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Lost Temples of Jerusalem  (printable online Book)
Christianity Under Attack  (give an answer..)
Temple site perspective  (Lost Temples of Jerusalem) Picture
Genesis flood account, translations and science
Antinomianism - The Present Confusion
Christian Hedonism                                                      pastors' called to crush 'hate crimes' bill  Who is to blame?
John Calvin on Antinomianism  ( A defense that splits hairs over once saved always. If you are saved you will always obeY?)

Incorporated Church is Silent

Links to material in defense

Church of Liberty on line                                          Evangelical Arminians                         Arminian links

Why So Many Bible Translations?   Textus Receptus ?

Revival Theology Resources                      False Teachers?                       Antinomian crisis tied to early Mormons

Awake and Go!   Good Revival articles

William Joseph Seymour Biography   Azusu Street Pastor
Smith Wigglesworth Sermons
Spirit of Fire Evangelistic Ministries

Smith Wigglesworth _ Ever increasing Faith

The Smith Wigglesworth Blog

Prayer and Revival (Print this out for the children)

Prayer and Revival          Prophetical warning  1965

Palin Church prayer request

Hospice Organizations are not always for the patient

Ever felt like quitting church?

I saw my abortions as true sins

The 'End of Days' daze

Traditional living takes modern spin  Modesty....

Archaeologists Challenge  Dead Sea Scrolls and Essenes link

Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven?

Billy Graham's apostasy


Conservative swimwear  -1   Conservative swimwear - 2

High-tech museum brings creationism to life                  Creation days 24 hours or ages?

"The Da Vinci Code" - the hoax behind the code

Dismantling The Da Vinci Code


Strait Gate Ministries

Intelligent Design Update


Gnostics, Gnostic Gospels, & Gnosticism

About The Da Vinci Code

Gospel of Thomas Commentary

First Temple History

The Jesus trial   The evidence for the accused..

The Jews of Iraq 

Sleep Disorders Increase After Abortion

early Christian connection with China - 100AD  ?

72 percent of females in the class of 2006 would not consider an abortion if they became pregnant

Anne Rice's  novel relies on a biblical scholarship more trusting of the New Testament

First Amendment does not demand a wall of separation between church and state

Dig into Jerusalem's past fuels current debates

Christian Zionism: Terror In Jesus' Name

Bible History News    

Mao and death of 77 million countrymen  (What have they lied to us about how many Christianity has killed?)

the earliest alphabet ever discovered

A shard found, which contains the earliest known Philistine inscription ever to be discovered, has two names that are remarkably similar to the name "Goliath". homosexuality biological? Not in the way that popular media and homosexual activists have presented it

Poof of a homosexual gene would stop abortions  overnight.

Men Free from Homosexuality

Ex-Gay Leader's Fall Proves Counseling is Ineffective, Right? Wrong!

The Role of Michael Bussee or Gary Cooper in the Founding of Exodus  (The truth but denied.)

Setting the Record STRAIGHT    Ex-Gay stats

Timeline of Joyce Meyer's life

Miss stated portions of article -on Joyce Meyers

Joyce Meyer Responds to Critics

Jay Sekulow's Golden Ticket

Uses and Abuses of Biblical Prophecy

Patient wants to live, but old 'living will' mandates death

Pat Robertson's wrong about Earthquakes...

World is a safer place despite people's fears

One woman and Jesus change a nation   Our turn!

75 years of the church's shame _Child abuse

New Orleans, shed the darkness or face disaster 2001

That day 125,000 homosexuals were going to be celebrating sin in the streets

Texas did not violate the Establishment Clause when it accepted a Ten Commandments monument

left hanging by thin wires - an untouched statue of Jesus on a cross, surrounded by debris

if you can't make a good solid case for your faith, you don't have a religion, you just have a habit

About two-thirds of scientists believe in God

400 scientists skeptical of Darwin

Eat Pigs? OT warning is nonsense?

Boys at religious schools are more likely to oppose sex before marriage and be less tolerant of pornography.

Many Christians, ... sincerely religious ones, take certain positions that are contrary to the bible.

America's Basic Problem Is A Pastor Problem

. how many resurrections have you been involved with?"  She answered quietly: "Sixteen."

Pro-family groups claim boycott against Procter & Gamble's support of Homosexuality a success


being out of touch with the times was the pope's job

A new discovery will unlock hither to an unread 2000 year old series of Gospels

On the 'sin' of sending kids to public school

“When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.”

Carbon dating backs Bible on Edom

The death penalty makes sense

The New York Times Finally Gets it Right  (No Christian lynching, this time.)

Archeologist unearths biblical controversy. More to OT then skeptics accept

Churches come to aid of Salvation Army  Who Shops at target? I quit.

"I command you in the name of Jesus -- stop!" The water then seemed to "stall, momentarily,"

Mormon prophet's anniversary renews old religious debate

Science has corroborated babies hear as early as 20 weeks, which the Bible knew a thousand + years ago

Local Family Has Daughter Born Without a Face (Christmas gift giving available here.)

Affiliate of United Pentecostal Church does not want peace in the middle east until after the rapture...?

"Gushing from above, my mighty name arose upon Jesus, and the clouds rejoiced," "Dreadful day for Mary,"?  (Bible Code by a skeptic mathematician? Or is it just an investment in a money making book?)

Long has called for a national ban on gay marriage, and his church counsels gay members to abandon their lifestyle.

The left regards the Declaration of Independence as an embarrassment.  --  Human rights come from God?

I, along with colleagues ... find the evidence employed to support many traditional claims about the Mormon church to be either nonexistent or problematic

Christians who suffered from a jihad are delivering emergency relief aid to Muslims in Darfur

Famous Atheist Now Believes in God

What is Thanksgiving?

stories of criminals who were changed by Gibson's movie, etc.

In 1623, the notion of [a] Thanksgiving [day] was born

The Real Story of Thanksgiving  (Rush)

"The Last Disciple."  (Fast selling book.)

St. John never meant the end of the world to be taken too literally  Seriously?

.. the last 30 years gives us greater confidence that the gospels give a clear historical picture of Jesus

New Take on Rapture puts authors in apocalyptic feud

Converts fear for their lives in USA  Your children next? 

Televangelist Paul Crouch Attempts to Keep Accuser Quiet

In Search of a Christian Nation

TBN press release (News on the above)

IRS Asked If Churches Can Pray for Bush Re-Election

LA Times Slams Religion Broadside Unfair

Why Christians don't vote  (Hear Ye! Do something about this!)


Trinity Broadcasting Network is suing 3  neighbors

TBN hosts really thought the story was true

..wide spread retreat from Christian duty ..

Are Jews or Israel really well-served joining forces with the likes of the Rev. Pat Robertson

The sexual stumblings of prominent ministers point to a hidden flaw in Pentecostal spirituality.

Have the holiness and Pentecostal movements really been "hyper-vertical" and "anti-domestic"?


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