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(Please note: I do not accept challenges to the Pentecostal experience, or doctrine as being valid. Pentecostals and Charismatics come in may flavors most of which taste bad if compared to a scriptural foundation. However, God does not change and His gifts to men are on going.)

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  What is Moral Government? (This article reflects my views and intent.)

  What is the moral government of God?  by Tim Hagemeister 

   What is the moral government of God?   by Dean H. Harvey

  Misconceptions about Moral Government

  Original Sin? (What tradition says versus what the Bible says.) (Link)

Psalms 51 and David's family

  Can We Change our Spots? (Comments on Jeremiah 13:33.)


  Miracles Ceased? 

(I include the article on miracles here because some MG material differs from what I believe on this subject.)

A Brief Biography of Charles G. Finney   (Great man and links to his work)

The Actual Temple Cite Is In Question - 

or Herod's Temple Cite Has Been Located! - (but not in a religiously Correct sense)

The links above are to a list off off site articles on the true historical location of the "Temple Site" In Israel.

This is an especially pertinent piece of news for it is another  "Peace Key."

    Abraham Lincoln on Slavery (In contrast to what has recently been taught.)

  Sabbath Articles

   Its a lie! A lie is a lie is a LIE!    

  Is there Idolatry in the "Second Coming" doctrine?  If so, then it is also a moral issue.

  Dispensationalism is a violation of the Gospel 

    "Ifs'", Or Conditions. 

  Sacrifice of the Wicked.  (Comments on the Principle found in Proverbs 15:8)

  Is God Honest?

     Punishment Worse Than Death (Check the new link at the bottom of this article.)

   Image Worship

    Bad Santa

     Tradition and/or absurdities.

    What About Calvinism? (A compilation)

    What About Pelagious (Who is/was said to be an heretic)

    Are You A True Witness?  You do not go to Church??

    Rejoicing Outside of the Sanctuary  (This is a must read)

    Prospective Church Form   (Would this save some people some problems?) (New)

    Self-esteem and Suicide

   DISCIPLINING CHILDREN   (Being severe when it is needed, but not abusive.) (New)

    Why, The Continual Hemorrhaging of Righteousness?

Explanation of Romans 9: 19—24. Asa Mahan

  Moral Government Links page

OSAS?  Click here to find out about the conditional security of the believer.

This is an excellent resource. ""I urge you to buy this book."" However, the "Evangelical Outreach" web site, nor Dan Corner, are in any way associated with this Peaceky web site. It was brought to my attention that the copy of his book I had archived here appeared to distort, in some sense, the views presented in the original text.

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