Prospective Church Form

This questionnaire is presented to - (this church, members and it's leadership.)  Date; _ _ /_ _ / _ _

Please inform us of your positions, practices and doctrines. I/we will then appraise your answers and may at some point request permission (of this church its leaders and its body), to attend/become/ apply for /a/ member/s/ship.

These questions are universal in nature and are not intended to intimidate, but rather to inform.

Church Name _____________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________


Name or names of those requesting this information.

My /Our/ name/s - First________________ Middle________________ Last ______________

Signature; 1. _____________________________ Date; _ _ / _ _ / _ _ Phone # ___ - ___ - ______

2. _____________________________ Date: _ _ / _ _ / _ _ Phone # ___ - ___ - ______

Address - Where to send the completed form -


We need to be able to give a reason for the hope we have. Yes, their is an agenda behind this form.

I/we believe there are enough questions in this form to give an outline of what you believe,

I/we pray that you would be kind enough to answer them.

Any additional notes you might make would be appreciated. Please key them to the numbers or letters on this form. Thank you.

I/we understand this requires some love, patience and effort on your part. We would appreciate a timely response.

There are many negative examples of heretical fellowships and we do want to be protected and to protect others from the consequences of becoming involved in such groups, so please bear with us.

Again, thank you.

1. How many services do you have per week? #____

Day Times___ AM PM








Does this church do or teach the following -- ? Check Yes or No.

2. Reports its financial affairs     -                     Yes 9 No 9

3. In the local church?  -                                     Yes 9 No 9

4. In a local paper? -                                            Yes 9 No 9

5. By letter to its members? -                            Yes 9 No 9

How often? Monthly Yearly Other Explain ___________

6. Take up offerings during each service? -         Yes 9 No 9

7. How many times per service? (Average) # _____

8. Does his Church teach tithing?     -                 Yes 9 No 9

Malachi 3:7-17

9. Do you teach that we can, as a rule, still go to heaven if we are able -

but do not tithe?                                                     Yes 9 No 9

10. Are non tithe paying members allowed to vote on church business ?

Yes 9 No 9

What percentage is considered a tithe? %___

11. Of the gross?                                                 Yes 9 No 9

12. Of the net?                                                     Yes 9 No 9

13. Is it the policy of this church to allow a non tither to be a spiritual leader?

Yes 9 No 9

14. Do all of the active spiritual leaders pay tithes and give offerings? Yes 9 No 9

The following ministries are considered leadership positions?

Sunday school teachers                                       Yes 9 No 9

Music and choir director                                     Yes 9 No 9

Church musicians,                                                Yes 9 No 9

Special singers                                                      Yes 9 No 9

Ushers                                                                     Yes 9 No 9

Elders and deacons                                              Yes 9 No 9

Financial advisors                                                 Yes 9 No 9

15. Do you expect your members to give offerings in addition to their tithes?

Yes 9 No 9

16. Do you teach that Christians have carnal rights? (They should expect God -

to give them nice things and to live well and should expect to prosper and have peace, etc. )   Yes 9 No 9

17. Teach that everything they have belongs to God? (Said another way, do you teach them the Lord must be the Lord of their life for them to be saved?)

Yes 9 No 9

18. We can obey the Ten Commandments?         Yes 9 No 9

19. Do the leaders of this church obey them? (in any sense.) Yes 9 No 9

20. Is the Sabbath day kept as a special day? (Literally.) Yes 9 No 9

Keep the fourth equals Ten? Forget it equals Nine?

The following have to do with First Timothy 3:2-12 & Titus 1.

21. Have any of your active church leaders committed a carnal act of fornication since they became a Christian?  NOYB  9 Yes 9 No 9

22. Have they since they became a leader? NOYB 9 Yes 9 No 9

23. Do the leaders, of this church teach, or believe, that a leader is still qualified to hold office though they suffer moral failure? Yes 9 No 9

(This would be likened to the J. Swaggart problem. Some wanted him to keep preaching and forget his moral failure. Just sweep it under the rug.)

24. How much time would you expect to pass to prove a leader as faithful and recovered from their moral failure? No. - Days __ Months __ Years __

(Bankruptcy lasts seven years. Note: these last two questions are very important.)


25. How much special set aside time do the leaders of this church spend in prayer each day?  Approximate. NOYB  9     Min.      Hours       

26. Does this church and its leaders teach the people they will faint if they are not praying people? Yes 9 No 9

27a. How much time is spent in prayer in the average service ?  Min.     Hrs.    

