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Bipartisan team stunned by 'extremism' allegations
IS IT REVIVAL?   Holy Spirit Versus God and Christ?
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Brownsville A/G and Third Wave experience   (From Guam)
God's Generals   (Video series)
Charismatic extremists - a story.
False prophet - What me worry?  The heels!
CRITICISM is ungodly.  Shame on Jesus and John the Baptist!
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General Council of the Assemblies of God - monitoring the situation?
Pensacola Revival at Brownsville Assembly of God - money
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Today's restored apostles and prophets?
Who Has Really “Touched” Benny Hinn
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Some of Hinn’s biggest lies and false prophecies
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False Teachers Exposed

students suspended for refusing anti-Christian class


'Gay'-rights bill lets court define church's 'purpose'

Ever felt like quitting church?

Spirit-Led or Purpose-Driven?

Terror suspect contributed to school 'religion guidelines' .. Issued by Clinton

Frederick K. C. Price    You check it out  not anti..

The Holy Observer   Needs updated   not anti..

Disney bedeviled ... by boycotts over family-unfriendly fare

Billy Graham's apostasy

scorn of Christianity has turned into bigotry and hatred

City to seize church by eminent domain

Believing prayer coupled with avoiding pornography and masturbation can help change a person from gay to straight — is silly

They're more interested in promoting the ex-gay theory than in actually helping gay people change, were it even possible," he added.

More worship of a creator tied to a break down in morality in a democratic society. (Opinion: This is the result of OSAS)

Quebec has the highest divorce rate, highest illegitimacy rate, highest abortion rate and lowest church attendance rate in Canada

Let me explain this "sabotage" business in a little bit more detail.  (On Judges.)

Da Vinci Code movie has egregious historical, theological, and moral problems

"futile care theory" (Doctors go against patients wishes)

Benny Hinn and His 2003 prophecies

Emerging Culture of Death

Granddaughter yanks grandma's feeding tube

Hal Lindsey is Making Predictions–Again

Why in the world would a new temple be a good thing in light of the work of Christ?

 Crimes against Christianity  In Israel

Revived Sanhedrin discusses Temple

Churches come to aid of Salvation Army  Who Shops at target? I quit.

Do you know where your ministers are? (Promoting perversion?)

public schools teach about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa but won't touch the Nativity story.

school's fears of a lawsuit because of the religious nature of the band's music produced spot light

Four Christians could spend up to 47 years in prison for public reading of Scripture,

Tribunal judge rules church seminar vilified Islam

we are only one or two secular Supreme Court Justices away from a solid ACLU court (No Christianity allowed!)

The secular left in America idealizes the anti-God states that inhabit Western Europe and Canada.

campaign to remove every vestige of Christian expression from America    (By the ACLU)

I cannot change my principles against my conscience for political convenience   (Borked)

Denver - no floats with direct religious themes

war against Christmas is a war against Christianity itself

collapse of traditional religion and the rise of mysticism

"[Mouw is] sending a message to Mormons that they are a part of mainstream Christianity," Clark said ..

Jews spitting at Christian clergy in Jerusalem

Jesus never existed?  Answers

"The Beast" New AntiChristian Movie. Jesus never existed.

a man named Jesus lived - 2BC to 33AD? Answers

last curse.. in the law of God fell on him, for he was crucified  ""



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