Here is a reality Check.

I have recently began telling everyone that things are getting better. If I have any chance to bring up the subject I tell them that I have came to the conclusion that it would be good for me to spend the rest of my life telling people just how good it is. After they quit laughing and if I am able to continue I began to tell them why I think this is true. I then began by saying things are much better today then they were 100 years ago.

This is what I am going to try to do in this article. Please bear with me for just a few pages and I may be able to give you some very positive things to think about. Now, as I have said to others, when I give them one of my articles on eschatology, if you will read this it will make you will feel better.

(I am not speaking of the short term fluxes. Things have gotten worse and better again many times.)

To insure my credibility I must refer to historical facts. But first let me tell you about an observation I have made while visiting rest homes.

I have noticed a great difference in perspective between those elderly who appreciate the care they receive and those who think they are living in hell.

One lady who had worked as a waitress up into her seventies loved being catered to. She told me she did not understand why anyone at her age who was suffering from the after effects of several strokes would want to go back home. She would help set those who were unable to get around and would grab a bar towel and wipe off the tables. She told me she enjoyed not having to make her bed or wash or iron her clothes, or cook just for herself. She said that if she went home she would have to do all of that and would be by herself.

I have visited several others over the years who were confined to wheel chairs and yet they too had a good perspective, while others around them, some in far better shape, were never able to tolerate where they found themselves. (If you are old enough you may remember the terrible drab dark and stinking conditions that used to be common in rest homes.)

In my trying to convince people of the fact that things are progressively getting better I find this same problem. Some will agree and admit that we are all very spoiled and that we need to be very thankful for what we have. While others seem to be annoyed that I would even suggest that things are better.

The negative ones are forever pointing to the terrible calamities that are happening and relate how it is so terrible and that it seems that the most of the youth are growing up wicked and into drugs, etc.

These negative perspectives are how the media and many Churches portray conditions, and yes, many of these things are true and need to be dealt with. However, there are great numbers of children that are turning out to be very good people.

It is very unfortunate, but Christians all seem to think this negative stuff is what the Bible said would happen and so it is useless for us to do anything but set around and moan about it and wait for the Lord to come. It is also very unfortunate but most of these same negative Christians refuse to vote. Dispensationalists of the past have actually taught that Christians should not vote.

The Bible is filled with victory. The Church is to be victorious and fill this world.

I want you to know that the majority of Christians have been told lies in this area. Not only that, but it appears they want to stick with these negative lies rather then study their Bible's and pray. We all know that it is far easier to just set around and watch things go bad then it is to get up and do something that will improve the situation. Yes, the bible speaks of soon coming terrible things awaiting the Church and especially Israel. The question then becomes when were these terrible things to happen?

We know that Christians will always suffer persecution. If they are not being rejected by some of their neighbors, relatives and friends it is probably because they are not being Godly in the sense of being active witnesses for the truth. All of which means they are probably not into reading their Bibles, praying, witnessing or voting and standing up for righteousness.

There is a resurgence of the "averted gaze." This is similar to the thought "out of sight out of mind." If you just do not listen to filthy language, or do not look at the nakedness, then  you are not taking part in promoting it, or so they say. Meanwhile Christians are turning to pornography in their homes, renting x-rated movies, attending or shopping for items, the producers of which openly support anti-family and anti-Christian agenda, such as Disney and Levi, and the Churches have incorporated so they say nothing. They have now emphasized the emotional and neglected  objectiveness.The results are that a hand full of the ungodly are swaying the youth and the world at large to just follow your desires and forget morality. This has nothing to do with end times, but everything to do with ignorance and lethargy.

According to history there were numbers of terrible calamities that fell on the early Church and then in turn fell on the nation of Israel. Many of the earliest bible scholars believed those happenings fulfilled most all Old Testament prophecies concerning the end of the world. They understood the terms world, earth, age and land to be interchangeable. The land of Israel was to become as burned earth, the very elements of that system were to melt. The Mosaic system was to be no more. The stars, and moon were to fall. This was symbolical of the leaders of that religious system. (Stars falling to earth? Impossible for they are far bigger.)

The Elect of Israel were to come out from among apostate Israel and follow the Messiah.

