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 ATHANASIUS, ST, Bishop of Alexandria lived some time during the 3rd century and asked this question.-

"What then has not come to pass that the Christ must do? What is there left out or unfulfilled ...."

Who Are God's Chosen People?  (This is a good site)

   Elements - Greek: Stoicheia  

Why I am talking about this is because the Futurists believe the elements of the physical heavens and earth were going to melt away or be burned up, especially in 2 Peter 3. Does this word "elements" refer to the scientific idea of the elements of matter, all the "atoms" of the universe? Or the periodic table of elements? I don't think so!

I want to slip in an interesting take on the site of the Temple in Jerusalem. 

The author is not a Preterist, however, the condition of the  temple site and its geographical location is not all that settled.

The Lost Jewish Temple Site.

  Preterist Archive, a very large repository of material  It has been reorganized and there are now questions??

Oh! But there are so many who are into Calvinism .... <g>

The following are by Dr. Steven Sizer  (Links)  Very good and well documented.

The Roots of Christian Zionism within Evangelicalism

Take note of the devastating consequences of such theological views on the indigenous Palestinian church.


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