Mathew The Twenty Fourth Chapter

Links to Videos about this chapter and to other associated material. 

This first video - 'The Destruction of Jerusalem" - is by R C Sproul and the material covered in it is needed today.

The history of the First Century is inseparable from an accurate view of the fulfillment of Christ's words in Matthew 24, etc.

 The Destruction Of Jerusalem  

The following are from a different but biblical perspective.

(Part 1) The Second Coming: 2000 Years Ago?

(Part 2) The Second Coming: 2000 Years Ago?

(Part 3 ) The Second Coming: 2000 Years Ago?

(Part 4 ) The Second Coming: 2000 Years Ago?

(Part 5 ) The Second Coming: 2000 Years Ago?

(Part 6 ) The Second Coming: 2000 Years Ago?

To Archive of Fenley's Videos

U-tube has more of this. Do a search on "Ward Fenley."


RC Sproul  in 10 videos concerning the Crisis In The Doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ and it's effect on the integrity of the bible. (Very good material, but note his summation appears to contradict his findings.)  As good as his material is - The bible is the final authority.

All twelve are here - Please down load them and view them. They are powerfully presented and need to be thought upon.

1. Crisis in Eschatology      2. Understanding the Parousia    3. A Question of Time   4.  Literal or Figurative?    5.  This Generation   

6.  The End of the Age   7.  The Destruction Of Jerusalem     8.  The Book of Revelation    9. The Antichrist   10.  The Beast   11.  The Rapture 

12.  The Millennium


The Following are links to videos on the history of some more doctrines of the Second Coming.  Very well documented. It should be noted that Sizer is being attacked for his views - the facts be dammed.

Christian Zionism                         Seminar at Duke University                                and at the London School of Theology



Keep the Movie "Driving Ms. Daisy" in mind when you access the following.

History of Zionism  by a Black Professor - William Mackey Jr. -  This is a very emotional approach so beware.   "This 4th video gets into interesting History"\




The following are articles that have some connection to the above videos. (Pro or con)

An Article that brings out the thought that the Jews can only return to their land if they repent. Written by Jews who believe there will be a future return.

Was the bible written in Aramaic or Hebrew?  Emphasis being put on the Jewish-ness of the Bible. But... is this a fact?




The last few verses of the Book of Revelation warn that the calamities that it was speaking about would fall of those who change that message.

Is this a fulfillment?    It may actually be just one of the many times down through history that warning has been repeatedly fulfil0led.


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