Nearly Two Thousand years ago Peter said the end of all things was at hand and he did not lie, nor was he mistaken. The end he was speaking about happened. He also spoke of the very elements burning completely up. The key here is the meaning of this word "elements." He was speaking of systems and principles. This had to do with the world systems of that era. Specifically the Mosaic system, the temple form of worship, etc.  Unfortunately, many present day bible teachers are into demonizing the future. They do this by failing to study history and because they are looking for Christ to come down and once again walk this earth in a physical body. Just like the people of the prophet Samuel's time they want a king with skin on him.

Why should Christ have to do that over again?

The last few Chapters of Revelation tell of terrible calamities falling on the enemies of God while at the very same time great things were coming to His Church. In fact we see His Church descending from heaven as a great city prepared as a bride. Remember this city, His church, is coming down out of heaven. She is not heaven. This is a very simple fact, but this has escaped multitudes of prophetical preachers. Again, this city is not heaven. She comes to us from there and resides on earth. She resides in the hearts of God's people. From there she provides healing for the nations here on earth. `Our citizenship is in heaven, but we minister here. Christians and the Church are the last temple that will ever be built for an habitation of God. The cross and the resurrection ushered in far more victory then we can imagine. Jesus said we are not to fear this world for he had overcame it.

Numbers of scriptures tell us that Christ came to save the world. Have you ever read this? Have you ever been taught that we are to disciple the whole world for Christ?

Enough said about this. I may be unable to convince you with such a short mention of my eschatological beliefs, but I have other articles on that subject.

Back to history.

I must lay a foundation of historical facts so as to convince you of how much better we have it and then I must try to prove to you that this is the fulfillment, not doom and gloom.

What about Nero and the conditions the early Christians faced soon after the Day of Pentecost? Nero was for having all Christians killed, preferably by lions, etc. He was possibly the most depraved person who ever lived. He had his senators choose sides and fight to the death for his pleasure. He had a young boy castrated and wanted to marry him. He had most of his relatives murdered. He also had Christians dipped in wax and stuck on poles and lit like candles to give light for his evening orgies. He also had himself carried into the ring in a cage, clothed in skins, with metal claws on his fingers. He then would rage about and claw at and chew on the private parts of the naked people who had been tied to posts, until he killed them. Many of whom were Christians, if not all. In an attempt to save her life his mother tried to seduce him and later when he viewed her naked body after he had her murdered, he openly gazed upon her nakedness and touched her and spoke of how beautiful it was. The world became sickened by the bloodletting in the ring where people were made to fight to the death or were attacked by animals.

What about the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple on AD 70?  Approximately 1.2 million Jews died inside the walls. Three religious factions fought to the death, until the streets were flowing with blood and piled up bodies. This would be like all of California having a civil war and killing everyone, while a huge army had the state surrounded. This is because then there were only about 200 million people in the world, while today there are 6 billion.

Just before Christ was born the major nations of the world were ruled by twenty five percent of their people while the remaining seventy five percent were slaves. It is no stretch to say that this was the way it had been for thousands of years.

In several instances one wealthy man would have thousands of personal slaves. In one case 10 thousand slaves were owned by one person. (Recorded in Augustine's writings)

By the time of Christ's ministry or during the so called "Glory of the Roman Empire," this improved to a 50/50 split. Only fifty percent were still slaves to the other fifty percent.

The, so called glorious empires of the past were all built on the bloody backs of slaves. However, these percentages were not to remain the same.

Slavery is an immoral situation.

The picture of slavery in the ages past often made the conditions of the slaves in this country look like a Sunday School picnic in comparison. Being tied to oars and to wooden seats in the galley of a ship until you died would be near to hell.

Augustine wrote in "The City Of God," concerning the debauchery of Rome, as it had been prior to the time of Christ, and mentions the following situations.

"..... let there be provided the most sumptuous banquets, where every one who pleases may, by day or night, play, drink, vomit, dissipate. Let there be everywhere heard the rustling of dancers, the loud, immodest laughter of the theater; let a succession of the most cruel and the most voluptuous pleasures maintain a perpetual excitement. If such happiness is distasteful to any, let him be branded as a public enemy; and if any attempt to modify or put an end to it let him be silenced, banished, put an end to."

In another place ..