27b. Does this church maintain a time of prayer prior to all services.  Yes 9 No 9

27c Do you have a well attended weekly prayer service?   Yes 9 No 9

27c. Are such prayer times and prayer services actively and consistently promoted by the pastor / s? Yes 9 No 9

27d. Do all of the spiritual leaders of this assembly consistently and actively  support them?   Yes 9 No 9

Bible Appreciation

28. How much time weekly is spent teaching the Bible? Min.     Hrs.    

29. Estimate an average allotment of time spent teaching the Bible in a service.

Min.     Hrs.   

30. Aprox. - how much time during the services is spent reading chapters of the Bible? Min.     Hrs.   



31. How much time per week is given to the study of Biblical history?   Min.      Hrs.     

32. Time given to the study of our Christian heritage and the history of our nation? Min.     Hrs.    

33. Per week or time per year. ______________

(Public schools are teaching revised history.)

Education of children

34. Does this church have or help sponsor a local Christian school? Yes 9 No 9

Grades? ___ / ___

Other teaching projects this church is involved financially with.

1. ________________________


3. ________________________

Visiting, care of the elderly, homeless, etc.

Where on the list of your priorities do you put those Christians, who are shut in, invalids, widows in need, the poor, those who are hospitalized and those who are incarcerated?  Circle one 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10    Ten being the highest

35. Does this church teach that to be accepted by Christ we must have been involved in taking the oversight of those listed above? Yes 9 No 9

36. Does this church provide consistent and practical help for the above?

Yes 9 No 9

37. Is this church actively and financially supporting ministries which fulfill this commission locally? Yes 9 No 9

(These questions do not refer to special yearly endeavors, but rather daily, weekly and monthly visits, for care and or oversight.)

38. Does this church teach people they must visit the sick and care for the elderly, especially their relatives? Yes 9 No 9

Sex Ed. & Abortion

39. Does this church actively teach against abortion? Yes 9 No 9

40. Teach individuals it is their responsibility to vote, to write letters to their governing representatives and take part in legal bodies and demonstrations as they can? Yes 9 No 9

41. Are the leaders of this church consistently active in these areas? Yes 9 No 9

42. Are the families taught and provided with logical and common sense arguments for maintaining chastity and virtue. Yes 9 No 9

42a. Are the spiritual leaders of this Church expected to take heed to the fundamentals of dress as are portrayed in the bible. Such as not exposing oneself by wearing scanty clothing. Ex. 20:22, 28:42 , 39:28, Rev. 3:18.    Yes 9 No 9

42b. Are they taught to uphold the principle of proper dress that is behind, or supports, the analogy of being dressed in white robes of righteousness, etc?

Isa. 61:10, Psalms 132:9, Rom. 13:14, Rev. 7:9, 21:2.   Yes 9 No 9

(To expose oneself by wearing clothing which leaves one susceptible to the possibility of embarrassing others by revealing ones private parts, or nearly doing so, is contradictory of these analogies and so undermines the strength of those thoughts. As a result the phrase "Robes of Righteousness," "white robes", and the like, become meaningless.

It is also a fact that to expose the greater part of ones body to the elements is both poor hygiene and unhealthy. Added to this is the fact that being out of uniform is a portrayal of the absence of professionalism. It also gives the impression that one who is supposedly a minister, but is careless about their appearance, is not that serious about their position and obviously prefers to do their own thing. In doing so they have elevated their opinion and desires above biblical principles and above the traditions of the righteous, because of a passing fad. They do all of this in the face of the pervasiveness of sexual perversion and the direct connection nakedness has to pornography. Proper clothing is determined by ones occupation and by what is practical for the occasion.

By all means, if these thoughts are unsettling, please explain your position. There may be many who are not concerned about such issues.)

43. An estimate of the % of the people who attend this church who have divorced -

 since they started? % ____

44. Does this church inform its members of the various businesses that are sponsoring the filth, gore and violence on television or who back the gay rights agenda? Yes 9 No 9

(Such as Levi Strause, the clothing manufacture. Disneyland, etc. )

45. Does it teach the church members that they have a responsibility before God and their families and neighbors to stand against filth and sin and to be activists against these things?   Yes 9 No 9

45a. Are there any special church activities provided for the youth that include trips to Disney Land?   Yes 9 No 9

46. Does this church believe and teach that each member should inform themselves and do what they feel is right about such things? Yes 9 No 9

