An Over View 

World wide there are tensions building up over conditions in the Middle East and especially concerning Israel. Anti-Semitism against Jews, as a race, or a religion, is once again raising its head and creating a threat for Jewish families in many areas of the world. 

Yes, the nation of Israel has done some things that have aggravated this. However, the motivation for this discrimination should not be blamed just on the nation of Israel, nor on Jews in general. 

There are two forces in Christianity that have produced this situation. Muslims are but a pawn as are all others who despise Israel.

 The primary support for the establishment of the nation of Israel came from Christian dispensationalists and/or Christian Zionists. The Jewish Zionists were but a small faction prior to WWII. Since that time they have been greatly encourage because of the support they have received from Christendom, not that they would be all that inclined to admit this.

The PeaceKey web site has a number of articles and links that cover the history of this situation.

The Old Testament is where we find the prophecies concerning the coming of Israel's Messiah. Christ used the term "fulfilled" several times when speaking of things that He had done was doing and was yet to do.

He limited the fulfillment and end of His earthly ministry to the era of the First Century. His ministry is never to end, nor is His kingdom.

Judaism did not and does not accept Jesus as being that person. 

Zionistic Christianity has since been developed and has taken up a decidedly Jewish ness relative to Christ completing His work, in that, it does not teach He completed His earthly work in that First Century context. 

As a result of this their views logically demand that He return, and for Him to do this in the context of the NT, Israel must be a nation again, and temple worship in their temple must be taking place, including the sacrifices of animals, etc.

However, for them to do this they had to, in a sense, deny much of what had happened in the First Century. They were forced to go back to OT prophecies and carry them forward beyond the time of their actual fulfillment and place them in the future.

Jesus told first century people to be warned of a soon coming terrible calamity and that it was to be a fulfillment of what Daniel had said about the abomination of desolation happening in Jerusalem. This and many other statements tie the end of Israel as a nation to a First Century context.

The Book of Revelations is tied to a First Century context in the first few verses of that book, and also in other verses, and especially the last chapter.

It was to be a blessing for those who had it in their possession and who accepted it as being an outline and revelation of what Christ was doing in their midst, and this involved their persecution and the wars and their deliverance, all in a First Century context. By referring to it they were enabled to see Christ in what was going on around them.

There is a warning in the last chapter and it has been set aside by dispensationalists and Zionists, especially since the mid 1800s. As a result, that curse is being poured out on much of the world.

When Christ's active presence is emphatically denied through denying that He returned as per His own words in the First Century that curse comes into play, and the more emphatic the denial the more emphatic is the calamities that follow.

His presence has been denied through spurious eschatology, and through the denial of our ability to walk in righteousness. 

One side of Christianity is filled with superstition concerning the Jews and though they show some forbearance they tend to spread hateful lies about them.

The other side almost worships the ground a Jew walks on, yet they want them all to go back to Israel and to eventually suffer near extinction so Jesus will come back.

Both positions are producing a hateful future for both themselves and especially for Jews in general.

As a result of this perverseness, including the absence of MG, Christianity, in the main, has become irrelevant.  Note this list of questions: "Is God Honest?"

Christ is here in the now, period. This necessarily means - There is nothing that can stop the Church, other then it's own self-prescribed lethargy.

This web site is an attempt to point these things out.

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