"I see I must now speak of those evils which alone are dreaded by the heathen — famine, pestilence, war, pillage, captivity, massacre, and the like calamities, already enumerated in the first book. For evil men account those things alone evil which do not make men evil; neither do they blush to praise good things, and yet to remain evil among the good things they praise. It grieves them more to own a bad house than a bad life, as if it were man's greatest good to have everything good but himself. But not even such evils as were alone dreaded by the heathen were warded off by their gods, even when they were most unrestrictedly worshipped. For in various times and places before the advent of our Redeemer, the human race was crushed with numberless and sometimes incredible calamities; and at that time what gods but those did the world worship, if you except the one nation of the Hebrews, and, beyond them, such individuals as the most secret and most just judgment of God counted worthy of divine grace?"

Again -

"... while such disastrous wars were being waged, a terrible disease broke out among the women. For the pregnant women died before delivery. And Aesculapius, I fancy, excused himself in this matter on the ground that he professed to be arch-physician, not midwife. Cattle, too, similarly perished; so that it was believed that the whole race of animals was destined to become extinct. Then what shall I say of that memorable winter in which the weather was so incredibly severe, that in the Forum frightfully deep snow lay for forty days together, and the Tiber was frozen? Had such things happened in our time, what accusations we should have heard from our enemies! And that other great pestilence, which raged so long and carried off so many; what shall I say of it? Spite of all the drugs of Aesculapius, it only grew worse in its second year, ..."

Again -

"What fearful battles there were, and how often did the defeat of the Romans shed luster on the arms of Hannibal! And what shall I say of the wonderfully crushing defeat at Cannae, where even Hannibal, cruel as he was, was yet sated with the blood of his bitterest enemies, and gave orders that they be spared? From this field of battle he sent to Carthage three bushels of gold rings, signifying that so much of the rank of Rome had that day fallen, that it was easier to give an idea of it by measure than by numbers and that the frightful slaughter of the common rank and the whose bodies lay undistinguished by the ring, and who were numerous in proportion to their meanness, was rather to be conjectured than accurately reported. In fact, such was the scarcity of soldiers after this, that the Romans impressed their criminals on the promise of impunity, and their slaves by the bribe of liberty, and out of these infamous classes did not so much recruit as create an army."

Here is something to think about

It needs to be remembered that the population of the world is estimated to have been less then 200 million in the First Century. Ten thousand slaves and hundreds of thousands, 800, 0000, in one instance, of deaths from plagues or in battle are hard to comprehend if thought of in a comparative sense, now that have Six Billion people. Augustine speaks of these things in defense of Christianity, for they happened earlier, before Christ had been born.

"What a sea of Roman blood was shed, what desolations and devastations were occasioned in Italy by wars social, wars servile wars civil! Before the Latins began the social war against Rome, all the animals used in the service of man — dogs, horses, asses, oxen, and all the rest that are subject to man — suddenly grew wild, and forgot their domesticated tameness, forsook their stalls and wandered at large, and could not be closely approached either by strangers or their own masters without danger. If this was a portent, how serious a calamity must have been portended by a plague which, whether portent or no, was in itself a serious calamity! Had it happened in our day, the heathen would have been more rabid against us than their animals were against them."

Speaking of the victory of Sylla, Augustine gave the following report.

"Sylla entered the city victorious, after having slaughtered in the Villa Publica, not by combat, but by an order, 7000 men who had surrendered, and were therefore unarmed; so fierce was the rage of peace itself, even after the rage of war was extinct. Moreover, throughout the whole city every partisan of Sylla slew whom he pleased, so that the number of deaths went beyond computation, till it was suggested to Sylla that he should allow some to survive, that the victors might not be destitute of subjects. Then this furious and promiscuous license to murder was checked, and much relief was expressed at the publication of the proscription list, containing though it did the death-warrant of two thousand men of the highest ranks, the senatorial and equestrian. The large number was indeed saddening, but it was consolatory that a limit was fixed; nor was the grief at the numbers slain so great as the joy that the rest were secure. But this very security, hardhearted as it was, could not but bemoan the exquisite torture applied to some of those who had been doomed to die. For one was torn to pieces by the unarmed hands of the executioners; men treating a living man more savagely than wild beasts are used to tear an abandoned corpse. Another had his eyes dug out, and his limbs cut away bit by bit, and was forced to live a long while, or rather to die a long while, in such torture. Some celebrated cities were put up to auction, like farms; and one was collectively condemned to slaughter, just as an individual criminal would be condemned to death. These things were done in peace when the war was over, not that victory might be more speedily obtained, but that, after being obtained, it might not be thought lightly of. Peace vied with war in cruelty, and surpassed it: for while war overthrew armed hosts, peace slew the defenseless. War gave liberty to him who was attacked, to strike if he could; peace granted to the survivors not life, but an unresisting death."

