Keith Green and Memories


Keith came along toward the end of the Jesus movement. He was into music and gave free concerts. He was also into helping the down and out and into Charles Finney's messages on revival. He died young in a plane crash. He was not perfect, but we can learn and build because of his history.

KEITH GREEN  Influenced by Charles G. Finney - By Melanie Green
Keith Green - History   (page down)

Keith Gordon Green

CCM biography: Keith Green  (Hard to read, but worth while. Exposes some problems.)

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His wife appears to have since embraced various forms of prophetic ministries.

Following is a prophetic word that can be found on one of the links above. "Identity Network"

"I think the people who voted for Obama did so because they had faith for a better America and not just because they were voting for or against one particular concept or for a particular "religion."   I think that Obama has a true leadership gift that has been quite lacking in America and that he is symbolic of the big changes I have sensed coming."


In my own experience 99% of all prophetic ministries have been manned by false prophets.

 I have been involved in a tape ministry and had control of the mikes used as prophetical words were given over individuals. I have also given words of exhortation that were protested, but history proved them to be true.

Follow the money. Please note: I did not say 100%.  Prophetic words are to be judged. They are never to rule your life. We are held responsible. I have seen numerous people led astray by so called prophetical ministries. Many people have followed them from meeting to meeting much like worldly people do fortune tellers and other prognostic's.