Philosophical Essentials Of Christianity

Christianity is Essential

Nothing but the facts

There is much ado about nothing when it comes to uncovering the errors of Christianity.

First one must get down to the basics as to why we must have such a thing? Just why is it so necessary? Why must we have any kind of a religion?

There are more and more who have come to the conclusion Christianity is nothing but a myth. Now those who are quote unquote "Believers" either shrink back into their faith alone mode when they hear arguments against their belief system or they pound the table, speak louder, reiterating their age old clichés.

The bible has produced many unanswerable questions and this is very hard for the majority of Christians to handle. They resort to some form of escapism. In many cases there are those who just throw up their hands and walk away never to darken a Church door again, others just excuse themselves from the presence of those who would dare to question their belief system.

My questions are:

1. What is there that can take the place of Christianity? (Where is there a proven, viable, sensible, and working alternative?

2. Is it not true that 90 percent of the human population are unequipped to live an ordered civilized life without some form of fear of an all knowing God.

3. How can there be a civilized society without a basic belief in a set of moral laws that each individual must either obey or fear being punished by an all knowing God?

4. If there is a better method of inducing people to live in a moral civilized fashion, just how can the majority of all humanity be brought first to comprehend it and second to embrace it?

Now while we think on these things I want to make a quick investigation of some of the areas or of some of the traditions, or some of the things in Christianity that appears to really drive some of the more educated and thoughtful critics up the wall.

Obviously civilization has been plagued by inequality.

There seems to have always been those who enslaved others. One race has enslaved another, men have enslaved women, etc. It seems there has never been an age where this has not been going on somewhere in this world.  In a historical sense Christianity has been in the forefront in stopping this.

Now we should not make any excuses for Christianity. Men who were portrayed as being godly in the OT had slaves and their women or wives were subordinate to say the least.

However, in the Christian scriptures there were rules, ordinances that demanded some relief for the people who were enslaved by others. They were to be given a seventh day of rest, etc.

No, the situation was far from perfect and some of the nations before this had done the same thing. They too had some ordinances that gave the enslaved people and the women some relief.

There is definite progress outlined in this area in the bible. The slaves the subordinate ones were being given more care and more say to the point where in the NT every believer is put on an equal basis in a spiritual sense. It then became a written directive to think of others as better then oneself, etc. Jesus washed His fishermen followers feet.

Nothing but the facts here, no excuses, but do not forget there is genuine progress.


God commanded Israel to go into a land and kill all of the inhabitants. This is viewed as being evil.

Why did He do this?

What kind of people were they?

If Israel had been told to only kill the adults how would they have been able to provide for the children?

Israel was not able to do that.

Those nations Israel came against are known to have been into incest and were known to sacrifice their children by burning them alive. These activities were a part of their religion. They worshipped sex and death. Their idols depicted both. The depth of their depravity cannot be justifiably described for it is too filthy.

In W.W.II the Japanese worshiped their leader as God. It was impossible to convert them. For us to win that war tremendous numbers of them had to be killed. They thought nothing of committing suicide. Fanatic Muslims are willingly dying to further their terrorism. They cannot be talked out of their fanaticism. They have to be killed. Sari law is right now being accepted by western nations and it is wicked.

Atheists repeatedly lie about religion being responsible for more killings then atheism.  In a sense they are telling the truth. This is because they define Communism and Nazism as religions.

If they would admit these isms are ungodly then Christianity would win the argument. These two isms are responsible for killing more people in my life time then all religions have down through history.

God spoke of a time when a certain nation's wickedness would be complete. We think very little of justifying the killing of murderous fanatics, but question it if it is found to have happened in the bible and was done as a means of protecting and providing for a moral religious people

Now let us go to Genesis.

Let us presume that many if not most of the old handed down traditions, the stories of creation, of the first man, the story of the flood, the story of the great fish swallowing Jonah, were nothing but allegories, just moral stories.

Then let us even assume that Jesus was really nothing more then a Shaman or a magician just a moral teacher.