"How intolerable would their accusations have been, at least so far as the Romans are concerned, if the Christian religion had been received and diffused prior to the invasion of the Gauls, or to the ruinous floods and fires which desolated Rome, or to those most calamitous of all events, the civil wars! And those other disasters, which were of so strange a nature that they were reckoned prodigies, had they happened since the Christian era, to whom but to the Christians would they have imputed these as crimes?

I do not speak of those things which were rather surprising than hurtful, oxen speaking, unborn infants articulating some words in their mothers" wombs, serpents flying, hens and women being changed into the other sex; and other similar prodigies which, whether true or false, are recorded not in their imaginative, but in their historical works, and which do not injure, but only astonish men. But when it rained earth, when it rained chalk, when it rained stones — not hailstones, but real stones, this certainly was calculated to do serious damage. We have read in their books that the fires of Etna, pouring down from the top of the mountain to the neighboring shore, caused the sea to boil, so that rocks were burnt up, and the pitch of ships began to run, — a phenomenon incredibly surprising, but at the same time no less hurtful. By the same violent heat, they relate that on another occasion Sicily was filled with cinders, so that the houses of the city Catina were destroyed and buried under them, — a calamity which moved the Romans to pity them, and remit their tribute for that year. One may also read that Africa, which had by that time become a province of Rome, was visited by a prodigious multitude of locusts, which, after consuming the fruit and foliage of the trees, were driven into the sea in one vast and measureless cloud; so that when they were drowned and cast upon the shore the air was polluted, and so serious a pestilence produced that in the kingdom of Masinissa alone they say there perished 800,000 persons, besides a much greater number in the neighboring districts. At Utica they assure us that, of 30,000 soldiers then garrisoning it, there survived only ten. Yet which of these disasters, suppose they happened now, would not be attributed to the Christian religion by those who thus thoughtlessly accuse us, and whom we are compelled to answer? And yet to their own gods they attribute none of these things, though they worship them for the sake of escaping lesser calamities of the same kind, and do not reflect that they who formerly worshipped them were not preserved from these serious disasters."

I cannot go into a lot of depth in this short article, but I do want to get you to thinking about just how fortunate we are today.

Drugs were used for recreation long before Christ was born. (When Coca Cola first came out it was addicting and during that time in the history of this nation many concoctions being sold were addicting and the problem of drug addiction was well known.)

Homosexuality was in during a great part of the dominion of the Roman Empire. Numbers of the Greeks before them were into homosexuality. The remains found in tombs from those periods have been studied and venereal disease was the cause of death in some cases. Not only that, it became common for Roman citizens to raise numbers of Children to sell into sexual slavery. They could make far more money by selling them into prostitution, then they could be raising live stock. Both sexes were in great demand for sex slaves. (I believe Augustine also mentioned this, but I have lost the place.)

Abortion was common, but again it went beyond that. Parents were known to kill older children for little provocation. Men were able to also kill their wives for practically no reason. Augustine shames the Roman Empire for these things as late as 400 AD.

I will mention more terrible historical facts. I pray to God that you do not skim over these things and forget them.

It is impossible to evaluate where we are today relative to the past if we just go on our way and forget history. On what basis can we fairly judge and evaluate the conditions we live in? Do you dare rate all of past and present by comparing them with your own small little world of experience, even though you are aware of very little history? It would be far more sensible to compare your situation with the actual conditions that existed in the past, and then include present real world conditions? Some of us seem to wake up in a new world every morning.

The following is based on historical facts.

