by natural selection  via WND

... Saddam Hussein was clearly defying the United Nations security regulations and mandates, and that he and his government had a continuing interest in maintaining the potential to shift to the production of various types of weapons of mass destruction ....ChannelNewsAsia

New Report Backs Iraq WMD Claims   ABC

Archives Officials Stunned by Scope of Berger Theft    NewsMax

Greenspan said Wednesday that President Bush's three rounds of tax cuts prevented a severe recession and helped spark the current economic recovery.  NewsMax

60 percent of the top science students in the US and 65 per cent of the top math students are children of immigrants mainly from India and China ..  via  WND  

Iraq can now lay the foundations for the country's reconstruction via NewsMax

Among those who propose same sex marriages only 10 percent of the men and 32 percent of the women thought that a "committed" intimate relationship entailed sexual exclusivity.   City Journal  via NewsMax

... a former Clinton national security official might not want the information contained in the Millennium review to ever see the light of day.  NewsMax

"I think the situation for academics now is much better than before the war," said Professor Hatim Rubayi, vice president of Baghdad University, ..  Jordon Times via WND

Canada Forbids Free Bible Distribution to New Canadians  (via  WND)

Alternative Views of Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11"   Centigrade9/

Planned Parenthood gives kids 'porn' book   WND

Terror In The Skies, Again?   Womens WallStreet .com   via  NewsMax

Anything but the truth.    Jewish World Review com via NewsMax

..Ridge claimed that U.S. intelligence believes terrorists already have smuggled into the U.S. actual atomic devices... NewsMax

We now know for certain that Wilson was wrong and that Bush's statement was entirely accurate   NationalReview estimated 2 million people have died from war and related famine due to the government's targeting of Christians and others in southern Sudan and black Sudanese in the western part of the nation.   WND

... key weapons discoveries in Iraq were either downplayed or ignored in the Committee's report..

... they see everything wrong with President Bush protecting us from the terror that Clinton should have confronted.  WND  (+ Whoopie Goldberg's filth.)

Clinton administration officials in the late 1990s and beyond were making regular references to Saddam, his WMD programs, and association with al-Qaeda.  NewsMax

..(Bill)...  Cosby has become like the drunken uncle who upsets family gatherings  ... (Blacks need to shape up?)  WND

..  video superbly proves that what most major Environmental Groups say about the Amazon is bunk  New Video

How Teaching Has Been Rendered Impossible in Government Schools

Pastor was found guilty of having offended homosexuals in a sermon.. month in prison..  WND

Big Spike in Non-Reading Americans FOX

... Bernalillo County, N.M.'s turnout was 48,000, but only 36,000 votes were tallied on Sequoia touchscreens. MSNBC

..  Shelley decertified touch screen voting machines in 10 counties  MSNBC

Morality doesn't evolve  WND

... 2,400 conservative lawmakers nationwide are warning of the dangers sexual revolutionary Alfred Kinsey's work has brought... WND

... Hillary gets highest Marx (for VP)  NewsMax

Carbon dioxide, therefore, is responsible for roughly 3.6 percent of the greenhouse effect... FOX

Science 'Integrity' Award a Laugh Again  (Junk Science)   FoxNews

The Founding Fathers did not proclaim a right to the attainment of happiness,  NewsMax

Moore Eyes $10,000 Reward for 'Fahrenheit' Errors  NewsMax

.... concerned by the growing influence of Christian Zionists in the Christian community  via NewsMax

Your Vote for Bush Might Not Count!  NewsMax    Part of Kerry's strategy is to send lawyers everywhere they can question a count.

Moore (completely) Distorted Bush Saudi Ties.      NewsMax

... front-page news story on Sunday about how life was better for Iraqi girls under Saddam Hussein ... NewsMax

Moore's depiction of why Bush went to war is so silly and so incomprehensible that it is easily dismissed   NewsMax

... war on terror has severely impaired al Qaida's ability...  NewsMax

Grateful Iraqis thank America for sacrifice  WND

Kay told the Commonwealth Club that while he re-evaluates the equation daily, " I think we did a tremendous good in ridding the world of Saddam via NewsMax

..... a nation free to tell itself the truth -but does not, has no advantage over a dictatorship ....

