Dave McPherson's Articles On the Pre-tribulation Rapture Origins.

The following articles were found by doing a search on the web as Dave McPherson suggests in several of them. This may not be all of them. He did a great service for the Christian community.

I have archived them here because many times I have found such material and linked to it to later find it was no longer available. Several of the links on his web site no longer work.

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Checking MARGARETs_pretrib_by_McPherson.

Famous Rapture Watchers.

Margaret Macdonalds_Pretrib_Vision.


The Un-Original John Darby.

Letter To Todd Strandberg  By Dave MacPherson.

A phone call to Mcpherson_where an individual boiled_it_down.

McPherson's Research Weighed.


Pretribs_Deceiving and Being Deceived.

Pretribulation History Revisors.


Dave McPherson Receives A Letter Of Thanks From Ruth Graham.

Manuel Lacunza Pretrib Myth exposed.

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