Earth Quakes and History

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California and Nevada Recent Quake Activity

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Although the number of earthquakes, on average, is constant, the number of potential victims is not

7.0 earthquakes or greater have remained fairly constant  the last century and,  have actually seemed to decrease in recent years

Natural Disasters and the "End Times"

Since 1914 earthquakes have occurred more often than ever before. [From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, 1958, p. 183]

.over all -.earthquakes have not been any more common in the last one hundred + years.

Russian scientists say the number of earthquakes in the earth has increased exponentially in the last few years   But this has also happened in ancient times

ancient civilizations were shaped by earthquakes?

six, large ancient earthquakes within the SAFZ preceded the 1906 quake

devastating earthquakes struck the Alexandria region between 200 AD to 600 AD

Three Alaska volcanoes showing signs of unrest



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