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Absurdities        Index_Vern.htm

This index has several links to articles on and off of this site and a note to you from me.

A Case For Modesty

A book advertisement. This book was written by a young Jewish lady.  Twenty-three-year-old Wendy Shalit is causing a stir among both feminists and conservatives. On the one hand she says feminists are right about the prevalence of date rape, eating disorders and sexual harassment, but on the other hand, she refuses to put the blame on a patriarchal society. Instead she calls for a sexual counter-revolution in her new book, "A Return to Modesty: Discovering The Lost Virtue." Read an excerpt from the book.

Jefferson           jeffersn.htm


Jefferson had no children by a slave

An off site article that questions the thought of his having an affair with one of his slaves. There is no proof and 12 other men in his family could have left the same genetic or dna trail.

Jew  Information page

Koran Information pages


Links to Moral Government Web Sites              links_to_MG_Sites.htm

This page has links to a number of sites that feature articles on the subject of Moral Government or articles that support the thought, or show the effects of the absence of it.


Lincoln       lincoln2.htm



Muslim Information pages


Iroquois Laws Introduction       iroquois_2.htm

The Laws of the Iroquois Indians is unique. There has been an attempt to give them some credit for influencing the writing of the US constitution.  This may be a fact, but thank God we did not follow their philosophy very far.

Charlotte Town Resolves: 1775            charlote.htm

May 31, 1775  This outlines the stand taken against the king, by Charlotte Town, Mecklenburg County, USA, before it was the USA.

Getting Better               It_is_getting_better.htm

Just what is the truth about the future, and why are we afraid to look back and see just how bad it has been in the past. This article is a reality check.

Christ found faith when He returned?        Did_He_find_Faith.HTM

Jesus asked the question. Nevertheless shall the Son of man find faith when he returns. (Not his words.) Did He?

Preterism - Moral Government - Godhead - News - Archive, etc. Fancy web page           2_Index.htm

This is the fancy home page that I have set aside for a while. To slow.

List Of Historical Articles              A-Hist_List.htm

This is a list of the classic history that has been set aside by our educational system in agreement with the Supreme Courts decision to restrict any mention of God to our children. This material needs to be taught to our children.

Amendments to the Constitution of the USA      Amendments_to_theConstitution.HTM


Annapolis Convention 1786              Annapolis_Convention_1786.HTM

"to consider how far a uniform system in their commercial regulations and other important matters, mighty be necessary to the common interest and permanent harmony of the several States,"


Apathy is wonderful            Apathy_wonderful_precious_apathy.htm

A satire in ryme.

Articles of Confederation  1777       confeder.htm

Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union between the  states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts-bay Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Bill of Rights         bill_rts.htm

Amendment 1.  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Book about the activities of the UN in Africa in the 60s The Fearful Master The_Fearful_Master_Contents.htm


Calvinism: a compilation by Vern        Verns_short_Calvin_comp_1.htm


Clothing, proper decorum and the bible.  Is this a joke?         Nakedness.HTM


Constitution of USA        const.htm


Declaration of Rights by Virginia            Virginia_declaration_of_rights .htm


Declaration of Independance            declindp.htm




Dispensationalism is a Violation of the Gospel         Violation_of_the_gospel.HTM


Do something, Lift your Little Pinky          lift_your_pinky.htm


Emancipation Proclamation         emancptn.htm

Freedom for slaves

End of the world and the continuation of the gifts       Miracles_and_end.HTM


Environmental views not seen on the evening news      environmental_views_reality.htm


Faith - Did Christ Find Faith When He Returned?     Did_He_find_Faith.HTM


Feasts Need to be Observed, in some sense.       feastnw.htm

Singing, dancing, drinking intoxicating wine, and the like were common in the OT. - So?

First Continental Congress Resolves        Resolves_1st_Continental_Congres.htm


Flash Page Theme of web       Main.htm


Fluoride in tooth paste is putting a deadly poison in your children's hands. Dr_WILLIAM_HIRZY_BEFORE_THE_SENATE_DRINKING_WATER.htm


Fundamental Orders          fundodrs.htm


Gambling and absurdity         gambling.htm


Germany Surrender WWII         germsurr_1.htm


GETTYSBURG ADDRESS          gettysbg.htm


Godhead In Jesus   You Call Him Father       jewjesus.htm


Godhead by Charles Finney           FinGodhead_1.HTM


Gospel of the Kingdom Mauro (Book)          Gospel_of_the_Kingdom_Mauro_1.htm


Greenville   TREATY OF GREENVILLE     WYANDOTS, DELAWARES, ETC       greenvil.htm


Home page         Index.htm


Short List and Introduction to absurdities and tradition     Index_Vern.htm


Honesty of God questioned by your beliefs          Isgodhonest.HTM


Idolatry is found in the popularly accepted doctrines of the Second Coming of Christ Idolatryinthe2ndcoming.htm


Ifs Or Conditions that are essential         Ifs_or_conditions.HTM


Image Worship          ImageWorship.HTM


List of files on this web site           index_of_web_site.htm

This page

Information on the Muslim religion   Links        muslim_information.htm


Introduction to Why Lift Your Finger       intro_lift_your_pinky.htm


Iroquoi  Introduction to their laws       iroquoi_1.htm


Israel Occupied All of the Land as God had promised  Israel_occupied_all_of_the_Promised_Land.HTM


Jefferson had no children by a slave    Jefferson_No_Children_With_Slave.htm


Jefferson's  first Inaugural address    Jefferson's first inagural address


Jesus was seen returning, yet not seen         Seen_but_not_seen.htm


Jesus Came Back on schedule         He_came_back_on_schedual.HTM


Lift your pinky - do something constructive         lift_your_pinky.htm


Links to Web Sites that feature Articles on Pretrerism       links_articles_preterism.htm


List of Peace makers Links          Peace_makers.htm

The writings of these people need to be studied. I dare you.

