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Rapture story a history
'Transfer' (Ethnic Cleansing) Zionist Quotes
Dave Macpherson on the Rapture problem (Good!)
"The Late Great State of Israel"  Muslims in control of Temple MT.

Darby and Scofield material 

Orthodox Jewish Christian Views of Dispensationalism
Ten questions to the Zionists

Why this World Matters - Eschatology

McCain Courts "Apocalypse Pastor" Hagee
The Israeli left unmasked
Israel willing to give up Temple Mount


The 'End of Days' daze

Challenging Christian Zionism

The Last days   ...  Rethinking ........

Attack on Christians accepted by....

Strait Gate Ministries  (Radicle but holds some truth)

Costs to US for Supporting Israel = trillions

Racism of Zionism

Evangelicals, Netanyahu, Falwell, Lewinsky and Clinton

Jews controlling U.S. Christianity

Study: Most Ashkenazi Jews From Four Women  (Zionists formed among these converts to Judaism.)

Robertson outburst provokes Israeli soul searching about the Jewish state's relationship with right-wing Christians

Iran (AIJI) plans to offer a "free and democratic platform” for Holocaust skeptics

Israel punishes Pat Robertson

The Rapture is a racket

The Jews of Iraq   (True Story}

Jewish Owned Land In Palestine As Of 1947

Palestinian And Zionist Land Ownership Per District in 1945

Israelis to be allowed euthanasia by machine

Iran's Ahmadinejad says Israel should be moved to Europe

Israel has a "questionable" human-rights record and breaks international law - says some Canadians

Christian Zionism: Terror In Jesus' Name

Uses and Abuses of Biblical Prophecy

Greek Orthodox Patriarch refuses to sell key entrance to Jerusalem's Old City essential to restoration of temple site ... 

Hoax: 'lost tribe of Israel' found.... If this is true then Jesus lied and He did not!

Financial Aid To Israel: Facts

Jesus Christ was not God, because His prophecies didn't come true

70 Questions that Dispensationalists cannot Honestly Answer?

If Americans Knew  (Concerning the roots of the middle east conflict.)

What Kind Of “God” Do We Know? (Hard Questions.)

The Zionist-created Scofield "bible"

.. it should be obvious that these Catholic and Protestant leaders are the worst betrayers of Jesus Christ on earth..

The Gulf Between Zionism and Judaism

The Ugly Face of 60 Minutes   (Old News)

Sharon repudiates peace 'road map'

Jews cannot pray on the Mount: ''Yes, those are the restrictions.''

Challenging Christian Zionism  

Welcome to Doomsday     By Bill Moyers

Hal Lindsey is Making Predictions–Again

Why in the world would a new temple be a good thing in light of the work of Christ?

Hitler's early victims were mostly German Protestants and Catholics, not Jews.  Six million Jews versus 60 million.

I'm scared to death. These radical evangelical Christians actually believe that the faster we destroy the earth and our environment, the faster the "second coming of Christ" will happen

Ayoon wa Azan (Rapture)

Revisers of Pre-Trib Rapture Theory

Ayoon wa Azan (Don't Know Much) (Arabic Views)

Ayoon wa Azan (Religion and Politics)  ( Thanks to Preteristarchive)

Muslim control of the Temple Mount is the root of the corruption of the Jewish nation?

The Bible says nothing about a third temple in Jerusalem.  Believers are the temple.

Affiliate of United Pentecostal Church does not want peace in the middle east until after the rapture...?

Leader of Pakistan's Presbyterian Church condemns nation, Ariel Sharon -  Says it is a terrorist state

Shreds of Preterism evidence in early Church History

"If we allow Jewish soldiers to put an Arab violinist at a roadblock and laugh at him, we have succeeded in arriving at the lowest moral point possible

Dispensationalism, Christian Zionism, and Terrorism: Is There A Cure?

We are a network of Jews in Britain, formed in February 2002  Jews For Justice HP

Jews For Justice Copy  On Site copy

Throughout Christian history, the Book of Revelation has been approached in many different ways.

(Liberals,) are using .... modern "late-great" eschatology books to, in effect, discredit Christianity altogether

Dispensationalism/Christian Zionism - emasculates the book of Revelation

New Take on Rapture puts authors in apocalyptic feud

Some in the Arab world have theorized that the attacks were carried out by Israel's secret service or by the CIA.

Heinz complained that Israel was being treated as "the 51st state

American Christians of Middle East origin gathered in Washington

The Palestinian people and the Jewish people each recognize the other's historic rights with respect to the same land.

Christian exodus from the Middle East

Isn’t Judaism Zionism? Aren’t Jews by definition Zionists?

.. which of the two major parties will American Jews support?


..divestment plan to protest Israel's policies ...

Jewish Activist Helps Fight Zionist Mind Control in America

Christian men's movement plans to forge a new alliance with "messianic Jews

Israelis and Palestinians are not crazy, vicious people, for the most part

Zionists hate peace, they insisted.

.. inconsistent and wholly inadequate" coverage of Israeli attacks on Palestinians

Jews are soldiers, and I wanted to kill as many as I could

New York Times continued to amplify the settlers' rationalization for violence

..the Jew is the scapegoat of the world

Journalists Find "Calm" When Only Palestinians Die

... fear: that a Jewish terror group will bomb the mosques on the Temple Mount.

The following is an e-mail exchange between the well known Israeli historian, Benny Morris, and Kathleen and Bill Christison

(Letter to Madonna).. you a tourist--are you going to the Christian sites in the centre of Bethlehem?

Bernadotte's endeavors are deeply embarrassing to unconditional supporters of Israel.

Report documents bias against Israel that ignores worst abusers

What theology has been 'Left Behind' in best-selling novel series?

Christian Zionism and the Roadmap to a Palestinian State

"They're predicting 'the end' for 2012 now."

.. instituting a Jewish king, a Jewish court, and the Third Temple

Sixty-five million Evangelicals can't be wrong

... calling for an end to an exclusively Jewish state

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