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 and Concerning the Sabbath

Battle for the Bible (link)

(Please remember I do not agree with some of my own writing once the ink dries, let alone every thought of the articles that I have links to on the web. I have them here because I believe there is a benefit in perusing them. Some of these articles present very different views. V. M.)

The following article is on a slow loading site. The slowness is because It is a lengthy dissertation on where we got the bible. (Very Pro KJV)

A Survey of English Bible History

In Defense of the LXX in response to a previous article

The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy's Look at the Bible

The Mysterious 7-Day Cycle (link) 

Why Sunday Suffices or  "Sabbath or Sunday?" (link)

Sabbath and Sunday in Early Christianity

Sunday The Sabbath (link)

Sunday: - The Sabbath (link)

List of Sunday - Sabbath Articles  (Link)


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