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Why Christians don't belong in government schools - Part 1   WorldNetDaily.com link


The state of California is warning parents that they cannot educate their children at home without acquiring a professional teaching credential.  (This is to intimidate apparently, for it is not true) WorldNetDaily.com link

Material For Assemblies   (Presentations)

Learn in Freedom!    Education Reform, Home-Schooling Links

Home Schooling, buyersellers.com   By GNOME search  

Home School World  Home Schooling Magazine Web Site

Home School Legal Defense Association   Web site

Alliance For The Separation Of School And State  Web Site

Exodus Mandate Overview   The new mandate for Christian education should be, "Every church a school, every parent a teacher."  By Front Line Ministries

Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page 

Welcome to the Original Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap! 

Homeschool Resources & Information   Florida  Home School Information Web Site.

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