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The "Lift Your Pinky Page" lists numerous important governmental contacts - including e-mail addresses. Many of these sites have up to date information, including arguments that support morality. It is hoped that it will be used by you and yours as a means of contributing positive input, into the main stream of this country, on a regular basis.

I believe that by contacting government agencies and our friends via e-mail at regular consistent intervals we can empower those who are on our side in the present cultural war. We have no excuse for just setting on the side lines and not even lifting a pinky in defense of morality.

Jokes and inspiring stories are fun and appreciated, but investing in the future of our country by such a simple thing as sending out a few e-mail's to pertinent places and to our friends, who we hope will do the same, can end up producing an avalanche of persuasion descending on those who are in high places. This kind of action is already getting their attention.

There have been times when Washing DC's communications almost stopped for a few days because of e-mail's, phone calls, and faxes. Our elected officials complained about their printers being jammed and out of paper and their getting piles of messages. They have circumvented some of those problems, but they still get the point when a lot of e-mails keep coming in all with the same thoughts about some legislation or what ever.

Politicians have gotten to the point where most of them do nothing until they raise their finger and check which way the political wind is blowing. They are more and more into following the polls.

The Homosexual  activists and the Pro-abortion supporters are well organized, but they are in the minority. Christians, and all others who believe morality is important are by far the majority. It is senseless to let a handful dictate to us and push their immorality down our throats - especially when it is so easy to turn the tide.

Do you have the time to lift a pinky in the defense of the future of the children that you know now, and what about those yet to be born?

Please do not make me regurgitate on my key board by sending me any e-mail about the garbage we see today being a sign of the times. Nero and the actions of the Romans in the first century makes all of this filth look like a Sunday School picnic by comparison. The same goes for the filth and superstition that swept the world during the dark ages. It would really make me ill if I were to tell you what all kinds of terrible things went on back then. This is one of the reasons why education is so important.

In most cases some of you who may think you know your history, really do not. Historians have edited out most of the filth for fear of having their works rejected. Christian historians did this for fear of being thought of as filthy minded. Then secular historians edited it out so as to portray happenings of the past in such a way as to glorify situations out side of the influence of Christianity and therefore reduce knowledge of its positive impact.

The "Tale of Two Cities" is an example. What happened in France over a 500 year period is worse then most of us can comprehend. That country still has not recovered from the effects of that atheistic revolution, or the terrible conditions of slavery that had existed before that. This is not how it comes across in either the book or the movie, yet many of us who saw or read it do not know this. Thank God for the Wesley brothers.

I give this list to you and hope and pray that you will receive it charitably; and then for conscience sake, will take the hint and lift a pinky for Christ, and also for the general well being of future generations. (Which is the same thing.)

We have a sensible, positive, and moral message and the tools to deliver it, and so have no excuse.

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