List of Religions           other_religions.htm


List of scriptures that prove Preterism is a viable doctrine       Scriptures_list.htm


List of articles on Preterism           List_of_Preterism.htm


List of articles on Moral Government           list_of_mg_articles1.htm


Love Apathy?           Apathy_wonderful_precious_apathy.htm


Magna Carta   (The Great Charter)              magnacrt.htm


Mauro Gospel of the Kingdom Gospel_of_the_Kingdom_Mauro_1.htm

A good outline of the Gospel message.

Mayflower Compact           mayflowr.htm


Miracles continued past the time of the end       Miracles_and_the_end.HTM

Where does it teach that miracles are to ever cease?

Monroe Doctrine          monroe.htm

.... the American continents, by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and
maintain, are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for
future colonization by any European powers. .

Moral Government Article List              list_of_mg_articles1.htm


Moral Government Links             links_to_MG_Sites.htm


Muslim Information Links          muslim_information.htm


Nakedness is not a Christian doctrine            Nakedness.HTM




News that the media has skipped over lightly             skipped_news.htm


North West Ordinance          North_West_Ordinance.htm


Paris Peace Treaty 1783            Paris_Peace_Treaty_1783.htm


Peace Maker, Be one!                    peacemkr.htm


Preterism Links            links_articles_preterism.htm


Preterism, supported by this list of scriptures       Scriptures_list.htm


Preterism articles listed          List_of_Preterism.htm


Punishment of God is Just          Justice_of_God_punishment_of_Wicked.HTM


Rejoicing Outside of the Sanctuary          feastnw.htm


Rights of Man 1789          Paris Rights_of_man_paris_1789.htm

The representatives of the French people, organized as a National Assembly, believing that the ignorance, neglect, or contempt of the rights of man are the sole cause of public calamities and of the corruption of governments, have determined to set forth in a solemn declaration the natural, unalienable, and sacred rights of man .....  (To bad this did not make it into practice.)

Sabbath Sense          sabsense.htm


Sabbath Jesus way               Sabjesuswy.HTM

Sabbath on Sunday demonized         Demonizing_Sunday_why.HTM


Sacrifice of the Wicked is an abomination        Sacrifice_of_Wicked.HTM

Sinners give to the Church and what is the result?

Santa is bad?               badsanta.htm


Second Coming doctrines contain an aspect of idolatry      Idolatryinthe2ndcoming.htm


Self Esteem               Slfsteem.HTM

This inserted section is the "Skipped News" Page _ List of links. It is not alphabetized and it is not on site files.



Klamath Basin Water problems info.


The American Land Rights Association


To Articles on Oil, Environment, Conservation, etc.


Time Magazine's ape man?   (New - For the Children.)




Stem Cells?


Reaping what we sow Allen Keys on the Pope, Bush and Embryonic Stem Cells


Let our children go!

Over looked ABORTION NEWS           

Things Seen and Unseen. An Abortion?? Or Choose Life and gain.


Dancing with Delilah


New solution for abortion conflict


 Gay Rights Some people are doing something


Joycelyn Elders, redux

Destroying our way of life


Students 'opting out' of homosexual class


Recruit-proof your child against homosexuality


Ignoring child victims, part II




Human Sexuality: Ex-Gay Ministry



Here is a site with information on the United Nations.



This is An on site book on prior UN activities that are over looked


John Birch Society - Maligned, but faithful


Looking back so as to see better today.

Black Death  - 30 to 50 percent of the people in Europe died?


GUN Control

Truth about gun control


Foes of gun ownership perpetuate many myths

End of Skipped News page list of links

What about "The Prayer of Jabez?"

Prayer Was Answered? Don't Pin Blame On God

Back to overall web site file list


Slave of Jefferson had no children by Him       Jefferson_No_Children_With_Slave.htm


Soldiers of Misfortune Who are they?        SoldiersofMisfortune.HTM

We are to nurse our young into this life and to nurse the elderly on their way out, etc.

Spots Can Be Changed if we are willing           ChangeSpots.htm

Can a sinner repent? What did God say to Cain?

Sunday, why demonize that day?         Demonizing_Sunday_why.HTM


Surrender of Japan          jap_surr.htm


Surrender of Germany WWII            germsurr_2.htm


Thanksgiving 1767          thanksgv1767.htm


The fearful Master, About the UN          The_Fearful_Master_Contents.htm


Transmitting of the Constitution           Transmit_Constitution_1787.htm


UN from the inside The Fearful Master           The_Fearful_Master_Contents.htm


Vern's Compilation on Calvinism           Verns_short_Calvin_comp_1.htm


Washington's Farewell address                   G_Washingtons_farewell.htm


Why I set up this web site                Why_I_did_this.htm


Why do we fib to our kids?              why_fib_to the_kids.htm


Witness or be Partaker of other men's sins              WitnessOr.HTM

Will the true witness please stand up?

Wonderful Apathy                 Apathy_wonderful_precious_apathy.htm


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