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How the "Grekili" Stole Christmas            

"I didn't go to the funeral of poetry/ I stayed home and watched it on television."

Poet Karl Shapiro

Any semi-intelligent individual who lives even for a short time in
present-day Hellas cannot fail to notice that the country is in the hands of
pseudo-Hellenes of a particular ideological persuasion. Those in Greece who
still shed a tear or get a lump in their throat when the Flag is raised or
the National Anthem is played, refer to these creatures as "Grekili": a low
form of arguably human life that--in the words of the well-known nationalist
and classical scholar, Constantinos Plevris-- "lives from ideas, as opposed
to living for ideas." There are those who would argue that this description
is charitable in the extreme.

It has long been a truism that parasites prefer to feed on an organism that
is healthy and growing. Greece, now a fulltime member of the E.U., and, as
such, the recipient of an enormous amount of largesse from the collectivist
Eurocrats in Brussels, has become the host organism for vast numbers of
these domestic bloodsuckers who masquerade as " loyal" politicians,
"patriotic" entrepreneurs, "truth-seeking," intellectuals and, yes, even
"Orthodox Christian" prelates and clergy.

As mentioned, the crowd in Brussels -- like the one in Washington -- is
committed to collectivizing the planet. Why they are such ardent proponents
of the anthill is beyond the scope of this article. Suffice to say, this is
a question that has a lot to do with ideology, but mostly with the making of
money on a global scale. To do this, all distinguishing characteristics must
be erased, classes must be leveled, differences must be obliterated. You
see, when a multinational corporation wants to sell its widgets worldwide,
it has to appeal to all colors, creeds, and nationalities. No one's feelings
must be hurt, all must be sucked up to as having "equal value." So these
global hucksters make sure that when the time comes to pick the "leaders" of
the nations that they control through their bought-and-paid-for
wire-pullers, they always push those who will most willingly do their
bidding. The same goes for the scheming politicos who see the vote of a
Hmong tribesman, a homosexual, an illegal immigrant, a ghetto Black, or a
brassier-burning feminist as having equal weight. And so the "diversity
myth" is promulgated on a global scale by the international monopoly
capitalists, the collectivist ideologues, and the vote-hungry politicians.
Some have dubbed this unprecedented alliance of these formerly fierce
competitors for the hearts and minds of the masses as "The Devil's

But we in Greece suffer from a double whammy! Like the political midgets
they are, our "leaders" not only gladly "bend over" for their globalist
bosses in Brussels and Washington so as to get and keep their power, they
are ideologically attuned to the collectivist scam as well. This is why the
members of most of Greece's political parties refer to one another as
"comrade," and go all teary-eyed whenever the Communist butchers who were
slaughtering their family members and abducting children in the Civil War of
the mid-to-late '40s are mentioned. There are countless memorials to these
Stalinist thugs throughout Greece, but one has to search high and low to
find even a token commemorative memorial to those brave souls who perished
trying to keep Greece out of "Uncle Joe's" murderous grasp. As for memorials
to our ancient forefathers-- those heroes who bled and died for Western
Civilization at Salamis, Marathon, Plataea, and so many other fields of
honor-- when one does run into one of these, it is usually pitiful and
small, because it was financed by some local patriots out of their own
meager funds. Or, as in the notorious case of Salamis, where our "leaders"
displayed their contempt for anything having to do with the "glory that was
Greece" by allowing the burial site of the brave warriors who fought and
fell in that famous sea-battle to become a garbage dump! Yes, dear reader, a
garbage dump! In those rare instances where there is a worthy monument to
the past, a close inspection usually reveals that it was donated by some
diaspora association, whose members are blissfully unaware of just what kind
of crypto-Marxist rascals are running the country.

Needless to say, the media in Greece -- being heavily in debt to the
government, as well as being owned and staffed, for the most part, by
atheistic, one-world "ecumenists" -- subscribes completely to this cultural
sell-out. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the traditional
enemy of the secularized anthill --Religion -- should be considered anathema
to this group. This is why we felt it necessary to write this report about
the "Greek" media. To show how it has become a vile thing of evil because it
has taken on the Gramscian
<> mission of
leveling and obliterating our Helleno-Christian identity in total obedience
to its masters, and in conformity with the New World Order agenda. As an
example of just how bad the situation is, we present here some of the actual
programming aired on Christmas Day and Christmas Night, 1999. We will let
you judge for yourself just how "Christian" this holiday has become in
modern-day Hellas. Please take note that Christ is noticeably absent from
His birthday.

Christmas Day 1999

Telecity. Michael Jackson in a much-hyped "special" gyrating his pelvic
region and flinging his genitals at the throng of screaming nitwits in the
audience. This show was aired for most of the morning of Christmas Day on
this "conservative" channel owned by a "neo-con" member of parliament.

