Why, The Continual Hemorrhaging of Righteousness?

There are some Christians who will quickly admit that the Church is in trouble in the area of righteousness.

 At the same time they will also be quick to admit that many fellowships are obviously having an impact on their communities, in the sense of drawing people to their services, and getting these people into, what they refer to as "worshiping God."

However, the problem that overshadows every area of success in our Churches is a hemorrhage of Righteousness.

On this web site I am hoping to present my views and hope they are pondered on. Your input would be appreciated.

My intent is to meld the biblical doctrine of the second coming of Christ with the biblical doctrine of holiness. From my perspective, they are fundamentally inseparable.

It is my understanding that our views on holiness and the second coming of Christ are the main motivation in the NT Church. Presently, the doctrines of Holiness and Christ's presence are both under attack in the majority of the fellowships and popular doctrines.

The bible has several passages where homosexual activity is presented as being an abomination. It also has numerous passages where the thought that very young children are innocent is either promoted or inferred.

The sacrificing of Children was common among the religions of the world in Old Testament times. In connection with this was God's condemnation of Israel for doing this very thing. It is referred to as killing the innocent.

Today, in the main, the Church has lost its voice relative to the killing of babies, (or the innocent), through abortion. The same goes for their absence in the Homosexual debate. There is no argument against the fact the respect for human life is in a very fast descending spiral, but where is the Church? Take a look at the Web sites of various Christian Churches and organizations. Those I have perused are short on doctrine, etc. They do not dare speak up.

(It is not a matter of terrible persecution, or because of a death threat. It is rather because of convenience. Churches do not want to lose their 5013c status.)

Christians are to lay down their lives for their friends, as Christ did for us. Christians, according to the bible have life ever lasting and have no fear of death. They are more than willing to take a stand and be a witness against evil, even to the point of giving their life while doing so.

Does the homosexual life style shorten ones life by 20 years, on the average? In the first place, are the acts of homosexuality, indecent? Are their reasons to believe that the Homosexual activists have their sights on recruiting Children into their form of behavior? I would say yes to these questions.

What about the terrible moral dilemma facing the pro-life community in the area of embryonic stem cell research and cloning? (Click on the high lighted words to go to related and supporting articles.)

In the not to distant future there will be babies raised in containers after having been born by being brought to term via artificial uteruses, until their organs, and other body parts can be harvested. Future generations will be able to send in a small sample of their own flesh, which will be used to create a clone of their own person. This clone will be held in a comatose state as an insurance policy. If a person who has invested in this form of insurance ever needs some body part replaced, an exact match is ready made and will be readily available.. There will be huge conservatories filled with clones, used for nothing more than an insurance policy. They well be well cared for in accurate climate controlled dormitories, filled with small cubicles, and fed via tubes where very little human labor will be required. Eventually, when the ability to freeze them perfectly has been attained they will be held in that state indefinitely. This will reduce the cost and the insurance premiums will go down accordingly. These things are in the planning and can happen.

Do you have a voice? Are you your brother's keeper? Those clones will be your kin and if you are silent today you will be held accountable. Are you willing to face this kind of a judgment before God?

Again - Where is the Church? In the main Churches have become incorporated government entities. By incorporating they have placed the government as their legislating and regulating authority. This means that they have become pawns of the state and no longer free to speak out on political issues, other then in a very restricted area.

Any Church that has aligned them selves against abortion or homosexuality and is associated with other fellowships, and who pass out literature or speak out against abortion or homosexuality, are doing so in violation of the law. They can be arraigned in court on the same basis as organized crime. It is not against the law to have a non-incorporated church. Un-incorporated Churches can flex their political muscle and can lobby, lawfully.

Do you attend an incorporated Church? If so, you will be a party to the evils portrayed above and will have no excuse before God.

Is Jesus Here? Did He return? If not why not? Are you thinking you can just set around and wait until he returns to fix all of the evil and not be held accountable. This frame of mind is producing a terrible hemorrhage of righteousness.

Do you think that just because you or others have had a one time moment of faith that you and they will now go on into heaven no matter how you live? Do you think that because of Calvary none of us who say we believe ever have to worry about sin any more for it will not keep us out of heaven? To think this is another reason why there is such a terrible hemorrhage of righteousness in our families, communities and nations.

Jesus is here and we must walk in holiness. We must obey God and actively take a stand against sin.

Vern Manson Tuesday, August 07, 2001


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