Why Did It Happen?

Four Planes Manned by Terrorists Made History Today,

but "Why Did It  Happen?"

According to the Old Testament, the Nation of Israel had a history of repeated periods of rebellion and then would come judgment. Then when they would finally get the message right, and repent, revival would come and then a period of peace.

This same thing has happened in Christianity. It has also happened here in this country.

At one time the middle east was a very Christian area, but then came a period of prosperity and finally a backsliding and judgment. This happened in a previous millennium.

The judgment came through the ministry of Mohammed and his followers. They eventually ruled nearly half of the world. It was no pretty thing to be a Christian, and found in the hands of a zealous armed Muslim soldier. You either converted or you died.

It seems apparent that the conquests of Mohammedanism then were the judgments of God on rebellious worldly Christianity.

(I need to add that almost all who follow the precepts of  Mohammedanism  today are not for what has happened. This situation is sponsored by a small group of extremists. However, the true Muslim is not impressed by the life style of most who call themselves Christian. Very few of them are aware of the dedicated Godly, moral Christians who sacrificed to establish this country. This is also true of the general population of this country.)

Christians have been known to be so consecrated as to be quick to give their lives rather then deny their faith. This was what happened in the first century. The strength of Christianity rests on this facet of their faith.  However, whenever Christians become enamored with their prosperity and hedge on putting their life on the line for Christ and for the morality that He taught, judgment is soon to appear.

Do Your remember the Civil War. Slaves brought prosperity to the south and the North was riding on the coat tails of the South..

Do you remember the  Great Depression? The Roaring Twenties were despicably immoral.

What about the conditions of morality prior to W.W.I and W.W.II? Germany had been a Christian Nation, but their leaders promised them greatness and prosperity. The same thing was promised to the Japanese, etc. The Churches in this country were in disarray. God was said to be dead, etc.

The Church, those organizations of men who call themselves Christian, have sold their faith out to Caesar, just for a short period of tranquility, believing it would not jeopardize their position.

Almost every Church has accepted the 5013c status as an government controlled incorporation, in just the last forty years. They did this so their people can get a return from the IRS on their charitable giving to their local Church, etc. Meanwhile the government made it against the law for those in approved incorporations to preach against homosexuality, abortion and the like. The Churches have complied.

As a result we soon elected a president for our country that had no character, but promised us unparalleled prosperity and opened the door for us, by setting an terrible example, by his embracing all forms of perverted degrading  pleasurable activities, while still embracing Christianity, and being accepted as a Christian.

For one hundred years the Church has slowly embraced more and more of Judaism and so too have declared that the Jews were to go back to Israel. This is so Jesus will come back, and we are taught that we must be about helping this to happen, for we know they are God's chosen people.

 Our nation has supported the State of Israel, while she set up business in the midst of a hornets nest. There would be no nation of Israel without the support of Christians.

Now that she is there something must be done to keep genocide from once again happening to millions of Jews. This is a terrible happening and the responsibility for it rests on the back of Christianity.

Yes - There are problems.

1. The reconstitution of Israel by Christians means that Jesus lied and did not come back as He said He would do, in the first century.

2. This is also directly contradictory of the message of the Book of Revelations. (Read the first three verses of the first chapter over and over, very carefully, until you can see them in their context and not according to the spin put on them by dispensationalism.)

3. There is a curse mentioned in the last chapter of that book that is to fall on anyone who changes the positive portrayal of Christ's soon return. For it is portrayed, both there and in the NT in general, to have happened soon, all relative to the time those books were written.

This day we see war coming to a nation who in the past was declared, several times, to be Christian, by its own Supreme Court.

 More then one of our presidents have, in effect, admitted that they expected the nation of Israel to soon suffer a terrible war. This was because it is prophesied, and that it also looked like the time for this was soon coming. (Not a  quote.)

Now it is assumed that zealous, militant, Muslim extremists are who carried out this terrible act today. They want the U. S. A out of the middle east. The Muslim world may join with us in our efforts to stop these extremists, for they too have seen terrible things happen in the name of God. This country has actually supported some of these extremists in the past, now we see it was to our own hurt.

I am wondering if more Christians might now decide that the first few verses and the last  chapter of the Book of Revelations should be taken seriously?

These Muslim extremists are doing God's bidding? Could this be?

In any case, our people must get on their knees and once again embrace morality before God, Such as putting their clothes back on, visit the sick,  and quit looking at pornography, and dissolve their incorporations and began to preach against what the bible says is sin. Plus, admit openly that we can live without sinning hundreds and thousands of times every day.

If it would not be too hard they would do good to accept the fact that Jesus kept His word and has been here in power to save and to heal for almost 2000 years now. This would be good, for war here at home is not a fun thing.

It is these avenues that will finally and fully protect our nation and there are no other as effective.

Our armed forces can try, but they will never completely bring back the peace that we have had until we repent once again. This could be just the beginning of far more terrible things, if we refuse to do this.

Some Christian leaders are laying our problems and those of this nation at the feet of unbelievers.  They ignorantly fail to see that their backward eschatology and their acceptance of sinfulness among Christians is the fundamental reason for such judgment.

This is meant for all of you who say you are a Christian.

Vern Manson                                  09-11-01 / 09-14-01 /  09-16-01 /01-29-02

."... dispensationalism is regarded as a dangerous heresy, an unwelcome and alien intrusion, advocating an exclusive Jewish political agenda and undermining  the genuine ministry of justice, peace and reconciliation in the Middle East."

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