Mega. American hillbilly movie about some old guy who claims to be Santa.
Persistent, snide, and contemptuous remarks about Christianity. All
characters in this film depicted as degraded caricatures of white American
idiots. Not one seems to have an IQ above that of a moron. All, without
exception, shown as scheming misfits, petty thieves and con merchants. Merry

New. Cartoon movie with no religious content whatsoever. All about animals
in snowy woodland with touchy-feely musical lyrics in background about how
all animals should " love one another." Wolves and deer nuzzling and
smooching, etc. One would think that on Christmas Day we might have Christ
bringing our children His message of love and forgo the animals for one day
of the year.

NET. Sports! On Christmas Day! An all day extravaganza highlighting the
major soccer games of the year. We looked and looked but could not see
Christ among the players.

ERT 1. Byzantine Christmas music featuring Theodoros Vasilikos -- Greece's
premier Byzantine chanter. Great stuff. An island of civility in a sea of
galloping gallootism.

CNN. Stories about people throughout the world who are doing "good" for
mankind. All stories, without one single exception, had to do with
multicultural themes. As an example, a white couple living in Mexico running
some sort of a mission and taking care of lots of brown, black, sepia, etc.,
kids. All the usual cliches and buzzwords used. Not one mention of Christ
and his love for children.

Star. Cartoon movie about witches, dragons, and villains. Just the thing to
introduce Greek children to the occult. Naturally, Christ was nowhere to be

CH.11. Puppet show with lots of social content about how the exploited
masses spend their miserly Christmas compared to the fat-cat exploiters of
the people. As this television station is owned and operated by the
Communist Party of Greece, such programming is nothing more than the usual
propagandistic fare one sees on this channel all year long. We did not see,
nor did we expect to see, anything at all about Christ.

Alpha. Infomercial about how to lose weight with this glorious exerciser
machine. Perhaps the viewers are expected to think about Christ's message to
the world while shedding unwanted pounds.

CH. 7. Documentary about Jamaican Christmas cookery showing a black chef
whipping up all kinds of holiday fare like rooster, beef tongue, mango, rice
and fruit dishes, etc. He then proceeds to serve up these delicacies to his
appreciative black, brown, and off-white customers, who are shown in hideous
close-ups licking their chops and rolling their eyes in eager anticipation.
Why wasn't Christ invited to this Caribbean feast?

CH. 5. An auction! On Christmas day! Call in to buy your genyouwine work of
art with a real kitsch motif. No mention at all, however, of the priceless
gift of love that Christ offered the world.

ERT 3. Commercial about a documentary to be aired later that evening about
how the Jews of Thessalonika were once a prominent part of the city. Fine!
No problem! But is Christ's birthday the time to air a documentary about the
Jews? We think not. Would it not have been in better taste to program
something like this on one of their holidays?

ANT 1. Bouzouki music, zeimbekika, hasapika, balloons, sexy, scantily-clad
young things shaking and gyrating all over the set. There can be no
objection to the wonderful way we Greeks celebrate life, and Greek women
are of the most beautiful in Europe: truly a joy to look at and be proud of.
Somehow, though, we think it inappropriate to use Christ's birthday for
airing just another "skylathiko" program. This stuff is aired and enjoyed
all year long, is it really proper fare for Christmas? We don't think so.

And so it went, all through what many Christians believe is the holiest day
of the year. With the one exception of Theodoros Vasilikos' Byzantine
Christmas music program, there was not one program about Christ. Not one
mention of His holy mission to the world. But this was as nothing compared
to what was aired on Christmas Night. Most of the programming below was
aired during prime time so as to make sure it would most effectively poison
the minds of our young.


ANT 1. Believe it or not! A one hour special on the joys of sex featuring
that little perverted troglodyte, Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Her stunted and
disfigured countenance spitting its ugly venom at our children on Christ's
birthday!! The fact that this person -- a woman who has been married three
times and who has an estranged daughter living in Israel, far away from her
sulphurously poisonous mother -- should be allowed to give us advice on
marriage and sex is totally inconceivable to anyone at all who knows the
slightest thing about our history. Perhaps the coming to Greece of the likes
of Dr. Ruth, and the Bulgarian-American Marxist, Margaret Papandreou, has
something to do with the planned dissolution of Greek society; the sinking
of our glorious culture into the cesspool of post-modernist nihilism. The
question remains, however: What in the hell does a stunted,
culture-destroying huckster, pushing her pornographic filth, have to do with

