It's The Dynamics, The Success!


There are so many who are caught up, impressed with the dynamics and the popularity, the success, of some religious position or persuasion, or a local Church. However, they are not going to get all that serious and saturated with righteousness to where it gives them pause when they notice that there are some questions relative to the integrity of their adopted religiosity.

There was a certain Mormon who noticed some inconsistency in the history of his religion. He took it upon himself to research the back ground, the history, the theology of Mormonism. He is a devout Mormon and wanted to see it protected with the truth. He felt that even though there were areas where things were not really as they appeared and even though some things that were taught really had no historical support, that it was still best for Mormons to face them. He was convinced that no matter how things had been twisted that honesty was their best approach. He did not think that lying by the founders and their fabricated stories were that big of a deal, for as a whole it had proven to be a great dynamic religion. He wrote a book on his findings and as a result he may have ended up being excommunicated.

I was listening to a professor of religious history being interviewed and his remarks reminded me of that Mormon's position.

This Methodist history professor had written a book on Dispensationalism. He did a lot of research and it covered the history of that position quite well. He was not a dispensationalist, but he was impressed by the dynamics of that position. So many people had become persuaded and so many had been converted through the message of a soon coming end and a rapture of the Church.

He sounded as if he had become somewhat of an apologist for dispensationalism. He kept mentioning how it had affected society and foreign policy, etc.

He knew the history and he also knew it was not supported by the biblical text, but he kept referring to all it had accomplished. He did sound as if he was very impressed.

It made me think of the position and the attitude of so many of my Christian friends. They are sold on their Church and on their particular method of worship and their approach to the gospel and their kind of religion. They do not want to talk about the bible all that much for it appears this tends to disquiet them. They evidently know that their particular fellowship and its teachings do not line up that well with the biblical text. However, they also know they have some good things going for them. They are associated with some very nice people and they feel comfortable with the worship in their services.

What the bible actually teaches is important, but really not all that important. The feelings we have while being around our good friends, the feelings we have in the worship service are wonderful, they are so very important, and we must have a place to go so our children will have good decent friends and good moral teaching.

The things that are under the surface, the inconsistency in the doctrines and the inconsistency in applying basic Christian principles to every day living are best left alone. Yes, it is good to be honest when the subject is broached and we should not deny there are honest questions, but these things are not as important as our getting along and as our having a good decent fellowship and a sense of belonging to a group. No one is perfect let alone a fellowship.

It is said - You will never find a perfect church nor perfect people and if you think basics are that important you had better look in the mirror for you fail to live right everyday. We will never be free of sin in this life so why get that much into it. Doctrine just produces problems. It is the spirit that is all important.

Well, that is what they say anyway.

The Bible says something very different, but so what?

No wonder we think the end is upon us. This position is so convenient. It is all going to burn anyway...  What me worry?

The truth is there can be a pay day in the now for such deviousness. As we get older some of us no longer can avoid seeing the terrible negatives, for they are effecting people we love in terrible ways.

The truth often hurts, but it is far better then the other choice. Just knowing and not doing can be even worse. 

Dispensationalism has birthed a demon in foreign policy, and it is undermining the "Good News".  The increase in calamities are the result of the failure to take Rev. 22:10-20 seriously.

 Immorality in the Church is birthing lethargy and immorality everywhere, and this is said to be fulfillment of prophecy. 

(All of this is wickedness at it's best!)


Vern Manson Sunday, December 12, 2004