Spiritual Insight

47. Should we follow our conscience?   Yes 9 No 9

48. Should we follow and obey the Bible? Yes 9 No 9

49. Is the bible to be given precedent over both our feelings and our conscience?

Yes 9 No 9

50. Should we give priority to a prophetical revelation, above that of our conscience? 

Yes 9 No 9

51. Are we to put someone's revelation above the inspiration of the Bible?  Yes 9 No 9

52. Say - A minister or ministry does peculiar things which are not scriptural, teaches curious un-scriptural doctrines, is of a, or has a, questionable character, yet is very charismatic and accomplishes miraculous things and has a very large following of Christians.  Is it safe to put confidence in them?  Yes 9 No 9

53. Is it safe to support powerful ministries that continually, promise, suggest or imply that God will prosper the person who gives to their ministry?  Yes 9 No 9

(The modes of operandi expressed in these last questions are thought to be forms of fraud by numbers of honest God fearing people. Many people also think the promise of prosperity is appealing to peoples greed. We now have it taught that Jesus wore the equivalent of designer jeans and was wealthy?)

54. Should we unquestionably support powerful ministries which tell people to send in their prayer requests while promising to read and pray over each individual request? Yes 9 No 9

55. Does this church fellowship such ministries - as outlined here?  Yes 9 No 9

56. Does this church warn people about the above? Yes 9 No 9

Disciplining Children

57. Spanking a child has its place. Yes 9 No 9

58. Spanking is almost always abusive. Yes 9 No 9

59. Our leaders do spank their children, or would, or have spanked their child, as needed? Yes 9 No 9

60. Is divorce better then an unhappy marriage? Yes 9 No 9

Fundamentals of Worship

59. What would you say is the main emphasis put on in your worship services, or what has attracted and kept the people coming? (Where do you focus your efforts in an effort to draw people and to keep them.)

Check any category, but number each from one to ten as to priority. # ten being the highest. Some may have equal importance.

Example - ` The denomination     

Preaching?                 9

Music?                         9

Choreography?      9

Denomination         9

Personality of the church and its congregation, loving, cheerful, kind, etc. 9

Pastors personality? 9

" Knowledge?          9

" Ability?                    9

Bible Teaching?      9

Church location?    9

Beauty of the buildings? 9

Doctrines?               9

Free spirit of worship? 9

Gifts of the Spirit are exercised freely in the services? 9

Gifts exercised with restraint? 9

The emotional high that the people find in the services? 9

The peace that people receive? 9

The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is both read to the people and explained? 9

It is taught that this is the only church, (and or), denomination, that preaches the truth? Yes 9 No 9


60. Professionally recorded copy righted music tapes are not copied and sold as a means of making money or for saving money by this Church, its tape ministry, or by any of the individuals who are in leadership positions? Yes 9 No 9

61. The software used in this churches computers has all of the required manuals and has been registered. In other words there are no illegal copies of pirated software in use in this churches computers? Yes 9 No 9

62. Those who are in leadership who have computers make it a point to keep their computers clean of boot legged or pirated software. Or they make it a point to not steal software? Yes 9 No 9

63. This Church does not, nor do its leadership, take undo advantage of deductions for giving of used apparel, old used items and the like and give or receive inflated receipts for such as a means of reducing their income tax, or pick up receipts for expenses that should not be used? Yes 9 No 9

64. Are all of the leaders of this church registered to vote and do they vote during the local, county, state and federal elections? Yes 9 No 9

65. If this church does not think that voting is a moral issue would you please provide some material or insert a note detailing your position?

(Jesus paid his taxes.)

66. Would you submit some material or insert a note that covers your position concerning the following. Are they essential and how are they essential? Or just how do you believe concerning these things.

a. The plan of salvation. b. Baptism. c. In-filling of the Holy Spirit. d. Godhead. e. Communion and communion service. f. God's name? g. Ten Commandments. h. Fourth Commandment. I. Is Jesus still to return soon?  J. Did He return as per His own statements, in the first century?  k.  Is Jesus here, now? l. Are we guilty and entirely wicked at the time of our birth? m. Did Cain have a choice? (There are articles associated with these questions on the following web site. )

m. Why is it that for nearly 2000 years Christians considered a Sabbath, essential and now do not?  

n. The future of the Church. (Does it fill the earth or does it go up in victory or leave in defeat? Or does it have an unending future of positive growth?)

67. Are the spiritual leaders of this Church, those who are on the pay roll, disciplined in their daily activities? (or - Do they maintain contact with the people and are they available and capable?)