... a massively lethal amount of Iraq's chemical and biological weapons is stored alongside Syria's own stockpiles...  WND

Israel major supplier of arms to Beijing   WND

Dr. Dobson: Media Hiding Truth on Stem Cells  NewsMax

... one can say the intifada has failed, and is now even turning against its own initiators  WND

... two (9-11) hijackers got substantial help from Mohdar Abdullah and Anwar Aulaqi after settling in California ...   NewsMax

Patriotism v propaganda     (Moore)

... we get around the problem of evil by declaring it to be good, or at the very least, acceptable.  NewsMax

.. despite the mounting tally of confirmed WMD findings, administration critics continue to insist that "Bush lied...   NewMax

The Clinton administration talked about firm evidence linking Saddam Hussein's regime to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network years before President Bush   Washington Times via Drudge

The Muslim world is at war with Western Civilization  WND

America, largely alone, calls these groups and regimes what they are – evil. America, largely alone, wages war against them. WND

"You Don't Know Feminism"  LAF

Stem Cells_ The exploitation of Nancy Reagan  WND

Saddam's daily horrors make America's  Abu Ghraib abuses seem almost trivial  WND

... interim report of the 9-11 commission's runaway staff,... disavowed by both commission chairman Tom Kean and vice chairman Lee Hamilton.  NYT

... an officer in an elite unit of the security services of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein may have been a member of al-Qaida involved in the planning of the suicide hijackings. UPI via Drudge

... no credible evidence" linking Iraq and al Qaeda? In reality, there's a wealth of evidence.  NewYorkPost via  NewsMax

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds  NewScientist

Saddam Predicted bin Laden's 9/11 Attack  NewsMax

Media Mislead on 9/11 Commission's findings        NewsMax

(Old News, but based on facts.) Saddam's Files Show 'Direct' 9/11 Link

Media's false statement ... there was "no credible evidence" that Saddam Hussein helped al-Qaida target the United States. (Political anti-Bush motivated 9-11 report.)  MyWay

In war on terror, Geneva Convention doesn't apply    (Yet liberals want it to apply to terrorists who are blowing our people to bits while hiding behind masks and wearing no uniform, and who will never abide by it themselves.)

Mutilations and Muslim law  JWR

(As Reagan came on the scene-) There was a sense that the pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit of America had vented itself, that it was over,... NewsMax

...using embryonic stem cells to treat Alzheimer's disease,...?  Avances are likely to come faster from other approaches.    NewsMax

What two men agreed to "undertake a clandestine campaign to hasten the dissolution of the Communist empire?   NewsMax

These were not just results Reagan predicted. He intended the outcome (The Decline of Soviet Communism's power.)  NewsMax

Even Liberal Scholars Admit Reagan Won Cold War NewsMax

Liberty attack tapes revealed  (The other side of the story, the near sinking of an American ship by Israel.)   Jerusalem Post via WND  (Why did it take so long to get their story out? V. M.) 

60 year old War Result Stories repeated today over Iraq.  Rush

Cardinal Law belongs in a prison cell. The pope has put him in a palace instead  WND  ( PS I have first hand knowledge of similar happenings in protestant churches. V.M.)

Web porn entices more surfers than search   MSNBC  (Many are supposed to be Christians. V. M.)

..only 7 percent of journalists call themselves conservative.  Christian Science Monitor via Drudge

How al Qaeda's Collaboration with Saddam Hussein Has Endangered America (A Book Report)  the Weekly Standard   

Iraq provided material support to al Qaeda (This was ruled as being factual, In court, by a Judge.)  NewsMax

Not all displaced Palestinians are Muslims The American Conservative via

Saddam's Files Show 'Direct' 9/11 Link  NewsMax

The Earth Is Still Producing Oil, creating it, even as we pump it out of the ground. via   WND

Gold is convinced that the hydrocarbons we use come from chemical stocks that were incorporated into the Earth at its creation.

