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                 Most attacks against Bush are by those against freedom for Iraq. 

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The Danger of A World Without Enemies
Emergence of Industrial Killing for Peace
The President Ties His Own Hands on Terror
the heart of Islam is to conquer the world for Allah
 pirate rescue was delayed - no lethal force was allowed at first.
Bipartisan team stunned by 'extremism' allegations
Terrorist? Who, me? laughs Hugo Chavez
Chavez Says U.S. Empire Will Soon Fall, Calls Bush 'Devil'
Obama and Venezuela's Chavez shake hands
What Islam Is Not  (Video)
Beheading in Buffalo - at Muslim TV Station
UAC Press releases  (Anti Shariah)
Gaza UN Teacher by day Rocket maker by night
Obama's unsavory ties to Islam, etc.
Americans warned about looming Shariah code
Islamic SNA hosted an Obama campaign booth            ISNA - their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad
Obama Would Fail Security Clearance
Inside Obama’s Acorn
I get paid to practice being an activist  About Obama
Muslim raised money for Obama's schooling
Obama's Benefactor: Dr. Khalid al Mansour?
Eric Holder a top adviser on Obama's campaign?
Swiftboating,” Media Myths and the 2004 Campaign
Yellow Cake? Liberals lied?  (Thinker)
Old yellow Cake News  1  2  3 4
The Origins of the Muslim Brotherhood "Project
Yellow Cake 550 tons _ (Iraq) More on  YK
Obama and Marxist Black Theology
Colleges, Universities Hide the Truth
Sen. Joe McCarthy was right by Ann Coulter
Obama mentored by Communist Party figure
What George Tenet doesn't say about WMDs
Iraqi Documents Show al-Qaida Ties
Bush empowering terrorists ..  (Religion of peace??)
Syrian reformers say Pelosi visit 'chilling'
Al-Qaida able to build nuke weapon inside U.S.
Mideast terror leaders to U.S.: Vote Democrat
The Dark Ages -- Live From the Middle East!
Eye of the Beholder
the Clinton administration had eight to 10 chances to get ...
Terror suspect contributed to school 'religion guidelines' .. Issued by Clinton
Valerie Plame _ Case closed...
U.S. lawmen outgunned along Mexican border
Terror Expert: ‘We Need to Choose War!'
Supreme Court reverses itself on Military tribunal
Sadam's bio-weapon program
Church politicking 'disturbing' to IRS  (State Controlled Churches!)
Iraq Less Violent than Washington, D.C.
Depictions of prophet nothing new
The cartoon that shook the world
Russia Moved Saddam's WMD
Grenades, bombs found at our southern border
Arab paper published cartoons 4 months ago
Foreign personnel mount machine guns on U.S. side while helping drug smugglers
Iraqi dictator moved weapons of mass destruction from Iraq to Syria
Utopians –  have to erase Christianity from the hearts, minds, and souls of the American people
the Italian government foiled a horrific plot by extremists … to murder 10,000 innocent people in one cataclysmic explosion
Documentary tying Arkansas guv B. Clinton to spread of AIDS to screen in Hollywood next week
Clinton: White House cover-up of tax fraud by pal found in report of 11-year investigation
Thank God the majority of Muslims do not become devout followers of all the Quranic verses
Al Gore Led Effort to Tap Every Phone in America
Sale of  big numbers of Disposable Cell Phones May Have Terror Link
From the left: Not just America but the whole Western culture, civilization must -- capitulate
NY Times: Big time 'Illegal' Spying OK Under Clinton, but not under Bush...
Under Clinton, NY Times called surveillance "a necessity"
Clinton Scheme Gave Iran Nuke Blueprints
US Professor - Holocaust is a "myth"
LBJ Knew Cubans Killed JFK
extensive training of thousands of radical Islamic terrorists by Saddam Hussein's regime
President Clinton gave the CIA carte blanche to circumvent U.S. law and interrogate terrorist suspects
The National Security Agency acted on its own authority, without a formal directive from President Bush ...
Kwanzaa: A Holiday From the FBI
Some forms of torture to get information do work
How America's founding religion is becoming illegal
ACLU is 'terrorizing' U.S
Mr. Murtha you don't know 'Jack' about the mujahadeen
Clinton Carter ordered surveillance and searches
 Surprising levels of optimism prevail in Iraq
Bill Clinton ordered the monitoring of foreign business phone calls.
Saddam's Hangman Details Torture
Zawahiri, Bin Laden Agree with Democrats
Islamist threat in France and ....