In fact the Bible actually says that everything Jesus had was given to Him. Now this does not sound like a real solid foundation for one being the equivalent of God Himself come in flesh, let alone just being some kind of a God man. Let us even assume that His mother was not even impregnated by the Holy Spirit of God or even by an angel. I know that by now I have lost most Christians.

I am doing this as a way of getting all the way down to the basics where a critic tends to end up.

Most of them think it was terrible for God to ask Abraham to sacrifice his son. Never mind that the Indians of South America sacrificed young virgins by the thousands down through time. Or never mind that many old religions sacrificed their own flesh and blood children on alters to their gods. They can be excused simply because they are not to be held to the same standard as those that are portrayed in the bible.

It is unfortunate, but Christians allow themselves to be set up and focused on and never allowed to refer to what other religions do and have done. The truth is there is no religion that has such a high standard of morality even though it has had many questionable practices and beliefs.

If Christianity is made to accept the thought that many of the stories they have accepted as being factual are not they still have a tremendous responsibility to stand up for it for there is no worthy alternative.

This revelation does not undo the importance of Christianity and honesty in this area will be a tremendous boost in credibility. It is known that earlier religions had similar concepts. This does not mean that those traditions and bible stories have no basis in fact, it is only admitting that we do not know the whole story while defending the points they make as still being worth while.

It would be impossible to promote a moral peaceful educated, population free of Christianity. It has never been done to the extent as has been done under the influence of Christianity.

To treat others better then oneself, to not steal, to not murder, to honor God, to obey His moral law is the basis for a successful civilization.

I can hear them say "Thou Shalt Not Kill." The point is to not murder. Now governments are backing away from capital punishment for fear of executing the wrong person. Meanwhile guards are dying and inmates are dying at the hands of other inmates.

There is no justice here.

If we make a mistake and execute some innocent person, we must think of how much their death contributed to providing us with a peaceful society and reverently honor them when it is proven that we did such a terrible thing. I can almost hear some one gag over this statement, even though they can come up with no sensible alternative.

We are improving our ability to get the right person and improving our ability to protect the wrongly accused. However, if we lose more and more of our civilization through wishful thinking we will end up killing hundreds of times more of the innocent and still not have any peace. There is a breaking point when crime prevails. This can lead to vigilanteism.

A healthy fear of God is an efficient motivation toward peace. It is impossible to accomplish the same kind of constraint, the same kind of basis for civilization, in any other way. There are just to many who will never be able to comprehend the requirements or attain to the basics of the necessary education.

It is kin to the nonsense being promoted in the area of raising a child.

Spanking is tied to abuse. You spank a child you are abusing them.

When a child never learns to obey and gets killed or injured because the voice of their parents never controlled them it is never associated with the thought that they could have been controlled if spanking was acceptable.

Many parents have learned this the hard way.

The majority of parents do not have the ability to control their children by playing mind games with them. Children are fundamentally animals of a high order. I have never met anyone who has not suffered some form of terrible pain. Putting people in cages where they never feel discomfort will change very few of them. In fact prisons are higher education facilities for crime.

Putting a child in a corner or depriving them of something they want or grounding them will often work, but it seldom teaches them to immediately respond to the sound of their parents voice.

The fear, the respect, of a parent or of God is the most efficient way of promoting civilization. There is nothing else that comes close.

Are there exceptions to this? Yes some children and some people have and some still do learn and are able to discipline themselves or are able to discipline their children to such a degree that they are not a problem. There are three year old children with IQs of 160.

This is not the rule, yet we are approaching religion as if we must avoid it and we are doing the same thing with spanking when disciplining our children.

All I can say is if you do not believe this do your own thing and I will watch and weep.

I will receive no satisfaction in seeing your calamity.

Questionable Doctrine

Christianity is being attacked by those who have read the bible and who have studied prevalent Christian doctrine. Prevalent Christian doctrine is not necessarily supported by scripture.