An al-Qaida leader has said 4 million Americans will have to be killed  NewsMax

Available .. Modest clothing for women and girls.  WND

'Hannitization' Of America'    CBS News via WND

..NBC ..aired 58 stories on ..(our soldiers) abuse (ing Iraqies) in one month ... five stories on the mass graves ... ( Sadams ) for the year.  Washington Times via Drudge

Arabs and Muslims who back the Jewish state are developing a new website  WND

Do Not ... believe Iraq is just one big holding pen instead of a place where people can now protest openly and hold religious observances once banned.   via  NewsMax

... Iraq's biological and chemical weapons assets are being protected by Syria, with Iranian help .. WND

... Maybe you'd like to hear about something other than idiot Reservists and naked Iraqis... WND

Kerry and McCain Shield Communist Vietnam's Slaughter of Christians         NewsMax

A Marine sees what defeatists don't.  USA Today via  NewsMax

...billionaire ... financing ... Hate bush campaign ... hates Christianity NewsMax

Iraqis Protest Against Shi'ite Militia in Najaf   MyWay_com via WND

... if our soldiers are to be court-martialed for anything, it should be for stupidity – stupidity of permitting photos to be taken...  WND

Christianity's ancient stronghold of Europe is rapidly giving way to Islam  ChicagoSunTimes Via NewsMax

He likened us to "doctors" and Iraq to a "patient,... NewYorkPost via NewsMax

Jewish Historian Questions Israel Legitimacy  IslamOnLine via PreteristArchive  (Note Who is reporting this. Where are the others?)

... site was started in response to the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001  Middle East Information Center

Memo to American Muslims (From a Muslim).

Kerry Purple Heart Doc Speaks Out  NationalReviewOnLine via Drudge

Worst abuse was done by Iraqi Recruits, but this is not being mentioned.  NewsMax

...poison gas could have killed 80,000 people...  (To close!)  NewsMax

What prompted Islamic suicidal terrorists to sacrifice their lives? The great future of Palestine?  NewsMax

North Vietnamese general who led his forces to victory said Friday he was grateful to leaders of the U.S. anti-war movement... NewsMax 

WMDs were found - "Gee, you sure have got a lot of pesticides stored in ammo dumps."   WND

Christian Zionism Challenged in Jerusalem    via  PreteristArchive link

Kerry's Kiss Of Death - "Planned Parenthood?"   CanadaFreePress via   NewsMax

Politically Correct Cartoons

If you do want terrorists kept off planes, start worrying     NYPost Via   NewsMax

Myth or Reality?   Will Iraq work? That’s up to us.   NationalRevueOnline  via WND

Indo-Israeli terror ring exposed

...Jews placed the Arabic-language videocassette found near a Madrid mosque ..... WND

.. eugenics was used to explain all manner of social ills...  (Used as justification for the killing of the, so called, unfit. This idea is still around today.)  BaltimoreSun-com via  WND

Islamic leaders are distorting the meaning of "jihad" to justify an aggression  WND

"Gay Militia" stormed into a meeting of Christians ..  WND

Change in religious thinking     Pulsetc-com   via PreteristArchive

... they warned us that Zionism and all the evils emanating from it, will cause endless bloodshed . nuksa-org  vai PreteristArchive

... ex-President Clinton sought a secret deal to keep oil prices low before the 2000 election   NewsMax

... al-Qaida Attackers Caught Red-Handed With WMDs  NewsMax

Most Muslim intellectuals are for terror  WND

.... a document ....  shows that President Clinton was alerted in 1996 to the possibility of a 9/11-style attack;  (Bush was not.)   NewsMax

Kerry in 2002 supported war  FrontPageMag-com  via NewsMax

.. lecturer in Berkeley ... How come we don't have an intifada in this country? WND

Liberty and imperialism don't mix      .....