Star. National Lampoon's film all about the "Griswald's Family Christmas,"
featuring the notably unfunny Chevy Chase. The entire plot seemed to center
on this "typically American" dysfunctional family doing supposedly funny
things like ineptly cutting down a Christmas tree, having petty (and dumb)
family feuds, and displaying lots of resentment toward one another. All
ridiculous situations that were boring, stupid, and meant to give the
impression that this is what typically goes on in Christian homes over
Christmas. Naturally, there was never one mention of Christ or Christianity
all through this niagara of Hollywood puke, but plenty of the usual sly digs
and innuendoes against bosses, the Church, priests, husbands (by wives), and
wives (by husbands). And we must not forget the dozens of "no shits!"
mouthed by young and old alike all through the film: it seems this
expression is considered sine qua non by the machiavellian media merchants
in Hollywood, and is to be heard repeatedly in virtually every film excreted

Of course, all of the spoiled brats in this visual glorification of vomit
naturally make all kinds of insulting and sarcastic remarks while poking
disrespectful fun at their "old fogy" parents and/or grandparents. And
there is an ongoing display of hatred between all of the grown-up (?)
family members, who are depicted throughout as bumbling idiots, on the part
of the males; geriatric retards, on the part of the elderly; and
hookers-in-aprons, on the part of the females. No Christmas Spirit, no joy,
no love, nothing but trash. (Kind of makes one wonder what kind of families
the Hollywood mavens who make such crap come from.) The whole mess is summed
up at the end by Chevy's wife (in the film) saying: "It's Christmas! We're
all miserable!" Does this appear to be anything like a typical Christian
Christmas to you, dear reader? Of course not; but, if the connivers in
Hollywood have their way, it soon will be.

New. Another sick, perverted depiction of "typical" white American
dysfunctional families over the holiday season This crappy little movie
features a series of vignettes showing us how -- in order to buy the things
the merchants have conditioned us to think we need -- white Americans are
willing to connive, pander, shop-lift, lie, prostitute themselves, commit
adultery, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Particularly disgusting was one story
about a shyster who brags about his ability to steal credit cards in order
to live "...the good life." Any Hellene knows that what our ancient
forefathers meant by "Euzein," i.e., "good living," had absolutely nothing
to do with things, but rather with how to live a good and virtuous life.
Such considerations are nowhere to be found, just as Christ was neither
mentioned nor seen.

Alpha. A blasphemous, "politically correct," visual tract that would do
honor to Mao's "Beijing mind-control" programs in totalitarian China. Titled
Conquest of Paradise, supposedly about Christopher Columbus, this p.c .puke
depicts the great mariner as a pea-brained- fascist-racist-exploiter ( fill
in your own vituperous vilification, and you won't go wrong ) intent only on
expanding the white man's empire at the expense of the poor, downtrodden,
brown folk he encounters in the New World. Throughout the film, our hero
blasphemes and curses God for making him suffer. We are treated, of course,
to some cunningly contrived flashbacks of Christians being burned at the
stake for not strictly adhering to the dictates of the "nasty" Catholic
Church. [At its height, the Spanish Inquisition condemned about 300 souls a
year to an unjust death. Dzierzynski, the Bolshevik head of Lenin's secret
police, liked to brag that he was slaughtering about 40,000 "enemies of the
state" a month at his state-run charnel- house, Lubyanka prison. And
according to the meticulously researched and recently published book, The
Black Book of Communism, over 100 million people were "eliminated" by
various atheistic Communist regimes in the 20th century. Don't hold your
breath waiting for Hollywood to make movies about such Communist horrors.

Queen Isabella is cast something like a red-haired call-girl who mouths
radical-fem cliches to the point that one starts to think that Ms magazine
was in circulation in the late 15th century. Naturally, she's the real power
behind the throne because her husband, Phillip, being only a simple-minded,
white male can't do anything right. The character of Columbus is played by a
French actor with such an enormous nose, and such a garbled accent, that the
first is offensive to the eyes and the second to the ears.

They encounter the "wild" but "noble," and "uncorrupted" (by "Whitey," of
course) savages. Paradise! Absolute Paradise! The natives live such idyllic
lives that Columbus enters the following in his [Hollywood] dairy: "I think
we have returned to Eden." Then: enter the villain! Gold! You guessed it,
the whites go berserk! Slaughter and mayhem all round. Finally, our hero
goes back to Spain, but leaves a contingent to hold the fort. He comes back
to find his men have been killed by the "oppressed" brown men.. This time,
however, he's mad, and has brought cannons as well as the Cross with him.
He then proceeds to do great evil to the poor, noble savages in the name of
God and country. Blood lust! White man's blood lust against those who dare
impede the Spanish March of Empire.

Nothing more than a 3rd rate p.c. piece of excremental effluence gushing
forth out of the boob-tube, compliments of the "Grekili" who own and run
Greek television. A non-stop, unhistorical vilification against white
Europeans, royalty, nationalism, patriotism and,. especially, Christianity,
aired in Christian Greece on Christmas Night. Shame! Aiskos!