If I knew then what I know now, I would never have supported the war.  The new posturing
60 Christian converts in northern India will be burned to death if they refuse to return to Hinduism
'shocked' by dad's pro-death caregivers
Historian Charged With Denying Holocaust  Irving
Withdraw the Libby indictment
New Documents Reveal Saddam Hid WMD, Was Tied to Al Qaida
Vice president blasts Democrats for attempting to rewrite history   Full text of speech
Radio host holds chilling chat with Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades
teacher sentenced to 40 months in prison and 750 lashes after he discussed the Bible and praised Jews
Rockefeller and Kennedy demonstrate why Democrats simply can't be trusted with our national security
Better off with Saddam in power? He was one of our allies against al-Qaeda?
The Political Prosecution of Rush Limbaugh
Kurds Campaign Thanks U.S. for Liberation
France is being attacked by foreign hordes
France: gasoline bombs being used by rioters "are not being improvised by kids in their bathrooms
list of major WMD discoveries since U.S. invasion
Wilson 'outed' wife in 2002
Messianic madness of nuclear Osama Open season on USA
Quebec has the highest divorce rate, highest illegitimacy rate, highest abortion rate and lowest church attendance rate in Canada
page A-22 in the Washington Post Iraq election
World is a safer place despite people's fears
Six thousand years ago, an evil scientist named Yakub a black scientist, created the white man
Advertisement _ "Black Gold" Exposes Oil Myths
anti-poverty spending increased 42% under Bush - double that under Clinton..
GOP blind to alleged crimes that may have damaged this nation, so they may lose control of Congress in 2006 - and White House in 2008
Freeh: Clinton’s scandals made him a constant target of FBI investigations
Sex Runs Wild in U.S. Military
Conservatives and Republicans need to be outlawed?? 
propaganda and deceit that's been thrown at black Americans
'Independent' Katrina Expert was Clinton spinmiester chief.  Now blasting Bush
Rush's Rathergate Recap - 41 rebuttals to Rather's forged stuff.
the main fault was the state and city of New Orleans - they did a terrible job
Louisiana Officials Indicted Before Katrina Hit
Federal response to the devastation of Katrina was the fastest, with the most support, ever.
So far it appears the looting and mayhem in New Orleans was terribly exaggerated
False Shortage -  Oil refining on the West Coast has a surplus of refining capacity - it is driving down prices..
To seize control of the mission, Mr. Bush would have had to invoke the Insurrection Act
Was the president responsible for Katrinas calamity?
The man-made disaster of New Oleans is the welfare state
Stephanopoulos Urged Foreign Assassination
We didn’t come here to fight a war. We came here to help
CIA official tried to blow whistle on 'American Hiroshima' plot in '96
Talk-show host fired for linking Islam, terror - The "text."
'gay' activists call for 'suppression,' 'elimination' of Christians
Texas did not violate the Establishment Clause when it accepted a Ten Commandments monument
Parents of American fighters say protester, "Cindy," doesn't speak for them
Soldier in Iraq - they're (the media) not reporting (the positive) things that we see and we're on the ground over here.
Iraq near nuclear bomb before the 1991 invasion
Bush shown kissing Cindy Sheehan in earlier meeting
No polls on whether or not it was "necessary" to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941..
Iraqi civilians support the U.S.-led coalition, turn in terrorists
Osama is planning what he calls an "American Hiroshima" He has the material in place...
Terrorists are investing in a complex, coordinated, devastating terror attack plan - USA's
If you're here illegally, you can get a pass
officers who confront a suicide bomber should shoot the suspect in the head
foam loss during shuttle flight is OK -It is unsafe, but politically correct.
Editor who exposed the playing up of the bad news about Iraq while ignoring the good news - in trouble
If Americans Knew  (Concerning the roots of the middle east conflict.)
the biggest computer hack of all time _Crippled the US Battle Fleet
The 1 weapon essential for our victory
Pressure on U.S. to Use More Surveillance
Al-Qaida's U.S. nuclear targets  (Listed)
Valerie Plame is no victlm, she did it to herself..
a detailed expose of the Clintons' ties to drug lords and death squads
Rove supposed uncovering Valerie Plame's CIA connection is a manufactured tempest in a Tea Pot
Hillary has led the push for Internet regulation (Shut them up! She wants suppression of its freedom)
What is really being said about America in the Arabic press?  Read it for yourself...
Chuck Schumer plotting against Bush's Judge Picks
We will use your democracy to destroy your democracy
Lions rescue, guard beaten Ethiopian girl
women are being sexually assaulted, mutilated and killed inside legal abortion clinics in numbers never before been made public
Let me explain this "sabotage" business in a little bit more detail.  (On Judges.)
Deep Throat?  Nixon Exposed some Communists (This made liberals mad.) and he also broke the law. So did several other presidents....   
Harsh Punishments Curb Crime
possible movement of WMD or WMD materials from Iraq prior to the war remain unresolved
Oil-For-Food Investigators Resign
The Diaper Rebellion
Emerging Culture of Death
Terror threat swells at sea
Seabee unit took mass casualties in Iraq last May
OKC destruction, FBI, and Clinton White House
Children of Darkness  (Yes, Terrorism )
Schiavo never mentioned that these were Terri's wishes until seven years had passed.
