Political Correctness Versus Truth and History

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Links to off site articles, some of which should cause a Christian to pause. Some of these articles are written by critics, but take the time to listen to what they are saying.

The problem being this: The bible has been misconstrued, it has been used by most Christians as a basis for science, which it is not. It has also been used as a basis for  inhumane laws. As a result many things critics denounce Christianity for are really not supported by the Bible. The bible does not set a date for creation, it does not support a world wide flood, it does not prophecy the end of this world or the end of the universe. It is filled with symbolism and hyperbole. It is about having a right relationship with the Creator and with our neighbors, etc.  Yes, the wording, as translated, does appear to support some of these things, but dig a little deeper. Check the usage of the original words, the context, etc.  There is also such a negative thing as Christian political correctness.

 Please note, I am not agreeing with everything they say.

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(Let me say here in disagreement with these authors, the bible even supports giving gifts to your enemies, and also loving others more then yourself is many of a hero's gift, Christian or not.)

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