If you are into antiques you may be aware of pieces from the era of Georgian England. Many movies show the wealth and luxury of that period of time. The fancy coaches and good horses, the mansions and lace and art work and the luxurious interiors of the good houses, the fancy clothes, hats and etc. This was the Georgian era.

During the mid 1700s' London was said to be the greatest city in the world. At that time open sewers ran through the town and of course this made the whole town stink and at night rats were everywhere. The west part of London was the good part of town. The east part was a jungle of twisting streets and dead ends, filled with small shacks. These were built close to the places of employment. Approximately 60% lived in that part of town. Children as young as five worked 16 hours in textile mills. The average life span was less then forty. There were pits used for both burial by the numerous paupers and for garbage.

Elderly disabled women who were called "Pure Finders," scrounged around and picked up dog feces in buckets. This dog poop could be sold to leather tanneries. These unfortunates were then able to buy some food. Many workers died from lung problems, or were suffocated by breathing poisonous fumes or went blind and most before they were forty years old.

Twenty percent of the women were prostitutes, 40% of the men were thieves, while those who were honest and hard working were the source of booty for both the owners of the factories and for the dishonest.

Many starved when the worked stopped, for what ever reason, or when they were no longer able to work. I cannot go into a description of all of the filth and disease and the rats, etc. In the 1750s' there was a gin shop for every 120 citizens. (Bars.)

This situation did not come to a complete end until the beginning of the 1800s'. This was happening in a free society. England was only spared the likes of the French Revolution through the preaching of the Word; such as was done by the Wesley brothers.

Meanwhile we have the history of France during this period. Prior to the French Revolution of 1789 there were 40,000 castles that were in control of 85% of the people. These small enclaves of people which were held as slaves had been isolated from each other for so long that they had developed dialects so peculiar to each group that they could hardly understand any other group.

Thirteen % of the population were the wealthy who lived in walled towns and ruled under the direction of the nobility.

The actual nobility who lived in castles were but 2% of the population. The slave owners in the U. S. used the terrible conditions of the slaves of France as proof of how well they were treating their slaves here in comparison. The French did not think of their people as slaves, however, they were. This situation had started developing in France nearly 500 years earlier.

It was during this same period of time that the English started using Australia as a place to send their convicts. Prior to this time England had sent most of them to this country. However, after 1776 they could no longer send them here.

When the English first started landing in Australia in the mid 1700s' they found the native Aborigines to be extremely primitive. These tribes built no shelter other them to occasionally lay some slabs of bark together. They continually moved from place to place and wore little if any clothing.

The woman were especially misused. If one group was threatened by another group they would gather all of their women and send them ahead to their enemies. If the enemy used them sexually it was a good sign they would not be attacked. If, however, they did not use the woman and sent them back it meant they were in for trouble. Very often one group would entertain another and it was customary to swap the women around with all of the men for their pleasure. If a woman showed any lethargy or resentment during this time of celebration and sexual perversion she would at the least be beaten and was in danger of being speared. If a newborn's mother died, the child was also killed. This was because their lives depended on their mobility.

In this country in the north east there were Indian tribes who thought little of cannibalizing their enemies. On occasion they would take a few along with them and keep them healthy, but if game became scarce during their travels they would use them for a barbecue. Other tribes hated cannibalism, but when they began to starve they would reluctantly resort to it. Others practiced infanticide when game became scarce, and this was always on the female babies. This would produce a shortage of young females and would then caused the young braves to steal women, etc.

In one southern tribe a woman was always the Chief and she could have several husbands. Then when she died they would kill her husbands and burn their bodies along with hers. During the funeral procession the religiously devout mothers would throw their babies under the feet of those who were carrying the bier along on their shoulders and the  bearers would kill them with their feet. This was done in honorarium of their dead Chief.

In some tribes a young maid who was going to choose her husband would go about sleeping with several of the young braves as a means of choosing her husband. In another tribe young children were allowed to play sex games, etc. There were also some very civilized, strict, virtuous, Indian tribes, some were in the northeast.

There have been many terrible conditions prevailing among various nations all down through time. There are still backward nations that are plagued by immorality. Are they embracing the principles of Christianity. NO! However, as bad as it may seem now, we are very blessed in a relative historical sense.

