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Christianity Under Attack  (give an answer..)

Dems continuing to spin the Bible's teachings on abortion.

Links to material in defense
Muslims in Europe see themselves as bearers of a superior civilization

"The Da Vinci Code" - the hoax behind the code

What is the real agenda of the religious far Right? ...They want to reestablish slavery ....

Father arrested after objecting to kindergartner's Gay reading material

Expert joins critics of historical claims made by 'Da Vinci Code'

1945, Christians represented 20% of the popu- lation and now represent less than 2%  In Israel

1790 through 1806 ,16 years, for four presidents, the US fought a war against Muslim terrorists (edited out.)   ->

if there are religious institutions that are brought in, I never see conservative Christians  (School Books.)

The New School Prayer is right on the money, but vetoed.

Florida city allows menorahs, stars of David to be displayed, but not Nativity scene

they wish to transform public schools at all levels into venues for spreading Islam. (It is happening.)

Charter school chiefs held in finance probe. (Teaching Islam.)

.. pass a constitutional amendment to take the right to vote away from born-again Christians

Silenced priest warns of gay crisis

Bishop: Anglican church may be beyond repair 

Anti-evolution paper and 'hysteria, name-calling'

Homosexual S&M part of Christianity?

IRS: Churches can't pray for Bush victory
(The means if a Hitler type ran for office, Church is to say nothing, let alone call for a prayer. But OK if they are a liberal.)

churches in Pennsylvania and Ohio are openly supporting Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry 



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