Do they actively work at maintaining a Christian work ethic and can they be contacted easily and are they as diligent about their work (ministry) and fulfill their duties as would be expected of those who work for a living in a secular environment - such as working as a carpenter for a building contractor? Do they take time out every week - or when ever the mood strikes them - for such activities as golf, or spend hours taking part in other pleasurable past time activities that the carpenter, the laborer, the irrigator, cannot, etc.

Many fellowships harbor leaders who think nothing of milking the Church for what ever. They take prolonged vacations, long breaks through the week so as to go golfing often, or the like, and so do not portray a Christian work ethic. They would not be able to keep a job in private enterprise if they were to portray such a lack of concern for their job. Please insert a short note here to give a picture of your position concerning these things.

68. Do you think a Church should be ready, able and willing, to provide the answers to these questions? -Yes 9 No 9

69. Do you think the answers to these questions would help a person decide if they want to, or should, be involved with your fellowship? Yes 9 No 9

70. Do you believe that this questionnaire carelessly encroaches upon the spirit of those scriptures that teaches us to not touch God's anointed, nor do them any harm? Yes 9 No 9

The Real Church -

declares the whole council of God. This produces conviction and so people are led to Christ, taught his ways, challenged and commanded to live free from sin and taught the Word. Those who adhere become victorious and holy by obeying the Word through faith. This gives them peace and maintains it and gives them freedom of worship in all of there doings and circumstances, both in and out of the church. Those that obey God become self-disciplined, live clean lives and very often enjoy life to its fullest, however many do suffer for Christ and many do and have also died for him. Those who are in this Church have no fear of death, for Christ abolished death, hell and the grave in the first century.

The only actions which are considered sins and taught against in this body are those which are taught against in the Bible or which violate the principles set forth their in.

Still, all of these believers find their ultimate pleasure in doing the will of God on earth.

Do you agree? Yes X No ___

What position does this church take concerning the following ministries, doctrines, people and churches, etc?

A. -- Jimmy Swaggart      -                                               O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ___

B.-- Kenneth Copeland.                                                O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

C.-- Kenneth Hagin.   -                                                       O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

D.-- Robert Scheuler. -                                                       O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

E.-- James Kennedy  -                                                       O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

F.-- Trinity Broadcasting - TV      -                               O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

G.-- Christian Research Institute.  -                            O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

H.-- Binney Hinn          -                                                       O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About____

I.-- Dr. J. Dobson       -                                                         O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

J.-- Jim and Tammy Baker.           -                            O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

K.-- New age doctrine. -                                                      O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

L.-- The faith and prosperity message. -                O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

M.-- Oneness churches.    -                                               O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

N.-- Assembly of God churches. -                                O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

O.-- Trinity doctrine. -                                                          O.K._ _ Concerned __ Warn About ____

P.-- Visualization.  -                                                                O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

Q.-- Speaking in unknown tongues.    -                      O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

R.-- Once Saved always, or Hyper Calvinism . -    O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

S.-- We must obey the Ten Commandments (in any sense), to be saved?  Yes 9 No 9

T.-- Christians can obey the Ten Commandments?   O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn against trying to keep them _  _

U.-- President, Bill Clinton   -                                                  O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

V.-- Rush Limbaugh.  -                                                                O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

W.-- Baptist churches.  -                                                            O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

X.-- Charismatic churches.  -                                                  O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

Y.-- Presbyterian churches.  -                                                 O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

Z.-- Holiness churches. -                                                            O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

AA. -- Catholic Church-                                                             O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

BB. -- Maryology. -                                                                        O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

CC. -- Is Mary the mother of Jesus to be used as an example of Godliness? -

                                                                                                                 O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

DD. -- Will there be people from the above denominations in heaven? -

                                                                                                                Yes. ___ Maybe ___ No ___

EE. -- The nakedness of our gymnastic teams and the like. -  

                                                                                                                O.K.__ Concerned __ Warn About ____

FF. -- Clothing and proper dress are issues that the Bible covers. -

                                                                                                                Yes. ___ Maybe ___ No ___

Any short articles in leaflet form that you might have which reveal error in church doctrine or project the doctrines of your church would be appreciated.

A special thanks to those who fill out this form and return it to those who ask for the information.

Please keep, filled out, copies of this form on file for reference.

If you have any suggestions or recommended revisions please send them to the following address.

You are welcome to use any part or all of this form.

Produced by Vern Manson                                                     7/4/93 / 4/23/97 / 09/07/1999  08/27/01

2314 Snowdrop Drive

Bakersfield, CA  93311-3756                                               Ph. # (661) 663-3550

Any suggestions for additions to this list would be appreciated.  Please feel free to copy, but please remove my name if the contents are altered.

Thank you.

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