Preterism is not a one shot covers it all system. There are many differing views that are, in some sense, thought to be related to Preterism.

I Detest End-Time Nonsense  What about the millions who have gone before us, have they missed something?

Corrie Ten Boom's concern, over pretrib rapture, projected in her letter

Christ's Return   Things we need to take into account.

  How To See Him Now 

Seeing Jesus  and Christ's Return

   The Gospel is an "Eschatology of Victory."   (This is a collection of thoughts that I have compiled as my conscience moved me ever closer to the Preterist position.  I posted it here because of the recent attacks on this country. Linked to it are some thoughts as to why we were attacked.)

   Views of Jews and Muslims Concerning The Myth Of Jesus Soon Return  ( Thanks to

  Christianity's Continuing Crises Mode    

   List Of Scriptures Supporting The Preterist  Position 

(These Verses cannot be set aside, just because we think we have too many questions, they must be accepted as they read. If this is not done, our version of Christianity then becomes an attack on the integrity of the NT.)

   He Came Back On Schedule

   Did He Find Faith?

   Israel Occupied all of the Land that was Promised

   Second Coming Puzzle?

   It Is Getting Better

   Idolatry In Second Coming Doctrines

Dispensationalism is a violation of the Gospel  

Theology of the Land: A History of Dispensational Approaches (Very appropriate since 9-11-01)

This last article is from another view point, one that was born from first hand experience in the Holy Land.  Check this authors' web site

  The Cost Of Israel To The American People  (Link)

The points made in this material is denied by most people, but it is historical. (Includes facts concerning the displacement of Palestinian Christians.)

  Israel can survive without US aide?  (And How they fight terrorism)

   Why Fib To The Kids

   Why I concern my self with Preterist articles, etc.

   Miracles Ceased in the First Century? (This was because all prophecy was fulfilled then, and that which was perfect had arrived?)

The Temple Was Located Where? This is a pertinent -


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