I am not speaking of things that were going on that far back in time. I am speaking of things that were happening both here and in other parts of the world during the settlement of this country. Subtract 1750 from 2000 and you get 250 years. My Great grandmother was born in the mid 1800s'. She was born but 100 years after some of the happenings I am talking about.

Again, the filth and perversion I have mentioned were the direct results of immorality. The light of the gospel was not present.

The inventions that have brought the stage or theater into our front rooms have now created a moral crisis. The Roman Empire was noted for the decadence produced by the theater. All kinds of immorality was acted out and lauded in the ages past and became the source of decadence. This is now going on in our houses as we watch increasingly decadent shows on TV. We no longer blush when we see our Olympiads undressed before us or when we see sex being acted out in front of us in our front rooms. Our children are now lauded when they show off and it was only a few years back that they were corrected for doing this. Actors and Newscasters have became our gurus and heroes. They are predominantly liberal, having been themselves influenced by the decadence of their industry. They like Nero really like the applause and to be up front. This evil in secular society is one thing, but this began to happen in religious circles first. There are the Bakers, and Brother Swaggert and many other Christian leaders, all across our nation. It is said that those in leadership must be given more leeway. This thought is diabolically contrary to godly scriptural morality. Do not forget it has been worse.

Read what Augustine reported about the embracing of debauchery by the Greeks and the Romans. They made any resistance to evil pleasure unlawful, and those who resisted or who took a stand against such evil were to be killed.

This is beginning to happen here in this country. The media has help legitimize homosexuality and abortion and it is becoming evil to resist either. Do you see the connection? Bestiality and child molestation are becoming more acceptable to some of the liberal media personalities.

Nero would have those of his senate killed who refused to attend one of his performances in the theater. Kathy Lee tells how that there is no euphoria like performing on a stage before an audience. These people are influenced by self adulation and tend to be decadent. This fact must be taken into account and we must discipline ourselves so we do not become addicts of entertainment.

Again - it is Unfortunate, but Christians buy things that support companies that advertise on these filthy programs and think nothing of it. They take their children to Disney Land and it is openly pro-homosexual and financially supports pro-homosexual legislation. California has been directly effected by their agenda.

Numerous productions are aimed at discriminating against Christian ethics in the name of freedom of expression and yet Christians throw money on the stage as if they are bent on encouraging their own persecution. This nonsense will lead to terrible persecution and eventually the Church will repent again and then Christ's kingdom will be displayed once again. While this works itself out Christians will at first go on believing that these happenings are proof that the end is near, however they will eventually wake up and come to grips with reality. We must count our blessings and repent and walk right? There is no other viable alternative.

The United States has been plagued by decadence in the past and finally people turned back to God in droves and revival then changed the face of this nation. In the late 1700s' colleges had few if any professing Christians as students. Riots and the burning of buildings happened then. Filthy language was in and God was out, but then Christians began to pray. This happened again in the mid 1800s'. Prisons were closed and policemen were laid off. It can and it will happen again. It has been a lot worse and it will get a lot better when the Church repents.

There has already been a recent revival in some sense. More Christians have registered over the last ten years and many are now voting. Here is some more information that needs to be considered.

What are we to do with the estimates that have been compiled from figures taken from fellowships all over the world over this last century?

An old article in the Arminian Magazine from the early 90s concludes with the following -

"Although the Church was supposed to be in ruins, it experienced the greatest revival since Pentecost during the end of the 20th century. Peter Wagner declared, "We are in the springtime of missions." In 1900 the ratio of non-Christians to Christians worldwide was 27:1. In 1989 that same ratio was 7:1. Although there were repeated attempts to connect the year 2000 with something cataclysmic, "wolf" had been cried too many times. Nothing could revive the old theory and it passed away leaving a host of red-faced prophecy experts and a huge surplus of obsolete books and charts."

Back to some positive facts concerning present reality. The human condition has improved.

To suggest that this country is in some way the reason for the terrible conditions in other nations is nonsense. People must be moral and they must be free. This is the only way any nation can have lasting peace.

Nicola Tesla came to this country in the mid 1800s'. At that time he said this country was then 100 years ahead of all of the European countries.

