Herod's Temple was where?

The tensions and terrible situations found in the Middle East could be reduced tremendously if this information was accepted by religious Christians, Muslims, and Jews, and then acted on. The Dome of the Rock would no longer be a problem, nor would the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.

A side note - in a sense - there are some practicing Jews who now say "blessed is He who comes in the name of Jesus." Are they converted? No, but they still do accept Christians as being some of their religious kin, and they also believe Jesus was a very good man - possibly even a prophet. Some of them also know there would be no Israel if it were not for the support of Christians.

Would God recognize their temple? I think not. However, they just might be successful if they quit attacking Christ.

(Please do not ask me for references, for I have only found this to be so in conversing with a few on a BB.)

The following are links to material written by the late Dr. Ernest L. Martin. (He will be sorely missed,)

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"Major "Keys" in Discovering the Lost Temples of Jerusalem"

The Mechanics That Supplied Pure Water From Inside The Temple For The Cleansing, while the over flow exited into The Gihon.

Jupiter's Temple Site Mistaken For The Location

The Original Temple Was Described as Being A Tower (On the bottom of this Index Page)

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"Beyond Creation Science" (How Preterism Refutes a Global Flood)

I think of Tim Martin as being another Peace Maker

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