Why Do We Fib To Our Kids?

How is it that we think so little of the truth? Just How do we justify ourselves when we incessantly tell them bible stories that are not really bible stories, but religious traditions?

Now, ask yourself just how many bible stories there are that were taught you that are not supported by reality? I am not speaking about miraculous events that are actually found in the bible, but I am speaking of stories that are short on truth as they are recorded in the bible.

1. Does the devil have a forked tail?

2. Do people in hell dig coal for the fires?

3. Is hell in the center of the earth?

4. Did Jesus destroy Hell?

5. Do Christians die just like everyone else?

6. Are all of our loved ones still in the grave waiting to be resurrected?

7. Is Jesus here?

8. Or did He fail to return and so He and His kingdom are still not really here?

9. Do you agree with many prophecy teachers and preachers that He is still to come back sometime in the future and so contradict what He said and yet think nothing about this?

10. Did Jesus come back and destroy the world that is spoken of in the NT?

11. Is this world, this earth, this planet, supposed to eventually be completely destroyed?

12. Was Jesus, while still an infant,  found in a manger by three wise men?

13. Did the out pouring of the Holy Ghost on the Day of Pentecost happen, at first, to only 120 people in an upper room?

There are answers to these questions, either in the articles here, or in the Bible.

I Hope to eventually have links or articles tied to these questions.  Meanwhile - just what do you think?

Are we fibbing to the kids? I think we are.


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