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The following words were said almost 2000 years ago, but very few people have, what ever it takes, to keep them in context. As a result and repeatedly down through time, the political climate of the world has been negatively affected.
If the messages that were being given then are ever accepted and kept in context it will change this world for the better. Here are some of the words and they are repeated several times in the Gospels.

"when you see.."

Each time something like this is said it is referring to a soon to happen First Century event.  Almost all of the warnings given in the New Testament are directed to the people living then.


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The material on this web site is directed toward the Christian community.

However, the material itself should give everyone some food for thought.


Disclaimer: Many times I do not even agree with every point made by myself in my own articles, after the ink has dried, so, for sure, I do not agree with every point of view that is found via links here or in the on-site articles. However, we need to think. We need to study. God is holding us accountable for what we do with our ability to reason and how we stand for righteousness.  Some of us put our ministry, fellowships, and doctrine above God.

Christianity Is Essential

The Apostle Paul's messages are made to appear contradictory. 

However he was in agreement with both  Christ's sermon on the Mount and Apostles James.

"Therefore do we nullify the law through faith? Certainly not! On the contrary, we establish the law."
Romans 3:31 EMTV

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 Can You See Christ's Kingdom? Have you entered it? 

Jesus was/is  the ultimate "Peace Maker." It was/is His mission to bring peace. In St. John 3 Jesus had a conversation with a religious Jewish leader, one who should have been able to follow what Jesus was telling him. Now nearly 2000 years later it seems that very few Christians understand the implications of what Jesus was saying to this Jew. That conversation has to do with our salvation today. It contains a "key to Peace."

Very few Christians today ever speak of seeing or being in Christ's kingdom, and very few believe He is here in keeping with what He said to His first century followers.  There will be no lasting peace until vast numbers of Christians choose to see Him in the now.  The active denial of His "Second coming" is causing the Church to lose its effectiveness, and is a denial of the integrity of the bible.  He did come back and He did keep His word, and He is reigning and ruling in the hearts of His people. This world will change for the better when they believe this and understand their responsibility, which is to get involved in furthering His kingdom. Obedience, living a holy life, is the best way to spread the Gospel. This has been thwarted through the introduction of all kinds of mythical philosophies.

The following are some examples via links and on-site articles that have to do with the theme of this web site.

Jesus the Jew?   (New)

Where is the original site of Herod's rebuilt Jewish Temple?

Why Are We Facing Another Armageddon? This on site article leads into the "Necessity of Moral Government", or a walk of holiness through and by grace, one that projects "The Reality of Righteousness."

All this country really needs is that we "Lead as many people as possible to salvation and let our corrupted country continue on its death course."   WND Link This writer tells it like it is.

The following article concisely expresses a view that should get our attention. This  www.peacekey web site, if perused, attempts to answer each of these supposed contradictions, via links and/or on site articles. Please note, this next article cannot be answered with futuristic clichés. It must go unchallenged if Christ did not return in the First century. First the Charge -

"Are Christians blind to the implications of "non-return?"  

Then here is John Noe's Sensible and Biblical Answer - From a Christian's point of view.     (PreteristArchive. com link to a description.)

"Most Christians do not realize the predicament they are in. Christianity is hardly credible if the firmest, clearest prophecy of the son remains unfulfilled."

What  Kind Of Christians Are Best At Portraying The Bible As Being Beset With Fallacies - or who are best at making God, Christ, and His disciples out as being liars, and the bible irrelevant? (MG and Preterist Points.)

Are Most Christians Projecting, In The Least, A Fetish For A Human, Fleshly, Earthy Kind of God? Is It Possible That In The Extreme, Most Project A Tendency Toward Idolatry, When They Demand That Jesus Must Come Back In The Flesh And Walk In The Dirt Again? 

 This site is dedicated to dispelling erroneous Christian tradition and it's inherent mythology, in the hope that future generations of Christians will be far more fruitful, and their proclaiming of the Gospel far more effective and enduring.

"Avenue To, And Results Of, Revival of Prayer and Revival"  An on Site Compilation and links to original.

Some of the most effective calls to repentance came from outside of organized religion and had its greatest effect among those who had been un-churched, in heart, or in spirit. The Church as we know it is seldom God's recognized assembly,  the congregation of His redeemed.  In most cases it appears they are (unknowingly, yet in some sense),  against both Him and His. It is my understanding that this is the result of their entanglement in mythology.

Many of the great reformers came to Christ in spite of the tremendous backwardness, hatefulness, prejudice,  and ignorance found in organized religion. This evil cost numbers of them their lives. They all advocated repentance, holiness, and great effort in prayer. However, prayer revivals fail to endure, for good theology is still lacking. It is also my understanding, based on my own limited exposure, that every effort to establish a sensible and bible based work on  theology has been somewhat deleteriously affected by Christian mythology. Greek philosophy may have been a cause.

"The Agony Of War Has Reached Our Shores"

What Jews And Muslims Think About Christianity and Why.  This hyperlink will take you to a page that is filled with links to material that few Christians have ever heard of. It is time for us to uncover this material and face it head on.

Zionism and Dispensationalism's Seismic Waves (To Page of Links filled with revelations of history that are scary!)

A careful study of the issues these links, articles and history, raise should lead us to the fact that we need to adjust our theology to more correctly follow the biblical text as we have received it. Our theology as we now project it, in a great part, contradicts our own bible, and it is especially contradictory of the Gospel, relative to Christ's commandments. 