He was the one responsible for the alternating current motor, plus many other near miraculous inventions, that we now take for granted. He had developed a remote radio controlled boat and gave demonstrations in the very late 1800s. Much of the communications we have today is based, in part, on his discoveries. Electric power as it is now present in most every house in this country was enabled by Tesla's inventions. Yet, his name is virtually unknown.

I have here given some of the conditions of the not to distant past and mentioned a researcher who only died in 1943, and who was responsible for much of the convenience we are surrounded with today. We now can reach most any place in the world with the written word via a computer tied to the Web.

Many Christians today have numbers of bible versions and historical works at their finger tips, have heat, lights and water in our houses with indoor plumbing and air conditioning and TV, etc. Unfortunately, we are into denying that this is the result of an increase in righteousness in this world.

Martin Luther used terrible language when upbraiding those with whom he disagreed and he said that once you were saved you could fornicate 1000 times in a day and not lose your salvation. (Or something to that effect.) John Calvin thought little of attending the burning of a heretic. That so called heretic might well have been only considered wicked because he was of another Protestant denomination. The burning of those who preached contrary to the governmentally approved religion was common. Many Christians have had the cross held up in front of them while being told that they must either worship it or burn at the stake. What about King James?

Most Christians used to bow before statues and approached them in worship, and Mary used to be venerated to the same point. Now this is uncommon. Some of these things still go on in certain backward nations, however, around the world there is now a chorus of voices that demand that such be stopped.

We are told that earthquakes have been increasing and that this is a sign of the end. This is a spin put on the facts by a certain religious publication. They have taken material out of context, concerning earthquakes, that was written by seismologists.

Seismologists today are relying on information received from far more sensitive instruments. They now can detect far smaller quakes. However, they have estimated that since the first seismograph went on line in the late 1800s earthquakes may well have actually decreased in both intensity and numbers.

There was a flurry of seismic activity around the turn of the century, late 1800s to the early 1900s. However, this activity decreased and pretty well remained constant. There is some increase of activity over the last few years, however, most seismologists see this as being nothing more then a repeat of what has been going for thousands of years. There are repeatedly periods of increased seismic activity, followed by less activity Some seismologists have actually tried to contact these religious publishers so they could correct the record. But they have received no response. Some of them joke about the preoccupation with the supposed dooms day earthquake predictions made in religious circles. Unfortunately, evangelicals have picked up on these same fabrications and think they are facts.  It appears that some of them then embellish the material even further. 

Meanwhile, scientists and engineers have been working on both forecasting and strengthening structures. Relative to other backward nations this country suffers very little from such calamities. The United States has had severe earthquakes here that were just as powerful but with fewer lives lost.

In contrast, other countries have executed building inspectors, and contractors, after an earthquake -  because of shoddy construction. In some of the pictures taken, after terrible earthquakes, in other countries there will be a few buildings left standing with little relative damage, in the middle of piles of rubble that is all that is left of the same kind of building, but where short cuts were taken in construction, by using inferior material and methods.

We need to be more aware of world history. There have been terrible calamities in the distant past that few of us are aware of. The eruption of volcanoes and resulting earthquakes that happened before the time of Christ have never been equaled since. Terrible pestilences also nearly eradicated all of humanity prior to the time of Christ.  The civil war in this country and the influenza epidemic in the early part of the 20th century took over 500 thousand lives in each situation, but this was still a very small number relative to the calamities of the past. Genocide was the way war was waged in the distant past. Today the world in general is revolted by the thought. In a relative sense wars are taking far fewer lives then wars of the distant past.

New Information on Earthquakes (Link)

Did Earthquakes End Ancient Cultures?

The life span of people has increased dramatically over the last several hundred years. This appears to have came about because of clean water supplies, better nutrition and all kinds of preventative disease controls. There has been a recent dramatic increase in this country and it has been estimated that if the average life span keeps increasing, at the same rate, over the next twenty years, it will reach an even one hundred years on an average by the year 2020. This means that if you are eighty years old or less you had better hurry up and die, else you might live forever, here. (Please smile.)

Yes, morality still has a long way to go.

However, we should take heart, for basic morality has increased tremendously since the time of Christ. The ignorance and wickedness I have mentioned, though terrible, was actually on the decrease.