Guadalajara and Tijuana are two Mexican cities harboring anti-American terror cells.    WND

When the world's democracies are ranked according to their voting records, America is at the bottom, with Switzerland. TimesDaily of Alabama  via WND

... warnings, which are actually far more specific than anything contained in the Bush PDB, were delivered during the Clinton administration .... NewsMax

What Does the War on Wal-Mart Mean?  CityJournal via NewsMax

Kennedy's ... outburst was worse than Jane Fonda's trip to Hanoi in 1972. NewsMax

... terrorist leader Muqtada al-Sadr ... quotes Kennedy  NewsMax

Most of Iraq is doing extremely well.    SydneyMorningHerald

..expanding contraceptive services and providing the morning-after pill free to teenagers have encouraged sexual behaviour ....  Edenburgh EveningNews     via Wnd

Richard Clarke concocted the TWA 800 'exit strategy'  WND (He lied)

You've created a dictatorship by the Bureau of Indian Affairs NewsMax

Al Qaeda absent from final Clinton report   WashingtonTimes via


Israel enlists pigs against terrorists  WND

What has gone right in Iraq    Boston-com News via NewsMax

Secret bunkers held chemical weapons, says Iraqi exile   TheAge via Drudge

Chicago, L.A. towers were next targets  WashingtonTimes via WND

... the subject of how Al Gore sold out the post-TWA 800 safety and security commission he headed for the sake of campaign cash  WND

SOUTH SIDE CHICAGO'S SUCCESS STORY  NY (Children Can Learn!) Post via NewsMax

... high court nullified six indictments against a 60-year-old male for having had sexual intercourse with his step-daughter... WND

Kerry, in fact, appears to be working with the Europeans to impose tariffs on U.S. made products in key swing states.  NwsMax

Richard Clarke's Legacy of Miscalculation      SecurityFocus  via Drudge

Al-Qaida No. 2: We Have Briefcase Nukes  MyWay  Via WND

Homosexual book for 1st-graders  WND

.... a judge  .....  ordered a former lesbian in a child custody case not to teach her daughter homosexual behavior is wrong.  WND

"The perpetrators have an agenda more vicious than anything Saddam could have dreamed up," al-Rasheed said. WND

Blame Clinton for terror   WND

... links between faith and science   MSNBC

Its The Heart vrs. The Bible

Saddam Hussein's weapons  (Through the eyes of Bush's critics.)   WND

"This is part of settling old accounts with Spain, the crusader, and America's ally in its war against Islam".  WND

... "Saddam's Philanthropy of Terror" - the report details the role played by terrorists supported by Saddam...      NewsMax

....  antidiscrimination laws (are) consistently running roughshod over freedom of religion..   Cato Institute via WND

Mad scientists of the academic elite ..   WND

In college classrooms, conservatives are "The Other," a strange tribe much detested.   OpinionJournal via   NewsMax

.... "The goal of Americans United is to purge people of faith from politics and government. ..... StarTelegram  via WND

Millions of children might be victims of sexual misconduct by teachers or other public school employees  WND

.... the jihad continues in America.  WND

.. North Korea .... hopes to get a better deal if a Democrat wins... They are friendly with terrorists..  NewsMax

.... a majority of children in Sweden and Norway are now born out of wedlock, as are 60 percent of first-born children in Denmark  (Effect of Civil Unions)   Boston-com News  via  NewsMax

Jews are in the midst of committing a ``second transgression'' and will soon suffer a major defeat at the hands of Muslims. .... Boston mosque project has support from a radical cleric .....  who predicts Islam will ``conquer'' America ...   BostonHerald   via NewsMax

(The Marriage) ... amendment would also ban "incest marriage", "threesome marriage", "pedophile marriage", and the ever popular "anything that you can think of other than one woman and one man marriage."  NewsMax

Kerry's wife funds critics of Bush ads .... (via) Non-profit group WND

The lie that the U.S. was somehow fighting the “indigenous freedom fighters” of South Vietnam, when in fact ...    I-Served-com via NewsMax

.... you can take it from him: Mel Gibson is going to hell.  NewsMax

(Who)..... called terrorist leader Yasser Arafat a "role model ...  (?) NewsMax

(Who) ...... voted against supplying the troops with more body armor in 2002.   (?)    NewsMax


(Kerry) Supporter press for accommodation with hard-line Islamic regime   WND

News about Israel and their Holidays  Link  Thanks to preteristarchive-com

America is engaged in two wars for the survival of its civilization. via WND

'Biblical' locust plague threatens Mideast  WND

Court forces Catholic Charities to act against its moral convictions  WND
(Who is next?  Most Churches are already incorporated and are under federal jurisdiction, not God's! They are State Churches! V. M.)