Some war critics rethink their position
Terry tried to say "I want to live."  (Associated evil, killing her is terrorism.)
Sharon repudiates peace 'road map'
Dumbed-Down California Dems - Forget education!
Car Crashes Kill 40,000 in U.S. Every Year
Network News Silent on Iraq's WMD
Propaganda against Jews, Christians 'mainstreamed in Mosques within our borders'
Anti-Muslim bias had nothing to do the killing of the Armanious family; they were Coptic Christians
Former President Jimmy Carter has been linked with a key figure in the U.N.'s oil-for-food scandal
They claimed I was a racist for attempting to expose the fact that student dollars were going to the promotion of terrorism
45.5 million unborn children in America have been sacrificed to the gods of selfishness, hedonism and personal convenience.  Killing 4000 Babies a day!
Views from Inside Iraq - LTC Tim Ryan is Commander, Task Force 2-12 Cavalry, First Cavalry Division in Iraq.
Ecoterror Bombs Dismantled at Office Site In Sacramento
The platform of the Democratic Party is built on a human rights abuse -- abortion. Yet Democrats still pose as champions of human rights.
We Should Make a Treaty with al Qaeda and Ben Ladan?
The party of abortion took a stand against torture
60% of troops are convinced it is a war worth fighting
Doctors Kill More People Than Guns Do
Muslim control of the Temple Mount is the root of the corruption of the Jewish nation?
Clinton and his Cabinet never even bothered to discuss the mass killings in Rwanda
Across Europe, birthrates are plunging, - children are impediments to the good life rather than its reward?
All of the armoring was nearly done and was completed within 24 hours of the time the question was asked
those condemning Gonzales are the same ones who seem to want to pet terrorist detainees
The safe-sex message is a lie - Anstinance works
Of all religions, secular and otherwise, that of Marxism has been by far the bloodiest
Arab Media Praising U.S?
you may have trouble remembering that Clinton sent the troops to Mogadishu without any armor at all
the military had deteriorated so badly during the Clinton administration that it might take a decade to rebuild
numerous examples of how Muslim scholars are simply not telling kids in our schools the full truth   ->
1790 through 1806 ,16 years, for four presidents, the US fought a war against Muslim terrorists (edited out.)
The secular left in America idealizes the anti-God states that inhabit Western Europe and Canada.
Iran's Shihab-5, with Russian missile technology, could strike the Eastern Seaboard of the United States?
the religious majority stands silently by while the liberal minority uses the federal courts to get rid of Christianity
we are only one or two secular Supreme Court Justices away from a solid ACLU court (No Christianity allowed!)
AWOL poster boy is collectively smearing our brave men and women in Iraq as war criminals
Contemporary college seniors scored  little or no higher than the high-school graduates of a half-century ago
Karzai Sworn In as Afghan President
campaign to remove every vestige of Christian expression from America    (ACLU)
Bill Clinton is promoting a rival search engine backed by China's rights-abusing communist dictatorship
Fear of racial offense putting flyers in peril
A threat to vaporize 100 Muslim cities - Wake up Muslim moderates!
'By Means and at Places of Our Own Choosing' Deterrent speak
Eight US states and New York City filed a lawsuit against five US power companies - Global Warming?
Clinton's Justice Department  
Those who don't support Holland's tradition of free speech have been publicly invited to leave
Tehran was working on missiles with a range of 2,500 to 3,000 km (1,600 to 1,900 miles) (Hit Europe?)
The Justice Department ... lacks the will to prosecute treason and sedition
Iraqi rebels are prepared to use chemical and biological weapons in future attacks
I told him Kerry was a coward. He would patrol the middle of the river.
Terrorists now believe punishing American society  is the only way to protect Islam. Big Bang coming..
These people are not simply "anti-war," they are anti-American  (Increased sociliast anti-war activity)
Qaida WMD attack on US likely soon
the American press has downplayed the Zarqawi admission story  Hid the good news.
'Suicide tree' toxin is 'perfect' murder weapon
U.N. accused of rape, pedophilia, prostitution
Terrorist Crossing: Cover-up on the U.S.-Mexico Border
spies who couldn't shoot straight at terrorists, but can  aim and snipe at their ultimate boss, the president
Terrorist backing - Muslim group buys land from government for fraction of value.  (Boston.)
Iraqi archbishop 'There is no organized resistance,' much in country 'positive'
Racial-profiling concerns hurt counterterror efforts? 
