Zionism and Dispensationalism's 

Political Seismic Waves

In Support Of Terrorism, Or Peace?   

Added below - Liberty Update 06/06/04 Near sinking of US Ship by Israel.

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In the Christian religious arena, there are some who have come to believe, there have been conspiratorial connections between Dispensationalism and Communistic endeavors. It appears that Communism hoped to use Zionism and/or Dispensationalism as a means of liberalizing and de-christianizing society. Again -

Zionism did not originate with them, but was promoted by communistic theoreticians. They believed it was a way to weaken both Christianity and Judaismís resistance to imperialism.

The conservative freedom preserving power present in Judaism and especially in conservative Christianity thwarts imperialism. However, there is a direct eschatological link between Dispensationalism and Zionism and both foresee an unavoidable world wide calamity. In fact some Dispensationalist Zealots have been imprisoned in Israel for trying to promote war between that nation and others. These zealots hoped to set off a terrible end time conflagration, for they believe that by doing so they could set in motion conditions that would insure the quick return of Christ.

The fact is - Eschatology that projects doom and gloom advances the cause of imperialism, for it promotes hopelessness and lethargy. V. M. 5/9/2002)

Following are Sources and notes that tie Zionism and Dispensationalism to the above thoughts. This list will be expanded as I find more links to pertinent articles that I have read in the past. Each site must be perused, for most contain several bits of information.

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Criticism of the powerful is not immoral. It is a necessary part of any truly open society.
There is a principal which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance -- that principal is contempt prior to investigation."
                                           --Herbert Spencer

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It was not  what some of us have thought. Such as - An act to promote US involvement.  But rather just a deadly bungling by the Israeli Armed forces. Note; they were thought to be near perfect, God ordained, etc.

Culture War - The plan


Gramsci -A Method to the Madness by William Norman Grigg

What is behind the many maddening attacks on America's popular culture..  ?

 Religious Neutralism  by Frank York  (Deals with Dispensationalism)

 A New American article 

Palestine Independent Media Center  Many links to material relative to this subject.


Armageddon Lobby --trying to hurry up God ...


A Historical Critique of Dispensationalism, Zionism, and Daniel's Prophecy of 70 Weeks

By Mark Dankof (He is a Pastor and politician.) Thanks to preteristarchive.com for this info.

He holds a B.A. degree from Valparaiso University, the nation's largest Lutheran university, and the Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, a North Shore suburb of Chicago.


Following are several web sites that are against Zionistic influenced policies. Notice many Jews are against Zionism

(Note The links often need updating. They keep updating their web sites, etc.)

Zionism's Holocaust  Another Page of links - lots of material -

About The Holocaust


Tikken.org (te-kun) To Mend, repair and transform the world  Judaism News Site

Americans  Against World Empire A big collection of web sites concerning this subject.


The following sites have many views.


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Following Are Some Peculiar History, Relative To Jews And Communism, etc.


Communists Hate Jews? Not Really.


A Jewish Defector Warns America:  Religion not a race. Some good history.


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