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 Are you asking - why Vern? What are you into?

I have been called an instigator and an agitator....

Umm - Sounds Like A Protest - ant

 This site is only for a brave heart. It is for those who long to see a change for the better, and yet it is also for those who know that things are better today they they were 100 years ago.

There are also some fun things, but again there are some very serious things


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Use the "Lift Your Pinky Program,"  page as a means of taking part in shaping the future of our country.

"Are you aware? Do You Care?"


This site is always under Construction so check back for improvements, etc.


Providing a Key To Lasting Peace is the Theme.

You will find numerous articles here that are not intended for the half hearted.

You will also find some very good links, to some other very interesting web sites, such as a list of -

  Good search engines and research sites. 

Then there is a list of web sites that provide -

   Did you know that Japan was in the process of developing and Atomic Bomb in WWII. (Check the other archived news articles from the past on this site.)

Can you even imagine what this world would be like now if they had gotten one before we did?

   What about the views of Environmental scientists who are not being supported by government grants or by the UN?  And -

Your Health - Fluoridation?

    American History Web - on site - From the  Magnacarta  through Our U.S. Constitution. Gettysburg address, Washington's farewell address, etc.

    Jefferson, a great president has been smeared. Why? To make Bill Clinton look better.  Check this out and be sure the young get the message.

I ask - "Is there not a cause."

If you do not care about the environment, or about the future and peace, then you have came to the wrong web site.

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Thank you.