Many Creationists believe their salvation depends upon their views being supported by both science and the bible. Unfortunately, for them, the bible does not support their views. There is no basis in the scriptures for proving how God created everything. Underline the word "how." There is no scriptural basis for establishing the age of the universe.

At least one, if not more, of the, so called, early church fathers believed the days of creation were seven ages of indeterminate length.

Christians can say God created the heavens and the earth and believe it based on scripture. Plus logic supports the thought of there being a beginning of all things. Obviously something does not come from nothing.

Science has proven, to the satisfaction of most educated people, that the universe is billions of years old. It is senseless to deny this. Christians have no biblical based reason for arguing against this..

The World Wide Flood?

The wording used in the text of the passages that refer to the flood have made many Christians believe the flood of Noah's time covered the whole world. However, the Hebrew language does not support that thought. The flood could have been limited to an area that included the land of Israel. The terms land, nation, earth, world, and the like are sometimes derived from the same Hebrew word. In addition - the how of the immediate creation of multitudes of people and numbers of nations after that flood cannot be answered. This forces us to believe that those who escaped on the Ark were not the only ones who survived. There are many other detailed arguments against a world wide flood that cannot be answered, by accepting the account as it reads. Was it an allorgory based on a true story? There have been many terrible floods.


This is the thought that every word or deed is predetermined by God. It is thought that we do not have the ability to choose to follow God. In practice the thought promotes lethargy, since we supposedly do not have any real control over our lives. It is taught that God arbitrarily chooses only certain people and they are then enabled to follow Him. The term inability is used to define our limitations.

What I have said here is not accepted as being the truth by those who have accepted these doctrines. They are blinded by their own interpretations. This view can be found in several denominations. It is commonly referred to as Eternal Security, but it is buried and disguised by mixing portions of it in most all Christian literature and preaching. Preachers often refer to their own wickedness and go on about how they are not perfect and how everyone sins many times everyday.

This view is deadly and promotes license. This is causing Christianity to become ineffective, relative to promoting morality in society. The bible repeatedly teaches us to quit sinning. It is impossible to be a Christian and still keep sinning many times a day.

The Church, God's people, are to be as a city set on a hill. Christ taught the multitude His higher standard. He came and perfected morality by living it. We are to build our lives on the rock. Paul taught - we establish the law.

Second Coming Of Christ?

Non-believing bible students, Muslims, atheists, liberal Christians and the like see that Christ said He would return during the life time of some of those who heard Him speak. They note that most of the NT books contain language that support that thought.

Judgment on Jerusalem, His return, the defeat of His enemies, the establishment of His kingdom were imminent, to happen shortly, within that generation.

Unfortunately, most Christians do not believe this. Their end time doctrines undermine the book that is the basis of their religion.

Yes, there are many unanswered questions relative to His return. Yet, Jerusalem the Temple and the nation of Israel, all ceased to exist soon after His resurrection. Then His church spread across the known world all within one hundred years, or less. Soon there was no longer a city called Jerusalem, nor a nation called Israel, for two hundred years. Jerusalem was to be renamed, and the Jewish religion was banned in that area, and that area that had been the nation of Israel was divided up among other bordering nations.

Is this not enough evidence to support the thought that Christ returned in judgment? The complete end of a nation and a religious system that He denounced did not comprise Him putting a stop to the works of satan in a contextual sense? There was no resurrection of His Godly people?

Christ has been coming into the hearts and lives of believers ever since the first century. Those who have been born from above have not just been enabled to see His Kingdom, but they have also been able to enter it through being born of both the water and the Spirit. Immediately at the time of death Godly Christians are transferred to God and have a new tangible and yet spiritual body.

In the NT some were cast out, rejected, while others were coming in.

Should we make an unwarranted distinction between being made a new creature, being born from above and being resurrected to walk in newness of life?

Continual end time speculation has greatly diminished the infinitely superior actuality of being a godly believing Christian.

He appears a second time only to those godly believing people who look for Him, those who seek Him.

I Detest End Times Nonsense