Eschatology Of The Zionist's, Hitler, Or Jesus?

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The Return of Jesus, the Christ, in 70 AD demolished the aspirations of those Jews who had put their trust in their version of God's laws and His future universal earthly kingdom. They had trusted in that old, gone astray, mosaic system.

Jesus called them back to the will of their God, but most refused to hear Him. (However, there was a nation of Jews, a remnant, who did hear and obey.)

Judaism was the, non Christ following, Jews response to the end of that temple form of worship. They came up with numerous reasons for not accepting Jesus and developed a mythical based approach to God that was taught them by many different voices.

Christianity and Judaism had many clashes and neither side were free of blame. Both sides resorted to lies and reams of innuendo. The content of this ongoing nonsense is not pertinent here, for some Christians did not do this, nor did all of the Jews.

There was always an expectation, of hope, by the Jews, that their messiah would come, and that Jerusalem and their temple would be restored.

During the time of the reformation some learned Jews were given audiences before learned Protestants. They made a favorable impression among some of them.

In the early 1800s a new approach to the second coming of Christ began to emerge among several new Christian fellowships. Eventually a form of Christian Zionism came into being. 

It is evident that some Christians were being somewhat influenced by Judaism.

Judaism had always leaned toward racism, for they considered themselves to be special people in the eyes of God and they magnified their achievements. In a sense they are into positive confession. Christianity was not into racism, but many were filled with pride, because the positive influences of Christianity, to them, was apparent.

When Dispensationalism, or Christian Zionism, arrived, they began to support Judaism's racist position, thinking that the Jewish race was especially blessed.

(Christianity is for the downtrodden and despised and against all forms of racism. Christians are to think of others better then themselves. They are to hold up the weak and have no confidence in the flesh/race.)

This support helped to embolden Judaism in general, for they could see that Christianity was changing in their favor.

The previously small sect of Jews who were called Zionists around the time of W.W.I were considered fringe. They were despised and thought of as being fanatical and trouble makers by the majority of religious Jews. Still they were already having an impact. When Hitler came into power many old line Jews actually took a stand against his policies. In response he removed most all Jews from any prominent position. However, he made a difference, for this small enclave of Zionists agreed with many of his programs. He actually gave them some responsibility in dealing with his Jewish problem.

As to all of the details, there are many questions. However, it has been said that they could have protected and delivered millions of their own, but were prevented because of having their sights on Palestine so as to have their own Jewish state.

They believed the persecution of Jews was in the interest of Zionism's long term goals. They also believed, and taught their people, that anti-Semitism is unavoidable. For them it was a key to their own homeland.

Fundamentally we are speaking of a homeland for a certain religion, yet race is inseparable from Judaism.

If you get into Jewish writings you will see there is a lot of pride connected to Judaism, - racial pride. They believed that in some sense Jews were superior to all other people.

Hitler looked over his world and thought he saw a racial advantage held by the Aryans. Those nations around him were backward relative to the Germans in most areas and this helped to convince him that Aryans were superior people. He was cultic in this area, religiously and fervent relative to the thought of their racial superiority.

The Germans were advanced in the arts, literature, technology, etc. In WW2 their aircraft was far superior to ours and they had advanced ahead of us in many other areas such as submarines, guns, etc.

Unfortunately Hitler failed to note the residual, heavy, positive influence Christianity had on his people. Yes, they were no longer a Christian nation, however, they had been, and some of the positive effects were still lingering.

They were also better situated geographically, by having good sea ports and navigable rivers, which some of the other neighboring nations did not have. Plus few of those nations had ever been known for their strong adherence to Christian principles. Rather they had been repeatedly demoralized by racial and religious wars, and or atheistic philosophers. In contrast Germany had previously been tremendously influenced by Protestantism.

There had been Jewish pressure applied to the war efforts in W.W.I and this happened again in WW2. Financial interests were involved in all sides of these wars by some of the same institutions.

Messianic Forms Of Eschatology

Hitler thought he could provide Germany and the whole world with a great future, by having Aryans rule. (Racial) 

He produced tremendous progress, but also produced a terrible calamity. The Allies did terrible things to the German people, but they did not think they had any other choice. Hitler used saturation bombing in the beginning, but never followed up. If he had, we might just all be ruled by Aryans.

Judaism believes they have the only answer for world peace and plan to have Jerusalem and their temple as their headquarters. (Zionist, and Racial)

Jesus brought peace to all who can see Him. (Not racial.) Saint John Three.

Unfortunately, Dispensationalists do not see Jesus and so are supporting future holocausts.

He has to be here for there to be peace.

He has to be here, in the now, for the bible to be credible and authentic.

Since dispensationalism undermines the authenticity and the credibility of the book, there will be no Jesus here for them and no peace, for them.

This also goes for all who have any other belief system that undermines the presence of Christ here in the now.

Dispensationalists revel in calamity, just as Jewish Zionists revel in anti-Semitism. Dispensationalists think calamities will promote a glorious future for them. They are thrilled with the thought of great earthquakes, wars, plagues, and the like. They believe these things will bring Jesus back to this earth.

The undermining of the Christian faith necessarily applies to all Christians who teach that believers all sin hundreds and even thousands of times every day and cannot stop, and that a one time moment of faith insures your eternal salvation, no matter how you live.

This is a terrible evil form of eschatology.

There are to always be those who are outside of the kingdom.

Where are those who cannot see it, but think it is yet to come? Have they been born from above?

How can one be born from above and yet not see the kingdom of Jesus Christ here in the now?

The Zionists thought a holocaust would give them a land where they would find peace. Did it?

Christian Zionists think the same thing, but only after another holocaust comes, and meanwhile they are into furthering a world wide conflagration with their views and expectations.

I suggest they accept the warnings in the book of Revelation as being for first century believers and note that to do otherwise is to set oneself, and their fellows, up for terrible calamity. Check that last chapter.

Christians have a kingdom that they reside in, and it resides within them. They are all lively stones gathered together, builded into Christ's one and only temple. They have no fear of death, for they have been given eternal life. They promote peace on this earth by seeing Jesus in the now, and by portraying his will through their obedience. They naturally, and necessarily, foster life and peace, not holocausts.

Zionism's Holocaust

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