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This is a list of Christian theologians, ministers and writers who's works I have found to be inspiring. (Not that I do agree with every point they make.) I do not now even agree with many of the points that I have made in the past.

(Added a new ones below)

It is my thinking that absurdity needs to be exposed. It is also my thinking that we Christians still have a long ways to go, relative to our theology. Which then adds up to the implication that we are very much in the beginning of this age. As future ages come and go people will look back and think of our age as being the infancy of the kingdom. It is here in glory and in power, now, but we have a lot of ground yet to cover. God is not static, nor is his kingdom.

These sites are proof that the Church is still viable.

However, do not accept everything, or anything,  until you are thoroughly convinced. Even then be very careful.

The following site is a trail blazer relative to the WEB. Brother Todd has done the body of Christ a tremendous service. Many articles and links that deal with different views of eschatology. The Second Coming, etc.

www. PreteristArchive.Com  Check out the update page by clicking here.

By Timothy P. Martin  

"Beyond Creation Science"  (Buy Book - How Preterism Refutes A Global Flood)

To Church Home Page - Check the Reformer Section

Institute For Biblical and Scientific Studies   (New)

There are many good articles at this location

Ralph Woodrow

Books and articles on divorce, the flood, etc. He has cleared up numbers of misconceptions.        (To some articles in pdf format)

Religious Concepts Page

Frank's heresy site.  This man is out there. A very stimulating site, for those who are willing to do some thinking.  Check out his translations. His views need to be approached with caution, but is he right? If so, we do need to make some adjustments.

Vine and Fig Tree

This site is another stimulating experience.  Check out his approach to the church and government. Your own commitment will be challenged.


Answers To Questions About the Word of God and the Meaning of Life

Be sure and check on the "Latest Updates" link on this site by clicking on this link.

This site will lead you into some thought provoking articles. Get ready to make some adjustments in your position.

Truth in Heart   A library of Christian Classics Dealing with Holiness.

Tremendous resources.



The Bible Versus Science  Controversy Has Ended!  (??) (Check these out)

Open Theism   (Controversial, yet it faces reality head on. This is serious business. )

Many claim this position demeans God. However, It logically elevates him, infinitely, as being a living being and not just a static immovable force. It also removes Him from having done the senseless, the evil, and the impossible. V. M. 

These are all links -

WHAT IS OPEN VIEW THEISM?    Victor ministries

Quantum physics and the "Open View."

Book reviews - many of which are provided by - by Robert Brow  (

A book review on the "Open View."

The God Who Risks

Theistic Agency

Searching for an Adequate God: A Dialogue between Process and Free Will Theists.

Most Moved Mover: A Theology of Godís Openness

Providence and Prayer: How Does God Work in the World?

Baseball Theology April 2002 Religion Protestant Web site.  Many Links

Miracles Are Never To Cease! 

Moral Government

Peace Key