The United States has never been a Christian Nation?

There was a song in WWII that had the phrase

"Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition."


 The picture above shows the altar with dominant cross flanked by the Star of David and the Buddhist Wheel of Righteousness, probably more politically correct than most 1964-vintage construction.  Buddhists are not too populous in the US as a whole, but are 9% of Hawaiians due mostly to the 19th century Asian immigration. 

Politically correct, yes, but not historically accurate. Crosses on graves are the oldest markers in cemeteries all over the USA.

Punchbowl consolidated remains from various temporary resting places in the Pacific Theater of WWII.   Tombstones are flush with the sod -- wooden crosses were raised here temporarily, but replaced by the modern flat marble tombstones, much to the chagrin of the public.  Consequently, this place has a different feel to it than the European WWII cemeteries we visited with their silent rows of white crosses in Normandy and TuscanyThe  great number of crosses there overwhelm visitors with the sheer volume of the sacrifice of that Generation.   The Punchbowl is more subdued, resting gently in Hawaiian warmth, and its flattened tombstones have more of a feel of a civilian cemetery.   

405,000 Americans died in WWII, about 1 out of every 300 then living in the US.  That may not seem like a lot (especially compared to places like Poland that lost 1 out of 6), but extrapolating today, we'd have to lose a million US soldiers in Iraq to get to that ratio.

Florence cemetery in France


Of course these crosses are no longer politically correct and should, of course, be dismissed. There are a few markers with the star of David on them. If you would just remind your self that these crosses have nothing to do with the erroneous thought that some right wingers have about the USA being a Christian nation.

  Tuscan cemetery in Italy.


Then we need to rethink just how unfortunate it was that since the USA was capitalistic it was necessarily terribly inefficient. This caused a prolonged war. If it would have been a Communistic or a Socialistic nation the war would have been won far sooner. (Not!)

In addition to this, if Germany and Japan had won we would now have been far better off? After all one was a Fascist nation quite like Muslim nations and the Japanese were brave enough to die for their beliefs by committing suicidal acts of bravery, very much like Muslims do today. We would have been so much better off if we would have either made binding agreements with them or to just surrendered. Socialism or Communism are the only answer to problems of the world. ??

Those countries who have embraced these isms have been so progressive and successful that they have created the greatest advances in bettering the human condition around the world for over a hundred years. In contrast US capitalism has caused the spread of terrorism and out right war because of their stinginess and greed. Just because they have sent aid by the billions to foreign countries is beside the point.

Communism and Fascism are to be praised for their enlightening of the masses. They only killed more people in a short period of time, then all religions combined have done down through history, because this was a necessary means of ridding the world of the evil that religion had produced, especially that of Christianity??


Proclamation - Thanksgiving Day - 1795

The Founders As Christians

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