In the main we deny that He provided undeniable evidence of His having established His everlasting kingdom in the First Century, after having abolished death and vanquished His enemies, and judged the world. Our unbelief and the consequence of this are in our interpretation of those events, for we have erroneously looked for an earthly king and an earthly utopia. By doing this we have pulled down over our own heads that same Jewish veil, and so have been blinded to all that God has done.

Secondly: we have been taught, in various ways, to deny the necessity of obedience to God's moral law.

These two errors have led to the Church, (as we know it),  having become almost irrelevant. 

There could well be another period like that of the dark ages. I am not aware of any reason for there not to be, when disobedience becomes so very pronounced among those who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ. Again, take note of the last chapter of the book of Revelations. Christianity does not have a good record for leaving the positive message of Revelation in context, and it has suffered accordingly.

Adam was to dress the garden, and he had the ability to sin, and did. It was not the earthly  utopia that some believe it was. Neither is the kingdom of God. The spiritual relationship he had with God was broken, but Christ made a way for us back into that precious fellowship. If we are willing and obedient, that is.

Please carefully peruse the fourth chapter of Gen. and see how God dealt with Cain. He put the responsibility of obedience entirely upon Cain's shoulders, no excuses. Yet that text and its context has been buried through spurious doctrines, that now teach us that we cannot obey God, and that the most righteous among us sin hundreds and thousands of times every day.

The truth of Christ's presence is being attacked and approached as if it is of no consequence. Instead - the emphasis is being put on a fantastic view of the future that is portrayed in the bible through symbolism, but accepted as being literal. Again, this symbolism is approached as being literal. Meanwhile the truth of the continuation of the kingdom on into the future is being ridiculed and looked upon as if God's presence in our lives is anticlimactic. 

An earthly physical kingdom is given preeminence over the infinitely superior, spiritual, indwelling,  and never ending kingdom. 

Jesus said that He and His Father would come and abide with us, "First Century Context," and it was never to end. We have focused on the temporal to the point of demeaning the Spiritual. 

Israel was a type, it was but a symbol of something infinitely better. 

We now go into the holiest of holies through the blood of Christ.  There will be nothing better. A physical earthly temple would be an insult to God and His Christ. At death we simply put off this body and take on our eternal habitation. Yes, there are a lot of questions.

Oh, that God would open our eyes!

Your friend Vern

An Over View Of This Sites Theme Relative To Christ's Second Coming

Please leave a note by clicking on the following or by copying it into your e-mail program -   

Thank you. 

The following web site is a great resource.

The Preterist Archive.  Here is the introduction page.

Introduction to

F.W. Farrar (1882), Archbishop of the Anglican church, wrote on the account as follows:

"the Fall of Jerusalem and all the events which accompanied and followed it in the Roman world and in the Christian world, had a significance which it is hardly possible to overestimate. They were the final end of the Old Dispensation. They were the full inauguration of the New Covenant. Nothing but God's own unmistakable interposition - nothing but the manifest coming of Christ - could have persuaded Jewish Christians that the Law of the Wilderness was annulled. 

It was to this event, the most awful in history - 'one of the most awful eras in God's economy of grace, and the most awful revolution in all God's religious dispensations' - that we must apply those prophecies of Christ's coming in which every one of the Apostles and Evangelists fixed these three most definite limitations - the one, that before that generation passed away all these things would be fulfilled; another, that some standing there should not taste death till they saw the Son of Man coming in His kingdom; and third, that the Apostles should not have gone over the cities of Israel till the Son of Man be come. It is strange that these distinct limitations should not be regarded as a decisive proof that the Fall of Jerusalem was, in the fullest sense, the Second Advent of the Son of Man which was primarily contemplated by the earliest voices of prophecy" (ibid., Vol. 2, p. 489)

The Significance of A.D.70

Perpetuity Bible Verses

Having dispensed with verses which are used to teach the end of the world as being relevant to covenant eschatology, now direct your attention to what the Bible does say about the earth's endurance.

Genesis 8:21 "I will not again curse the ground anymore for man's sake..; neither will I again smite any more every living thing, as I have done"
Ps 78:69
And he built his sanctuary like high palaces, like the earth which he hath established for ever.
Ps 104:5 Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever.
Ecclesiastes 1:4 One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever

(See also Psalms 89:36-37; 93:1; 96:10; 119:90; 148:4-6)

Hyper_Preterism? What is it?

When is Preterism taken too far?  Is it possible to take fulfillment beyond the point of Scriptural warrant?  At what point has the declaration of past fulfillment overstepped biblical bounds?  Naturally, it depends on who you ask.  For instance, strict Futurists would say that making AD70 the fulfillment of any of the Olivet Discourse (as opposed to those events serving as a type of their future tribulation) would be taking fulfillment too far. 
Historical preterists would say that declaring the parousia, great white throne judgment, and general resurrection to be strictly in the past crosses the line into hyper preterism -- and wouldn't the entirety of (non full-pret) Christianity throughout all ages agree at least that far?  Many, in fact, would go much farther, declaring that anyone who taught that the coming, judgment and resurrection of the dead were past events are outside of the Christian faith altogether.  
However, what makes the discussion more interesting is that even full preterists believe that there is some point where fulfillment has been taken too far.     A virtually unanimous example of this would include the declarations by certain full preterists that the gospel was only for the pre-AD70 era.  (Less consensus is found on the issues of the cessation of baptism and the Lord's Supper.)   First, then, there is no proper denying that there is such a thing as hyper preterism.   Secondary is the issue of whether or not hyper preterism is worthy to be held in contempt.  Another consideration is this:  If such large segments of preterists are actually hyper preterists, then what is true preterism

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