The Third Rail

When I was a child, during WWII, a military air base was built north of my home town. There was a need for the freight train rail line and street car line to be extended about 10 miles to that base. Since the street car was electric they added a third rail. I remember the teachers telling us to never go near those RR tracks and telling us how that third rail would electrocute us if we ever touched it.

Social Security, and Medicare are said to be third rail issues, for if a politician ever suggests cutting their funding he will soon be replaced by the voters.

This web site is involved in touching several religious third rail kind of issues.

Israel is a third rail issue, so is the second coming of Christ, and these two issues are painfully connected. They should not be, and saying this really puts them in the realm of a third rail issue.

Which came first, Jewish Zionism, or Christian Zionism? ("... the Zionist dream was largely nurtured and shaped by Christian Zionists long before it was able to inspire widespread Jewish support in the 1940's") Would you not agree, this is a third rail issue?

Israel Peace News

The eternal Security doctrine and Calvinism are third rail issues.

Issues such as abortion, homosexuality, proper decorum and proper dress, holiness, the necessity of obedience,  are each third rail issues for many people.

Also Creation Science and Noah's flood need to be reexamined. Christians need to be detectives when it comes to their beliefs, for everything we have been taught is not so. More on the Flood

I have no regrets, but I hope you will find something here worth your time.

Your friend Vern Manson

A study of the Talmud and the Kaballah, - well documented, - however, this information produces fear in most Christians.  Why?  Ans. Because they have not been taught!

"Gospel Preached To The Poor"

Here is a puzzle of clichés and phrases see if you can figure it out by choosing the right answers. (Based on biblical principles)

"It is very wrong to criticize the church." 

 We really should all be Roman Catholics.

If it is wrong to criticize then we need to throw out the bible.  

"We are never to judge anyone?"  

"You generation of vipers ..."

Martin Luther was wrong. 

"Turned over the ... tables"

You cannot rightly judge others when your are actively  involved in the same offense. 

... so you can see clearly to remove the mote...

"They love to have the ..."

If we will really get focused on our horizontal and vertical relationships then we will not see any thing wrong in our leaders or in the Church, for we will be taking them to God in prayer and we know He will take care of everything.

If we focus entirely on our subjective based vertical and horizontal relationships we are into mysticism, not Christianity.  

If you just really learn how to worship in the spirit ...

"Why call me Lord, Lord and do not the things I say?"

 In some circles Christian leaders teach that if we are seeing problems in the Church it is because we are not as close to God and to our brothers and sisters and family as we should be. 

This  tactic prevents leaders from being criticized, and creates a closeness built on fuzzy feelings.

"Blind leaders of the blind .."

"If You have enough faith you will prosper, for God wants you to have more then enough so you can bless others." 

If you invest your seed money in this ministry you will see a tremendous return, God will bless your finances and health." " 

Disease and poverty are the results of unbelief.

That Church has some of the most prosperous people...  

That church does not have very many prosperous people in it. 

"Tell him the Gospel is being preached to the poor."

Everyone in our Church is prosperous and in good health.

Where are the poor?


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