Links to Web Sites and Articles Which In Some Sense Portray The Principles That Are Basic To Moral Government

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State Controlled Churches

501c3 Problems.  How free is your fellowship relative to speaking out against sin in high places? Are you attending a Church that is incorporated?

"It's impossible to have religious freedom in any nation where churches are licensed to the government." link



Ask almost any church in America about their connections with the State.

"The government doesn't want your Bible, they want your checkbook!"  ((Careful here, contents written by extremist.))



“for rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil”

Jefferson's wall had to do with government refraining from proscribing religious activities.

I know good pastors personally, who know the issues and what is involved, yet, they refuse to make the break from the state because of fear of offending the state, offending people in their church, or losing the property.

"Behind the Badge" A police officer has some comments


Bible Discernment Ministries

This is a number of critical articles on the lives of various Christian leaders. It should not be taken to seriously.

I have it here for information only.


The American Idea of Religious Freedom
[Church and State in the United States. 1888]


The Founding Fathers and Slavery


Rules of Evidence Familiarize yourself with them.


The Following Are Links to Articles That Openly Support The Moral Government Position


Question: Can we obey God?

Finney says - ..... the Bible abundantly teaches, that through grace we are able to be more than conquerors. If we are able to be this through grace, we are able to avail ourselves of the provisions of grace, so that there is no proper inability in the case. However great the difficulties may be, we are able through Christ to overcome them all. This we must and do assume as the condition of the affirmation of obligation.

More about Finney


    Definition of Moral Government  (Answers to criticism)


Psalms 51, and Born in Sin?


Romans chap 5

Death Came To All Men Because All Sinned


Revival Theology Site Truth In Heart. 

Contains Recently published material written By Finney and Others that had been set aside in archives. A Tremendous Work.  


 Are Men Born Sinners? (The Myth of "Original Sin.")


Systematic Theology by Charles G. Finney (Recommended)

This theology teaches us that the individual is responsible before God, not their parents or Adam and Eve, etc.  As a result Charles Finney is terribly maligned. Note Gen. the fourth chapter. What did God tell Cain about his problem?  From 1878 material

"Here are statements that contradict Moral Government"

Here is an Informative, but Peculiar Site

Divine Law As Represented by Various Religions



These Articles Expose Some Of The Absurdities Put On Us By Tradition


Days of Creation

"It is to theology, as such, a matter of entire indifference how long man has existed on earth."


  This site may have some information? I am searching, trying to find these articles on other sites.


Waters of the Flood?

Local or Worldwide?

The Whole Picture  Biblical

The following site lists a  Book on "Noah"s Flood." 



Now Check These Archived Articles


Numerous good archived articles on this web site link (On the early Church)   "New!"  09-11-04

  After visiting some of these sites you should peruse this article.

 Miracles Ceased in the first Century?


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