Poor, Poor, Santa Claus

There was this little man who tried to live for God. He was full of good deeds and he gave to the poor and he was a good Catholic. This should not have been unusual. Unfortunately it was. When he died there were many who missed his thoughtful ways. As time went on those who remembered, and those who had been taught to remember him, added some to his story. He became a legend and some wanted him elevated to Saint Hood. His story has brought joy to many people's lives, yet there is some sadness in the way it has been told.

There was a Saint of old, Whose character was as pure as gold.

He was nothing more or less then a Saint, Yet his story we have been

taught to taint.

Everyone should be like him, full of God, and free of sin.

He gave to the poor and prayed always He acted like Christ all of his day's.

Much like Mary, our savior's mother, He is near worshipped, though, but a brother.

Does all of this make him so terribly wrong?

Should we never think of him or put him in a song?

Should we forget the story of Mary?

Why, telling it should not be scary, and might keep a daughter from being contrary.

Oh! We have become such victims, and so point to them.

When in truth our biggest problem's comes from our sin.

Satan tempted me, is what Eve said. Adam pointed, to the best thing he had.


Why don't we let the children play. While teaching them the truth about Christ's way.

Remember the children played their horns,

yet, their playmates them did scorn.

These children were acting very sad. Were they projecting all that bad?

Maybe, they were treated as a disgrace, cause they had no tears on their face?

Remember, Santa is nothing but play?

He is not against the Christ like way.

His story is not all a loss, its about a child in a manger, a savior on a cross.

This story has brought love and joy, to many a girl and many a boy.

Let us face up, quit doing our wrongs, obey the commandments and then sing our songs.


No, Santa's not really all that bad.

After all its, really, only your dad.


(Excuse the Music, I just couldn't resist.)

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