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This page has a list of web links and E-mail addresses that can be used to register your opinion with many governmental offices and officials.

This page is not always up to date, but check out the links and go to the home page they represent. You can edit the address in your address bar by deleting back to the dot com section.

By simply keeping informed through various on line organizations and by investing but a few minutes, on a regular basis, you can be part of a movement that has already been impacting the policies of our government. Here you can find numbers of these agencies and grass roots efforts and very easily get involved. It only takes the amount of effort that is used in lifting a finger and doing a small amount of decision making.  Again -

Are you Aware? Do You Care?

Sixty Second Activist's  door to Various Petitions.


Pro-life Petition. A Grassfire - Petition For Life 

Mr. Bill Harer asks you:  
U.S. Abortions per hour: 125
Petition signers right now per hour
: 161


You can vote on many issues by clicking here


Facial Profiling is a means of invading your privacy with out using a warrant.

They are shortening the time for yellow lights at intersections and adding cameras and using this as a way of increasing revenue. The following link is a petition to stop this. It is becoming a harassment for they are also using your picture as a means of tracking criminals, but it is the innocent who are being stopped and questioned more then not. Big brother is here.


This address takes you to a web page that makes it easy to send messages to a great many government officials.


Write Your Representatives -

Addresses, Phone Numbers, E-mail, etc.


Contacting your Senator

Addresses, Phone Numbers, E-mail, etc.


Family Research Council - Home Page. This organization supports the Family with all kinds of information, plus....


Focus on the Family


Grading the National Teachers Association


Education Policy Institute

This site is loaded with information on other various education sites and is loaded with good inside information on the Teachers Unions, etc.


List of State Education Agencies

Page down on this site to find your state and e-mail addresses.


Give a copy of the following to every teacher you know


Action Institute -

A Christian organization for the advancement of freedom and business. Find thoughts on this site with which to build your positive view of the future. Copy and paste thoughts from here for e-mailing to officials, etc. Peruse for your own education.

More Avenues of Pertinent Communication


This is not a Petition

Death of the Pro Life Position Via Approval of Embryonic Stem Cell Research  (A must read)


Back to Petitions -


Shake the Nation Effort:

I want to rally hundreds of thousands of citizens to sign our
petition urging the Senate to confirm pro-life judges. This is the
heart of the pro-life battle -- if we lose the courts and especially
the Supreme Court, we will lose the abortion war.

FROM: Janet Folger, National Director


Petition for life

This is a petition relative to the abortion situation. It is having an terrific impact.

For AOL users- use this one -


Make up your own petition here -

or sign one of those that you agree with.

There are a lot of nonsensical petitions here, but do not let that fool you. With enough support the good ones do have an impact.


Petition to get Yahoo out of the Porn business. (New)

Is it worth the time and effort? (I know it is.)

3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 has many current issues that you can vote on -

and your vote is sent to those who are involved in that issue. Be sure and check the tabs at the top. The gay and environmental tabs are neglected. Note the percentages.  Note- This site needs to be perused often and consistently and do not overlook the important ones. Again - check the tabs -

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