Who Is Best At Portraying The Bible

 As Being Beset With Fallacies.

There are some who have said something like this. If Christ did not come back in the first century He was a liar. If we say He did not come back then and He did we are not only saying He is a liar, but we too are lying, etc.

In reading and listening to many sermons that have to do with the correctness of Preterism, I hear other things said that are very disheartening. I happen to agree with the statement above. 

It is apparent to me that most of these ministers love God. It has cost some of them a great deal to have embraced this position. Unfortunately, many of them have embraced other doctrinal views, or are holding on to traditions and myths that are undermining Christianity, as much or, more then errant dispensational positions on eschatology.

Morality is inseparable and indistinguishable from the criteria Christ set down for those who would enter His kingdom.  Much theology denies this in subtle ways. 


The Church loses its saltiness and becomes irrelevant when it walks away from Christ's teachings. Dispensationalism removes the church from being responsible for the immorality of the world, and again - so do most other theological positions.

There will never be a literal utopia in any physical earthly world. We will always have to put much effort into producing peace via obedience to moral law. 

The world now says that everyone lies. 

Bent theology said this first. 

The following erroneous statements are said or implied in many of the sermons and articles that come from my fellow preterist friends.

 (These are not quotes)

1. You do not have to do anything to be saved.

2. If you think you must do anything to be saved you are into legalism.

3. Mankind is plagued by sin because of Adam.

4. We all sin hundreds and even thousands of times every day.

5. We are born entirely wicked.

6. You are free of sin because Christ has obeyed in your stead.

6. If you believe then Christ's blood covered your sins, past present and future.

7. Miracles ceased in the First century, for they were a means of establishing the Church, similar to the miracles that attended Israel's deliverance from Egypt.

In saying these things, or in teaching so as to support any of these thoughts, they have agreed with their unbelieving adversaries and have contradicted the clear message of God to His people.

So just who is it that has done the best job in portraying Christianity as being a mess?

Christians, and I mean all Christians, need to get their heads in the book and read and dig and quit making it contradict itself.

This web site can help set the record strait if it is perused. (Just my opinion?)

Your friend Vern Manson

Web Site Manager

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