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On this site you will find a number of articles and links which contain information of interest, many of which are associated with the above. This site looks at various aspects of honored religious traditions, some that are nearly worshipped, and some that when investigated appear to be absurd. 

   The problem is that these things are very often indefensible, and are providing a big target for criticism. The cause of Christ is being hindered. 

Check this out side link. It will take you to a situation that is terrible in what was a very prosperous part of the world. South Africa.

   The information age provides a quick means for spreading insight into these devastating weakness. Are we Christians going to use this same mode for spreading the truth?

  To - The Whys and Wherefores of this site. Go here for and introduction to some of these subjects. Find out what I think about the problems in Africa and in this country, etc.

  Questions that you need to get answers for. (Is God Honest?)

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  What About Calvinism? (a compilation)

  Poor Santa   

   Peace Makers (This is a list of web sites that are supported by people who fit my definition of peace makers. They expose absurdity and do their best to present the truth as they see it. Note:They are not infallible!)

    Use an Online Bible and down load a good one for a few dollars. $8.00 to $15.00.





       An Introduction to Vern Manson

       I am 67 years of age, going on 95, and I am very concerned about the future of those who will out live me. I am also concerned about those who will be born on down further through the following ages. ("World Without End!")

I have had a very good life and I feel embarrassed because of my good fortune. I deserved nothing.

I do not know how to chuck my conscience and I have worked and prayed to get the one I have, so I do not really want to lose it.

I just recently visited Washington DC. I enjoyed the sights but I was saddened by the sight of so many children, who I know have little chance of hearing about the History of this great country.

Just across the river is a cemetery where many historical greats have been buried.

Within the distance of a day's bike ride is the site of a tremendous battle between the North and the South. The north suffered terrible defeat.

In one battle 600 men were killed in less then seven minutes time, by their own countrymen.

This an example of the thoughts that cross my mind when I think of the lack of education our children are receiving.

Then when I think of the lack of instruction children are getting in the Bible and the erroneous interpretations that are rampant in the Church I get a feeling of desperation.

There is a path to peace, there is a key.

Is there not a cause?


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