Bacteria Run Wild, Defying Antibiotics  NewYorkTimes via WND

Canada admits: We're terror haven    WND

Eco-Traitor (Was founder, now sees things differently ...)  WiredMag via WND

(Kerry concerning Iraq in 97) .. we reserve the right to take pre-emptive action whenever we feel it's in our national interest."  NewsMax

.... the viewpoints in the pews have become more diverse, even on the issue of gay rights. 

Shlomo Benizri said there was no need to deny it, "The Jews did kill Jesus. OthersSayBanMovie  Israel  via WND

81% of sex crimes ... committed by Roman Catholic priests .... past 52 years were homosexual men.. WashingtonTimes via WND

The Real Churchill    www-mises-org

'The Queer Christ'?   WND

Is NEA a 'terrorist organization'?  WND

Socialized Medicine Is on Life Support in Britain and Canada  NewsMax

Senator (Kerry), Covered Up Evidence of P.O.W.'s Left Behind  via WND

9 Iraqi scientists murdered in past 4 months  WND

Thin clouds over warm seas may help the Earth to keep its cool.

Half of young Americans to get sex diseases  YahooNews via WND

Contraception cut teen pregnancies?  WND

Why young women are exposing themselves: Part 2  WND  (Needed!)

Senator Kerry's wife - lavishes millions on abortionists, defenders of terror, homosexual extremists  WND

Supreme Court OKs Discrimination Against Theology Students  NewsMax

The Passion' & the Talmud -  BP-News via WND

... showed that the eastern forests were so efficient a “sink” or absorber of carbon dioxide that they more than made up for all the emissions from America’s factories, power plants, campfires—even its SUVs.  WND

The Girl Scouts' big rival  WND

Muslims suffer religious persecution at the hands of other Muslims. WND

Kaloogian is a battler for conservative principles. (Running for US senate CA.)  WND 

John Kerry,  wrote 28 letters on behalf of a defense contractor who pleaded guilty to illegally funneling cash to the senator's campaign. WND

At the current rate of production, oil supplies would last at least 90 years.  ReasonOnLine via WND

Senator delivers death wish to Christian WND

"Is That You God?"  Norma Sherry got some of it right via

Deficit of Decency’ in America    NewsMax

Guess Which Candidate Our Enemies Want to Lose in 2004?  NHNS via WND

Guards Taunted POWs With Kerry's Testimony NewsMax

Is Global Warming Real? Part Two  NewsMax

.. the "Fairness Doctrine" could destroy Christian radio and television AgapePress

Why young women are exposing themselves... WND

Egyptian editor: Arabs should've ousted Saddam  NYT  via WND

Arabs in U.S. Raising Money to Back Bush NewYorkTimes via WND

Mel Gibson didn’t consult the self-styled "experts"   WND

Bush volunteered for Vietnam combat service but was turned down ... Times Dispatch

Bush was qualified for F-102s, which were considered obsolete aircraft ...  ChicagoTribune   (You have to register to see this article, but it is free.)

Why Do I Support George W. Bush?  Carlos Perez  NewsMax

LBJ Knew within minutes. The near sinking of the Liberty.  MMN


Turning wasted heat into a power source   via NewsMax

Records Link Kerry's Nominations to Donations  NewsMax

.. how he became 'scourge of the liberal media' WND

.. Killing kids OK    WND

Jesuit futurism or protestant historicism (II)   NigeriaDailyTimes Via PreteristArchive  







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