Videos Of Some Christian Fundamentals

These Videos Deal With Areas Of Theology That Have Been Twisted

Christianity is the only way. The thought that we are to be motivated by the end result of knowing God and the the resulting gain - is true. However, it is not acceptable if it is based entirely on selfishness and void of our obligation to serve righteously.

Though I agree with the main points in the following material, I do not rely on Church history. "If in doubt go to the scriptures."

Doug Gibson has several videos dealing with these subjects that are linked to below.

Here is a link to a list of recent articles on Moral Government and includes links to two of Gibson's articles. 

==(DATING THE AGE OF THE EARTH?)==   3 videos

Here are some links to his videos.

Charismatic Salvation Part 1                 Charismatic Salvation part 2              Holiness and Gnosticism part 1             Holiness and Gnosticism part 2


Kerrigan Skelly lays out some biblical basics that have been touched on here and there, but he lays them out in this video.  There are more of his presentations listed below.

Babies God To Hell?                Marks of  Possible false convert?


Jesse Morrell on     "The beauty and attainability of perfection in Christ"                  It is something to embrace joyfully.

Moral Government Is Faithful To The Word Of God


Dan Corner has written a book that has the best history on Calvinism and it's effect that I know of.

The Christian is in a fight to the death with his flesh                           Christians Are Overcomers                   Saving Faith                Your Words and your Salvation                  We are not to Judge and yet in another sense we are to judge     

The Way is narrow, the Road is difficult                    God Tests us               Christ's Loving Example  (Matthew 23)              It is essential to forgive others                 Christ is Eternal Life         Saved as by fire arguement?

Are Christians all sinners?               Page of links to Dan Corner videos


A Defense of Charles FinneyThere are several Youtube videos attacking Charles Finney.  He has been dead for over a hundred years??  Finney taught that babies are not born wicked and promoted personal responsibility and the truth of  free will.

Here are links to several videos by Doug Gibson. His remarks are logical and forcefull.                     


Pinpoint Ministries Videos on The need for perseverance in obedience, etc.  Very good material and needed.

Kerrigan Skelley's testimony

To A Defense Of Charles Finney who was a great evangelist and theologian.

A video compilation of quotes made about revival and it's power  Posted By Street Preacher -  Kerrigan Skelly