NET. Audrey Hepburn in a sorry film about art theft among trendy air-heads
in Paris.

Mega. Late night showing of one of those "Ben Hur" type Roman "historical"
extravaganzas, all about the Emperor Marcus Aurelius and his problems with
his son Commodus. Christianity?

Ch. 5. Danny Aiello in a film about how he gets entangled with a
trailer-park bimbo, her daughter, and her live-in, truck-driver, hillbilly
boy-friend. Good, solid, family-values type holiday fare. Anyway, Aiello is
shacking up with mom but also beds down daughter, who likes to go to the
"Buffalo Chip" roadhouse with hillbilly. In one particularly festive scene,
daughter calls mom on the phone from the "Buffalo Chip" while hillbilly
performs cunnilingus on her as she talks. ( Great Christmas prime time
viewing for our kids, right? ) Just another depiction of what the
bandy-legged douche-bags in Hollywood think of Jack and Jill six-pack.

Meanwhile, not a peep of protest from our "leaders" as thousands of years of
culture-building is awash in the turds and excrement that passes for
"entertainment" in the "Land of Myth and Magic."

Ch. 3. Late, late film about mean, white hunters who are thwarted by a
"progressive" mom and her feminized, "sensitized" son. These two "animal
lovers" thwart the bad hunters, who all look like overweight, beer-swilling
bubbas with shotguns, by making a couple of gliders that look like enormous
geese. They then follow the Canadian geese down the flyway into America to
"protect" the geese from the bad, bad, white men with guns. More p.c. crap
on Christmas.

New. Late, late film titled Bleeding Hearts, about a cerebral, lefty,
red-diaper-baby-type Jewish man from New York City, who meets a black girl
in the park. She's sitting on a bench studying for a test, and lefty
arrogantly assumes that she's in dire need of his assistance (a kind of
race-mixing, multicultural, take-off on the Pygmalion myth). Naturally, they
fall in love as lefty guides her education with unerring skill (naturally).
The whole miasma ends when lefty throws over the zoftic, gorgeous,
intelligent Jewish girl he was shacking up with, in order to marry the black
because he "loves" her. Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels could not have
done a better job of propagandizing were he in charge of the ongoing project
to promote the "Rising Tide of Color"
< on the rising tide
INTRO> world-wide. But propaganda aside, even a non-Christian with an ounce
of honesty will, we are sure, admit that this is not proper fare for
Christmas viewing.

Ch. 7. A real piece of blasphemous garbage, supposedly funny, about Noah and
the Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, and everything those words conjure up in the
sick, perverted minds of the producers of this filthy film. Example: God:
"Noah, baby, you people are really screwing around too much down there, so
I'm sending a flood to wipe you all out." Merry Christmas to you, too.

ERT. 1. Remember ERT.1., and how happy we were to see Theodoros Vasilikos on
this channel singing Byzantine Christmas hymns earlier in the day? Well, not
to be left behind in the rush to destroy Christian Hellenism, this
state-owned channel, late Christmas night, 1999, showed the following film
(keep in mind that "comrades" Papandreou, Simitis, and others in the
"Socialist Democratic Party," when they were out of power, kept braying
about what a moral cesspool TV had become under the rule of their opponents.
They harangued about how "...only under the control of government can this
powerful tool be a force for good," etc., etc., ad nauseam), to wit: A real
raunchy, porno film showing explicit sex scenes between mixed-race couples.
Real horrible xxx-rated crap, that one would be ashamed to view even in the
company of drunken sailors. We will not continue, we are sure you get the
message. The question remains, however, what kind of a message does such
programming send to our children?


Except for the one noted exception, we saw nothing all day and all night,
on 25 December 1999, about Christianity or Christ. Absolutely nothing. Of
course, when one dares to suggest that this is all done on purpose; that
there is a conspiracy afoot, one is ridiculed or marginalized. We must
therefore respond by saying that there are upwards of 40 conspiracies
against God detailed in the Bible; that Greece gained its freedom as a
result of a conspiracy by the diaspora members of the "Friendly Society"
(Filiki Eteria); and that America became a nation as a result of the
conspiracy of the Founding Fathers against King George the 3rd. You, dear
reader, most likely own a business or work for a company that was started as
a result of a conspiracy against the boss. It has always been thus, and thus
it will be forever.

The least we can do is to know that such a conspiracy exists, learn about
who is behind it and why, and do everything legally possible to stop it
before it is too late. For, if it is not stopped, the God-given gifts of
Hellenism and Christianity will be destroyed, and mankind will enter an age
of such depravity and horror as to make the Dark Ages seem like the
Enlightenment by comparison.


A Method to the Madness

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