Seattle Muslim school training children ... how to shoot and fight the Americans
Letter From a Fallujah Marine
images of the alleged abuses of prisoners by U.S. soldiers, contrasted with Saddam's torture system
CIA - rave reviews from the agency's rank and file for serving notice to the Rogue Weasels
A Jewish Voice of Opposition to the War on Palestinians
When I hear young men praise violence in the name of Islam, I fear for my faith and I fear for the world
al-Qaeda to attack the U.S. with weapons of mass destruction Via Mexico....
A Jew's look at Palestine and Arafat  "Uri Avnery" ... makes one ashamed to be an Israeli.
Yasser Arafat, thought by many to be the father of modern-day terrorism, has passed away
Arafat.. has as much civilian Jewish blood on his hands ...as the ... Nazis?
U.S. troops stationed in Iraq were visibly heartened when they got the news that President Bush won.
Jacques Chirac has made war on the Ivory Coast, causing deaths and injuries to innocent Ivorians
Tehran backing Iraq Islamists tied to bin Laden
Shouldn’t a survivor of Nazism and communism applaud the liberation of 50 million Afghans and Iraqis
.. the Netherlands that the nation’s legendary tolerance has now reached its limit.
United States planned as recently as 1998 to drop nuclear bombs on North Korea if...  (Clinton.)
Kerry said he met "terrorists" in Paris  (Confirmation!)
Saudi religious scholars urged Iraqis to support militants waging holy war against the U.S
'Millions' of Iranians Celebrate Bush Victory
Republicans could never nominate a social liberal
1991 Saddam openly talked of using weapons of mass destruction against U.S. troops.
Arafat controled billions of dollars meant for the Palestinian people. In a word, he stole it
Bush is first American president to embrace a U.S.- driven liberal destiny for the Middle East.
Hussein's fedayeen removed weapons and ammunition before allies secured area
Sen. Kerry, the 3rd Infantry and the 101st Airborne Divisions were fighting for your protection
Against all dire predictions and threats from terrorists, Afghanistan ... has just held the first presidential election in its bloodstained history.
Adv. Pres. Reagan points out Mondale's opposition to every proposed defense program. (Like Kerry)
There is simply no other explanation for what he did then and continues to do today - That word is "traitor."
3rd Infantry Division had taken about 250 tons of munitions ...  from the Al-Qaqaa arms storage
VC Efforts to Back Antiwar Demonstrations in the United States 1971.  Via Kerry?
Kerry implemented Communist's antiwar effort 1971 ?
The 380 tons of explosives were already missing back in April 10, 2003 -- when U.S. troops arrived  ??
Saddam had mustard gas and anthrax, both are WMDs'. 2002
General John Abizaid blasted Iraq war critics in Congress
Iraqi Physicist: Saddam Funded Nuke Program Till 2003
the birth and nurture of freedom as the only remedy to terrorism
Iraq was producing [biological-weapons] agent via portable unit. (2001)
It's no surprise that WMD buried in Iraq  not found.....
Saddam Hussein pursued weapons of mass destruction
Iranian police broke up a demonstration calling for... freedoms
.. massively lethal amount of Iraq's chemical and biological weapons is stored alongside Syria's..
The press hasn't made much of Saddam's 500-ton uranium stockpile, downplaying the story..
We've found ten or twelve Sarin and Mustard rounds
Network to Air Anti-Kerry Movie
.. there's a wealth of evidence connecting Saddam to ...
Injured, angry, determined, Swiftees unite to fight Kerry
Saddam predicted Ben Laden would carry out a devastating attack against America
New movie supports Iraq invasion "WMD"
"a direct link" between Saddam Hussein's elite Fedayeen military unit and 9/11
Kerry fund raiser, was an agent for the Islamic government of Iran?
Saddam Kept Nuke Program in Place (Media Bias Exposed again)
Media Downplays Iraq War Ally John Howard's Reelection
Clinton.. sent terrorists “an .. invitation” to attack America
nine trenches so far containing hundreds of bodies,
Saddam threat 'greater than feared' 10/6/04
an orchestrated campaign of political violence designed to intimidate Republicans?
U.S. military sees good news in Iraq
Duelfer: 'A lot of material left Iraq and went to Syria'  
this is where Nightline goes to solve the crisis, to solve the question - to former Viet Cong communist soldiers - "pro Kerry."
Most Highly Decorated Living Veteran Calls Kerry 'a Man of Benedict Arnold Qualities'
Missouri-based Islam organization tied to terror – including bin Laden 
Saddam's lieutenants understood WMD revival was his goal. He used the Oil-For-Food program for financial help, via our allies.?
There appears to be much worse news to uncover in the Oil-for-Food scandal.  (Oil-for-terror)
Kerry actually planned to meet a third time with enemy negotiators, (Communists) but the trip never came off.
FBI investigators have made new arrests and developed leads that reinforce (election) concerns
the CIA lives in a left-wing world, the same left-wing world as the State Department

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