There is a direct connection between the betterment of the human condition and spiritual revival. Revival produces spiritual freedom and it is this freedom with its integral morality that produces the betterment of the human condition. Morality is inseparable from revival and from lasting peaceful freedom.

There is little that is good that lasts outside of the influence and control of morality. Basic morality is to both fear and love God and to love others as yourself.

There are to many Christians today who are plagued by a terrible depth of evil lethargy. Moral issues are not as important as the promise of financial support even though it comes from a habitual fornicator and liar.

They refuse to believe the Bible, either because they have been taught error or because they are to lazy to study it for themselves. Meanwhile they hide their careless attitudes behind the excuse that the bible foretells the decadence of this era and so there is nothing that can be done about it.

Many Christians are really into worship, or some other peculiar religious tradition, but most seem to not be into obeying God, nor are they really praying to Him. They sing and raise their hands and cry, but ... Listen to the words of the songs. They speak of terrible temptations and trials and how the Lord is going to come back and deliver them. Yet these worshipers are in no sense suffering from anything relative to what Christians in many other places are going through or compared to the sacrifices of those who gave their lives to insure the freedom and prosperity we have here today. 

Many of these more recent worship choruses are but musical dirges pouring forth rhymes filled with self pity. We are like a child setting in a room filled with toys and crying because we do not have the newest one.  Many older Christians are into self pity because they have cancer, or Parkinsons, or heart trouble, etc. Yet, they have already lived longer then their parents did, and far longer then their grand parents and suffered far less then any generation before them.

Others Christians out and about button holing people or they have with drawn from any activities that would bring them into contact with those who are not of there faith. Again - Vast numbers of professing Christians refuse to vote.

Many People, including many Christians, actually become irritated when they are told things can be improved. They do not want to be awakened to their own responsibility.

The truth is that the Bible projects victory down here in this earth for the Church. Christ's life and death and his continuing ministry to the world through the Church is to save the world.

This is another issue and I have dealt with it in other articles. This victory is to be always interspersed with punishment for the wicked and persecution and punishment for a lethargic Church. That is until the Church gets the vision and keeps it.

After all of the devastation and wrath of God fell there was to be a change and then a continual revealing of the glory of Christ in the ages to come. That is where we are.

Eph 2:5 Even when we were dead in sins, hath He quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) 6 And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: 7 That in the ages to come He might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus. (KJV)

Eph 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, 21 Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. (KJV)

In contrast, or contradictory, to the hope that is found in the Gospel, today whenever another nation has been brought to the place where it is open to the gospel, new converts are soon infected with evangelical doom and gloom. Missionaries from here go there and ...  after they have been called to receive Christ they are very soon taught this world is going to be destroyed in the very near future. In some nations they are taught that their own country will very soon be controlled by evil forces and turn against Christ.

This is all done in the name of prophesy, but it is actually contrary to the basic principles of Christianity. This is sick, sick!

This demonizing of the future is a sure harbinger of self inflicted calamities. This is how we create self fulfilling, and evil prophecies.

When we turn the blessings of the prophesy of the Book of Revelation into doom and gloom we have effectively changed the message of that book and so do reap those plagues. This will keep on happening repeatedly  until we accept the fact that Jesus did return and that He is here ruling and reigning in the heart's of Godly Believers. Read the first three verses and the last Chapter and take note of to whom it was written and when it was to come to pass.

Again - It appears that a far higher percentage of the world today now claim to be Christian then at any other time in the past. Oh yes, I would agree that it is possible that most of them really do not know Christ. This is as always, but the numbers are still - nevertheless - positive.

If you want to forget what I have said here you can do so. You can go on agreeing with nonsense and I cannot stop you. However, if you do forget all of this, someday your children or your grand children or your nieces or your nephews will wonder why you did not tell them the truth.

It is senseless to deny the present problems. However, Christians have the answer if they will just repent and accept the morality taught in the Bible. Again; We need to repent and obey God's basic moral law and be realistic, (thankful), about the present blessings.

Amid all the ‘bad’ news that we hear endlessly in our media, there are stories which portend great things. For example, medical and scientific breakthroughs seem to occur almost daily now.

Natural Gas, Oil Occur Naturally & Are Not a Limited Fossil Fuel, Says Prominent Scientist

Your friend Vern Manson

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